Keith Ogre-mann: Conde Nast-y’s Misogynist-in-Chief

By Michelle Malkin

Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann : Conde Nast-y's Misogynist-in-Chief
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

USA – -( Once a woman-hating blowhard, always a woman-hating blowhard.

Keith Olbermann, the “new” face of the Democratic resistance on Conde Nast's digital video platform, is the same old foul-mouthed beast he was on cable TV.

Over the weekend, the former MSNBC frother went berserk over Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's anodyne call for prayers “for all those in the path of #HurricaneHarvey” and her promise to “assist impacted schools.”

“The hurricane is going to do less damage to schools than you are, Motherf—er,” Olbermann snarled in response (and no, he did not use dashes in his unfiltered, uncensored tweet).

The Twitter Trust and Safety Council, established with much fanfare last year to promote tolerance, discourage bullies and ensure “people can continue to express themselves freely and safely on Twitter,” was nowhere to be found.

Neither were the rest of the civility police who've been lamenting the dangerous climate of hate against all females purportedly fomented by President Trump.

Here's the thing. There are myriad reasons to criticize Betsy DeVos, whatever side of the political spectrum you occupy. Grass-roots education activists on the right, for example, wish the White House had chosen a proven warrior in the fight against Fed Ed instead of a well-heeled, establishment GOP donor who was for the Common Core racket in Michigan before she was against it. On the left, public education union bosses oppose DeVos's push for expansion of public charter schools and vouchers.

And at the intersection of left and right, informed parents fear DeVos represents the corporate education cronyism of both the Bush and Obama administrations that drove federal testing, technology, and curriculum programs.

But that's not Olbermann's beef. DeVos is a Republican. She's a woman. Therefore, she's subhuman and deserves his profane attacks.

History, like a one-trick Neanderthal egotist, repeats itself. Conde Nast-y's chief Trump-basher is a serial verbal abuser of outspoken conservative women. What's remarkable is how easily Olbermann cruised into his new role at Conde Nast as the progressive point person against Donald Trump, whom the resistance rage-bot calls “a man not in his right mind.”

Let's talk about unhingedness.

Of TV commentator S.E. Cupp, Olbermann sniped: “(S)he's a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does.”

Of lawyer and author Ann Coulter, he hurled this transphobic insult: “If this guy wants to live his life as a woman, I'm gonna back his choice up 100 percent.”

And of yours truly, he railed against my “total mindless, morally bankrupt, knee-jerk, fascistic hatred, without which Michelle Malkin would just be a big mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.”

Conde Nast, which has now sponsored two seasons of Olbermann's internet diatribes, has nothing to say about his lunatic hang-up with conservative women. Yet, the New York-based publishing conglomerate, which owns left-wing politics, fashion and culture magazines including GQ, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, Allure, Vogue and Teen Vogue, churns out endless, glossy pages assailing the Trump era's “manifest misogyny” and “unconscious, unending sexism.”

And the company cashed in on inaugural protests with a “special edition” magazine (retail price: $13.99) titled, “Rise Up! The Women's Marches Around the World.” One-sided narratives on the war on women sell.

So, who will be Olbermann's next GOP target of sexist slander? What innocent comment from a female Trump supporter or Cabinet member will prompt his next f-bomb-laden tirade?

I know this for sure: Whoever this toddler-brained bully fumes at ad feminam and ad nauseam, smug elites in the New York publishing world will shrug their Burberry scarf-wrapped shoulders and look the other way.

Pussy-hat hypocrisy means never having to say your sorry for lifting up a worse ogre than the one you think you're bringing down.

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  • 43 thoughts on “Keith Ogre-mann: Conde Nast-y’s Misogynist-in-Chief

    1. Oberman is a pure joke that is not one bit funny. He is in desperate need of some mental help. Maybe he should start ranting ” their coming to take me away, haha hoho their are coming to take me away”. Stupid jerk.

      Those that disrespect MM should line up behind Oberman because you are just as sick as he is. She writes good articles and is not afraid to state her point and defend her position. We are conservative and plan to stay that way. Either get along with it, question it or move on.

    2. Why is it that everyone except White men can speak freely. When were our rights taken from us. If a black man can write a song and then have it aired on public radio about how the white man doesn’t under his plight, then I feel Olbermann has a right to call it as he see it. The truth is that I do usually side with MM but I also believe that while a woman should do everything she wants to outside of the home, she should damn sure have everything in the home taken care of before any steps are taken outside of the home. The house work is still her responsibility. Don’t like it don’t get married don’t have children because once you do the house work and the children your responsibility. Just because we live in this forward fast paced world doesn’t mean suddenly a women’s work outside the home is more important than being a good wife, good mother, good woman. I’ve lived in the southwest my whole life but traveled all over this country there are still women who can pull this off but they are farther and farther apart. I know I can’t believe I said it either go ahead start bashing- but Myself and Olbermann (who is an idiot) do have the Right to say whatever the hell we want to. Yep married too and she said “obey and serve” when we got hitched. Put it back in your weddings or start looking in different countries for a wife who is less spoiled than this current crop of derelict lazy women

    3. Olbermann was entertaining and funny when he teamed with Dan Patrick as co hosts of sportscenter in the nineties. He should have stuck with that. He is a moron on any other subject. Quickly passing name recognition is the only reason he gets new work. Five yesrs from now no one will remember him.

    4. This guy has been continually demoted/fired and is now on what looks like a cable access show and can only be viewed online. Talk about irrelevant…..

    5. XX says is a Racist POS. Must be a Democomminist which is one who is intolerant to anything other than what the Soros herd affirms too.

      1. @ Gunny, I would like to see Michelle Malkin in a cage fight with a certain basement dwelling liberal. She’d get out of the ring and have to wash the blood off of her hands and scrape the Xcrement Xcrement off of her shoes.

        1. @Wild Bill, I think that for all the people and animals that I have saved, the world is better off. I think that for all the enemies of the weak, timid, illiterate, liberal, basement dwelling socialists that can not defend themselves, that I have eliminated, the United States is better off. I think that if I did not accomplish another thing, for the rest of my health, long, and youthful life, I will have learned more and done more than mouthy punks that can only make a living walking the streets at night.

        1. Still replying to me via other people, Old Useless Bill? Funny to see you running around. Seems that you are not just a coffin dodger.

            1. Sorry if it came off that way, Jim. I am not the least bit racist. What I find absolutely racist is the way certain people on this forum hold up certain non-whites ONLY because they agree with with their politics, which are invariably driven by money. Malkin is an Asian sellout.

          1. @Dr Clary, It seems to me that saying MM is an asian sellout implies that MM should stick with asians, rather than participating in broader society. Isn’t that also racist?

            1. It doesn’t imply anything of the kind, you simpleton. Tell me, Old Useless Bill, were you such a suck up at school? I bet you were. That’s a hard habit to break.

            2. @anybody, The propagandizing troll has revealed, by his own words, to by a woman hater and bigot. This will forever putrefy any credibility that he may have had.

            3. @WB…The way Xcrement Xcrement sucks up to and off of Soros teat he is an exspert . You know what an exspert is ? EX (has been,) SPERT (a drip under pressure) Has been drip under pressure.

            4. Maybe sucking is how a certain troll gets by each month, but it does not work post grad or in the modern combat oriented U.S. Army.

          2. Maybe its not even bright enough to scoop out over flowing portable toilets; Must need help putting on its little pink panties in the morning.

        1. @biker, Anyone that says Michelle Malkin should be making sandwiches do not know anything about MM.
          And at least MM knows how to make a sandwich, earn a living, raise a family, and employ logic as a problem solving technique.

          1. Sounds like the one whom you’re referring to is a libtard troll masquerading as someone who is trying hard to be relevant. MM writes very timely and prescient pieces that libs don’t like. But then the libs only have two brain cells that are fighting for space in their pointy heads.

            But I have to take issue with your statement about that person not knowing how to make a sandwich as they are a true sh*t sandwich with very little bread.

          1. @CG, First, thank you for your service. Second, I would not trust the misogynistic, little misfeasing, bigot with such an important tasking. Finally, I am pretty sure that he is only allowed to type troll Xcrement on the internet.

            1. Replied to me by mistake, Old Useless Bill. You know what that means. By the way, who is this Soros guy you prattle on about incessantly?

    6. @ DW9143 – Are you saying they need to start looking over their shoulder, and be doing it frequently? I concur!

      1. Correct VE Veteran. And, it will not be long before patriotic folks start shooting and killing the Antifa terrorists…. I just wish that I could watch…. it would be more fun to watch then when we wasted the scum during Tet. Antifa punks have no idea of what they are in for…. when they awaken the sleeping giant, he will not go back to sleep until they and their followers are all gone. Look at Doc’s “A Storm is Coming”

        1. Seriously boys, you have lost the plot. When all you can do is talk about murdering fellow Americans, it is time for the enforced memory care padded cell. Calm the F5ck down and get a grip of yourselves. Don’t turn every thread into your civil war wet dream.

          1. First of all… the Antifa are not real Americans. They are terrorists and eliminating them is what we call in law enforcement: DSAF (Doing Society A Favor). However, your liberal viewpoint simply reinforces the prevailing belief of progressive coastal dwellers that this country can continue to exist in its present divided state.

            1. You are law enforcement? That is really disappointing.
              Of course, you have nothing to do with the division in this country at all, right?

          2. You’re quite a loser! You seem not to care that someone is trying to dictate what you can say … but then you must be one of them. Its okay cretin – you are a domestic enemy of the Constitution and ergo my enemy. When the crap hits the whirling blades, and it’ll be soon you are going to need to start looking over your shoulder. Someone will be itching to instruct you in how America really works.

    7. Olbermann is living proof that genetically inferior species of Hominids still exist on the planet. It is time for all of them to become as extinct as the dinosaurs.

      1. That oger-mann needs go have an adjustment done to him, an attitude adjustment that is. He is about the most foul mouthed person there is, and he says that every one else is hateful he should look in the mirror, there is no one that is more hateful than he is.

        1. @Bandit, KO thinks that he can say anything that he wants and no one can do anything about it. By the grace of God, maybe he will blunder into the right person under the right no witness circumstances.

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