Mule Deer Foundation Applauds Secretary Zinke for Opening Sabinoso Wilderness Area

Mule Deer Foundation Applauds Secretary Zinke for Opening the Sabinoso Wilderness Area in New Mexico to Public Access
Mule Deer Foundation Applauds Secretary Zinke for Opening the Sabinoso Wilderness Area in New Mexico to Public Access

Mule Deer Foundation (MDF)Salt Lake City, Utah-( The Mule Deer Foundation applauds Secretary Zinke’s decision to support the donation of the Rimrock Rose Ranch to open access to the Sabinoso Wilderness Area in New Mexico. Adding this parcel to the Bureau of Land Management will provide public access to 16,000 acres of prime fish and wildlife habitat that had previously been landlocked. Most important, Secretary Zinke’s decision comes at a key time, making this area accessible just in time for the fall hunting season.

Secretary Zinke’s leadership to find effective solutions that benefit America’s hunters and anglers is to be commended. This new public land holding will provide access to the Sabinoso through Canyon Largo which contains the headwaters of the Canadian River and supports a diverse array of flora and wildlife including mule deer, mountain lion, bear, sheep, and migratory waterfowl. Demand for recreational access to the Sabinoso is high. As a result, completion of this project will result in significant economic benefits both locally and regionally.

Importantly, this plan enjoys the strong support of the local community. Local sportsmen’s organizations have worked for more than a decade to find a solution that would open access to this incredible landscape. The fact that it will be available for the 2017 hunting season will give sportsmen across New Mexico the opportunity to finally experience this spectacular landscape.

“We are grateful for Secretary Zinke’s steadfast support for access to public lands for hunters and anglers,” says Miles Moretti, President/CEO of MDF, “while also conserving important wildlife species and habitat. We look forward to working with the DOI and other stakeholders toward bringing this land into the Wilderness area and opening it to hunting access as soon as possible.”

Mule Deer Foundation
Mule Deer Foundation

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The Mule Deer Foundation is the only conservation group in North America dedicated to restoring, improving and protecting mule deer and black-tailed deer and their habitat, with a focus on science and program efficiency. MDF is a strong voice for hunters in access, wildlife management and conservation policy issues. MDF acknowledges regulated hunting as a viable management component and is committed to recruitment and retention of youth into the shooting sports and conservation. Get involved in your state or become a member at or call 1-888-375-3337.

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MDF is nothing more than another killing group that pays lip service to conservation and proper wildlife management. Sick ..stop pandering!