New Hampshire: Danger on the Southern Border!

The New Hampshire Man was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm without a license and possession of ammunition without a FID card.
The New Hampshire Man was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm without a license and possession of ammunition without a FID card.

New Hampshire Firearms CoalitionNew Hampshire-( If you carry a concealed handgun, danger lurks on our Southern border. I am not talking about Mexico!

Recently, the Massachusetts State Police arrested a Freemont, New Hampshire man for the so called “crime” of carrying a concealed handgun without a license and bragged about it on their Facebook page.

Wow, carrying without a license! Where’s the victim?

There are certain states that will never recognize an individual civil right to bear arms and will continue to arrest the otherwise law abiding. Three of those states are in the Northeast, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Think about it, you cannot leave New Hampshire by car to travel to the rest of the country without going through these states, (unless you plan to travel internationally). It is time for Congress to act to protect the civil rights of the law abiding.

In the 1950s and 1960s Congress took historic action to protect the rights of blacks and other minorities with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. What many people do not know is that prior to the passage of that law, most Southern States had “black codes” which outlawed interracial marriage and dating, blacks and whites were not allowed to sit together on public transportation and blacks were forced to use separate restrooms and other facilities. The firearms and concealed carry laws in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York treat law abiding persons just like the black codes of the 1950s and 1960s. This discrimination must end, at once.

Help is coming, Rep. Richard Hudson, (R-NC) has introduced H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This bill, is Constitutional Carry friendly. So for people who live in New Hampshire or one of the other Constitutional Carry states, they will be able to carry nationwide without a license. And for those folks who live elsewhere, if they possess a concealed carry license it will be valid nationwide. The Hudson bill also makes sure you are not subject to arrest for having the wrong ammunition or a standard capacity magazine.

H.R. 38 is supported by both Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association as well as numerous state and local firearms advocacy organizations.

Here is what you can do to help, The Virginia Citizens Defense League has started a petition on Please click here to sign the petition. We need 100,000 signatures before August 17.

Then, contact The Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan:

  • Call the Speaker’s DC office (best option): 202-225-0600

Click here to email the Speaker, select “A Better Way” for Area of Interest, for Subject use:

“Please get H.R. 38 to the Floor ASAP!”, and for Issue use: “Homeland Security”)

Talking points:

  • National Reciprocity is an important bill to the 17 million concealed handgun permit holders in the U.S., as it is a life-saving measure that allows people to protect themselves as they travel around the country
  • People should not be turned into felons for crossing a state line with a concealed pistol.
  • Please get H.R. 38 to the Floor for a vote ASAP
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Alex Brightman

We already have reciprocity Rights in Article IV, Section 2. All Privileges and Immunities of Citizens of the several States. Reference: Constitution For the united States of America.

Read: Article XIV (The Fourteenth Amendment). No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of Citizens of the united States. Etc, etc, etc. Reference: Constitution For the united States of America.

The reason We don’t have these Rights and Protections is due to a corrupt BAR Union and Judiciary?? Remember 99% of Congress are Bar members??


You gun kooks can keep your bang bang toys up in Cow Hampshire.


Losten, you people had better get used to the fact that very soon we all are going to be criminals in the eyes of the law and you had better be ready to do something about it. Whatever bills or laws get passed matters not, sooner rather than later you are either going to fight or die and every single one of you know it. Either that or you will give in. Why concern yourselves with what laws get passed? You cant see the forest for the trees. The end of our country is here, this is but a short,… Read more »

Paul Revere

I live in the communist state of taxachusetts, and once upon a time, while in school you could bring a 22 cal rifle with you and put it in your locker for the day and go directly to target practice after school. Yes, the school once had target classes. But, no more. Now they drug up the kids, and put cell towers on school grounds directly next to the classrooms. Yes, how stupid are they? They continually tear down the 1950s built schools, for new style Mc-school buildings. Local morons always vote yes for more and more taxes. If you… Read more »


It is said that the Republican Majority in congress is acting as though the Democrats are still in charge. I seriously question if National Reciprocity will be passed before the next Congressional Election. I believe that there are Republicans up for reelection who will try to hold Reciprocity hostage threatening 2ed Amendment voters that unless they are reelected, despite their total betrayal on repeal and replace of Obama Care, and what may be a total failure at upcoming tax reform, that without them, reciprocity will die again for the foreseeable future. What else have they got to run on? Also,… Read more »


Not only do these states (and to include a few others a bit more distant.. Maryland, Illinois, California…) arrestnon-residents in possession of firearms without their special Mother May I Cards, they refuse to acknowledge the Federal law enacted for the specific purpose of preventing this sort of thing happening. The Firearms Owners Protectioni Act is fdeeral law, and supposedly (per its stated intent, anyway) protects otherwise law abiding citizens travelling between states with firarms.. wherever the particular arms being transported are legel in the place where the one is leaving, and also in the state of his destination, his possession… Read more »


Military personnel stationed who were being transferred to/from NH and ME who would be transiting MA, NY, NJ with personal firearms in the 1980s were having their firearms confiscated. A compromise was worked out where any GI transporting personal firearms through those states was required to have the firearm(s) listed on the back of their travel orders, including make, model, serial number, and, IIRC, caliber. This is how those states treated people who were defending the nation which, as I recall, included those states. And to think the Revolutionary War and the creation of this nation began in New England.

Tim Cox

I was in the guard at that time and we had to jump through hoops and give up our first born to compete in New England high power championship( in Mass), traveled with service rifles and had to have them under lock and key with all the orders and paperwork. started the process 2 months out to get the permits and permission, And to think that when I was in high school in Maine we had a shooting club and hunting club. even had my deer rifle in my wall locker for a quick trip to the woods after school.… Read more »

Jim Macklin

HR38 is more important to me than obamcare repeal or tax reform. Maybe if I win the lottery I’d care about tax reform. But if I win the lottery I’ll own an airplane and I’ll fly over those states, with one exception. I grew up in Illinois and still have some friends and family living there, HR38 is important.


Damn straight!
If Republicans fail to deliver on HR-38 then they are nothing more than a bunch of worthless Swamp Donkeys and they can go to hell!

Tim Cox

Same goes for us living in Maine, we can’t get to the rest of the country without applying for permits to travel through these states, then the firearm has to be locked up separate from the ammo. I for one do not wish to travel through Mass without a loaded handgun handy, heaven forbid you break down on the interstate at 2 am. Not safe and the police love to target the cars with out of state plates because of the drug trade in Mass, if you are traveling through some of Mass cities early in the morning or late… Read more »


None of the links work.


The web address for the petition is . You can get there by going to whitehouse,gov (the real thing), clicking on “Participate” toward the top of the page (fourth tab from the left), then click on “We the People Petitions” (middle column), and finally scrolling down to find the right petition (“National Reciprocity for the Nation’s 17 Million Concealed Handgun Permit Holders!”).


An example of the reasons that I moved from AM to NH.

I wonder why he was “interacting” with the state police?

JR Bailey

I applaud your enthusiasm, but the fact remains that the Rinos who run the GOP are not going to allow the reciprocity bill to be passed, and Trump will never get to sign it!

Rinos are no different than the social justice Democrats!


If a National Concealed Carry Bill passes through the Congress (both Houses) and lands on the Presidents Desk, he will sign it.
We need National Reciprocity passed during this President’s term in Office. If, God Help Us, a Democrat/Socialist lands in that office in either 2020 or 2024 and National Reciprocity is not legal, then there will be an all out push to disarm the law-abiding citizens of this Nation.


or the social conservative Republicans

D. Murphy

I hope this passes and Trump signs it before the democrats destroy the country.