It’s 1984 at Google

By David Limbaugh

James Damore
James Damore
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -( Google's firing of software engineer James Damore for daring to express politically incorrect ideas in an internal memo is the latest example of the political left's tyrannical propensity to suppress speech, thought and dissent.

Almost as troubling as the left's policing is its apparent obliviousness toward its own hypocrisy and the danger it poses to the liberal exchange of ideas. While constitutional issues may not be involved in the Google case because no state action is involved, moral shaming has become a chilling cudgel in the hands of leftist-dominated institutions.

In his memo, Damore notes that Google's political bias silences dissenting opinion supposedly to shield employees from offensive ideas and protect their psychological safety. “But shaming into silence,” writes Damore, “is the antithesis of psychological safety. This silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.”

Damore concedes that all people have biases but that open and honest discussion can highlight these biases and help us grow. He says he wrote the memo to encourage such a discussion about Google's biases, a discussion that is being silenced by “the dominant ideology.”

Damore opines that both the political left and right have moral biases.

“Only facts and reason can shed light on these biases,” he says, “but when it comes to diversity and inclusion, Google's left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence. This silence removes any checks against encroaching extremist and authoritarian policies.”

He then details how this bias affects Google's explanation for the gender gap in the tech world and leadership positions: Its leftist bias tells it that the gap is due to differential treatment (discrimination and injustices). It then applies authoritarian measures that actually discriminate against men to achieve equal representation. This is the wrong approach, says Damore, because the gender gap is partially attributable to many biological differences between men and women, and because there are “non-discriminatory ways to reduce the gender gap.”

Stated more simply, biologically based differences between the sexes in certain abilities and preferences, as opposed to gender bias and discrimination, are why there are fewer women in tech jobs and leadership positions. Redistributing these positions could be more harmful than helpful to employees and the company. We should think of people as individuals, not as interchangeable members of groups.

It's ironic that such leftist thinking purports to enhance the worth of women (or members of other allegedly victimized groups) but instead disrespects and devalues their human dignity by imposing groupwide remedies without regard to individual qualities and behavior.

We must recognize that Damore is making two separate but interrelated complaints. He is saying that Google is applying totalitarian groupthink to its gender bias problem and thus misanalyzing it; and that this same groupthink also prevents open and honest discussion of the problem by forbidding the expression of dissenting views.

It's one thing for Google honchos to strongly disagree with the thrust of Damore's substantive arguments concerning the reasons for the gender gap. But it's quite another for them to effectively ban dissent and summarily fire him for dissenting.

But this is nothing new for the left. For example, many leftists seek to ban debate on “climate change” through cultural fiat, declaring that an irrefutable scientific consensus has been established. In the name of science — which by definition demands that such issues always remain open to challenge — they shut down dissent. Similarly, they say certain views will not be tolerated on college campuses because they are offensive to certain people. On many of these same campuses, they commit violence to people and property to protest conservative speakers whose speech they think could lead to violence. Such preposterous thinking is as widespread as it is ludicrous. Through sophistry and semantic legerdemain, the left has ushered in an era of intellectual anarchy.

Leftists see themselves as stewards of enlightened thinking — of liberal academic inquiry, tolerance and diversity — but once again, they prove themselves to be Stalinist tailors of intellectual straightjackets who flagrantly violate the very spirit of free expression on which America was founded.

Leftists are ingenious manufacturers of twisted excuses to justify their indefensible actions. But intellectual honesty screams for an accounting in these cases. They might be fooling themselves into believing they are advancing the greater good, but they're not fooling those outside the intellectual prisons of their pride-spawned, self-congratulatory oppression.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

  • 14 thoughts on “It’s 1984 at Google

    1. I was smart enough to find and download an entire copy of the memo word for word before any attempts were made to scrub or bury it. Since then, I have had occasion to challenge three people to read the entire thing after they started talking out of their backside about what it said without actually reading it. They declined, and have since refused to even discuss the subject further.

      Having read, and then watched Google perform every single action Mr. Damore accused them of doing to the letter, I was reminded of a story that I heard over the radio a little more than a month ago.

      Google is currently looking into initiatives that will allow them to control what you see and how, coupled with their desire to purchase or create their own Facebook like networking site. The spokesperson for Google had stated that “You know, part of the problem we have right now is that people only read and look at news based on their interests and viewpoints. We need a way to make sure that they are exposed to ideas that challenge their viewpoints so they can make better decisions based on the news they receive, instead of this horrible process of Group Think.” Essentially, Google is trying to figure out a way to make sure people are selectively fed pre approved information loaded to conveniently guide them to making emotional decisions in line with the political thinking of Google.

      It is my opinion that Google today is quite possibly the most evil and manipulative company in existence, even more dangerous than the fat windbag George Soros. I would not be sad or negatively affected should their entire business, founders, and upper management spontaneously explode into flames.

    2. Without a doubt Google is a very leftist company. I have been shying away from them for a while now because I do not like their snooping policies and the number of ads they force in your face. I have gone to using Edge more and more so I don’t have to put up with google. I’m not surprised concerning their platform seeing as how their CEO is a person of a different nationality, if you understand what I mean. They could go down the tube and it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

      1. @Tomcat

        By “Edge” are you referring to the Microsoft Edge Browser that uses BING, or an entirely different Search engine altogether. Just looking for clarification.

        1. Revelator, I was referring to Microsoft Edge. They seem pretty reliable and give the same results. I used Fire Fox in the past but would rather stay where there is more support and protection against bad guys.

          1. Okay, that’s what I thought. Better to make sure than to assume.

            I have been avoiding Firefox myself. They act like google. Anyone else remember them firing the CEO for privately supporting his own political views out in the people’s republic of California?

    3. I think that Google is making a very big mistake. A private company should be allowed to dictate how they want to run their business. That I whole heartedly support. When policies are adopted that deviate from true Capitalism, companies will take a hit. Google will reward employees for their race, gender and sexual orientation. Capitalism only rewards the efficient, quality and ingenuity of man. Good ideas are those that promote freedom and individual rights and property rights.

    4. I look back at our country in the late 50s and early 60s and remember all the horror stories we were told about life in the USSR and how the government over there suppressed the people and their rights, how children were encouraged to inform on their parents and about the secret police monitoring everyone. Fast forward to today and it appears that we (USA) have switched places with that vision of the USSR. Just look at the freedoms we had in 1959 and compare them to the restrictions we have today and the power of the government over our daily lives. It didn’t happen overnight, but like the frog in a pot of cold water, the heat gradually was applied and this PC, anti-white, permit required, government mandatory society we are living in is only getting worse, and will till the pot boils over if we don’t do something.

    5. I’ve experienced some of this suppressive PC horsecrap and believe that the Founders’ are spinning in their graves about the situation in America right now. America should be ashamed of its citizens laziness when it comes to protecting those hard won rights and freedoms enumerated and recognized in the Bill of Rights. Our fathers let LBJ (a Democrat) screw things up with the “Great Society Program”, then we Baby Boomers let Bill Clinton (another Democrat) take a little more freedom by institutionalizing Political Correctness, then the Millenial’s voting in the skinny black community organizer (yet ANOTHER Democrat) who wanted to fundamentally change everything in our system so more freedoms were yanked away. Socialism is just about instituted now and I want to fight but I can’t do it alone. Our duly elected President is being betrayed and stabbed in the back at every turn by the perfidious Republican’s and RINO’s in Congress. The time is getting ripe for something to happen … how do we save our beloved Country?

      I read an article last night from someone in my age group that said the America we were born into was dying, and after reading the article I felt the author had a valid point. When I was a kid people still loved this nation and its Founding principles. The Founding Fathers were revered, and our Founding Documents were taught in schools. TV shows showed the gun being used as a tool for both good and bad, but we understood that the evil deeds were perpetrated by men who were either hung or electrocuted or gassed as a just punishment for murder. Premarital sex was called fornication, and we still went to praise God on Sundays. We were winners and the whole world envied us and wished they had our good fortune of living in a great land. But sadly it is not this way anymore.
      Its now okay to hate and revile those men who passed on to our society its freedoms. Convenient scapegoat reasoning is used such as “He was a slave owner” for cheesy excuses to tear down monuments. Yes now they want to come after Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, then after that it will be the Founding Documents. Time to man up and draw the line! Its time we say “This far and NO FURTHER!” Its time the sleeping giant wakes the H*ll up and starts whipping a**!

        1. Kind of hard to pontificate the point of this 1984 aricle. It is very apparent that both of you gentlemen have hit the proverbial nail on the head. We either stand taller and together, or we as a collective right are destined to be silenced forever. @ VE & Joe Martin. If we, as so stipulated as the what is it now, “alt right,”by the incongrous lefties do not start pushing back, we shall and will be forever muted.

          1. I consider myself to be a Constitutional Conservative American, all the rest of the labels are just so much horse pucky. As I said in an earlier thread, I have been called many disparaging names over the years, and none has put me in the ground. But what type of governance the Socialist / Communists/ Democrats are proposing will, because once they get control the first thing the do is kill off the Intelligentsia class – like Clergy, Veterans, Educators (conservatives), politicians, anyone who can speak to and educate people about freedom. The Bolsheviks started that in 1918, and every country that Communism has taken root in has done the same because Communism/Socialism cannot flourish where there is dissent. They need to have a bunch of uneducated people that they can mold into good little card carrying Communists. There is an excellent book out on that very subject and you would do well to buy it and read it. The name of it is “The Black Book of Communism A History of Terror, Crimes, and Repression” – and its information came from the Soviet Secret Archives – so it IS factual.

            1. I myself @ VE Veteran – Old Man’s Club also am a Constitutional Conservative. And, also have been called just about every name in the book. Moreso when I pull my pocket Constitution form my back pocket to show whomever the error of their statement/s. What we have now flourishing within our borders, are those educated by our so called institutions of higher learning. You n I both know that what is being indoctrinated into these individuals minds is not the rights so stipulated within our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. What we see happening over the last 8 years is nothing but stupidity and arrogance, knowing that there will be no punishment for this mass no matter what they do. Only for those of US that stand and opine and state what we know to be true facts. We are at a crossroads, and this crossroads will be dictated by this uneducated mass come 2020. I will put this book on my grab list. A lot of this corporate misinformation to their hires will eventually separate the core principle of capitalism and the corporations that know and understand the concept of capitalism, and the rights of individuals.

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