NFA Industry CEO’s work with ATF to streamline the Form 4 Application Process

Dead Air Armament, Gemtech, Silencer Shop, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) assist in the implementation of a streamlined process creating better efficiencies for both the agency and consumers alike.

NFA Industry CEO’s work with ATF to streamline the Form 4 Application Process
NFA Industry CEO’s work with ATF to streamline the Form 4 Application Process

Dead Air ArmamentWashington, D.C. ( – Firearms industry representatives met with members of the ATF in Washington D.C. to confirm the adoption of an industry developed processing technology designed to streamline the current NFA transfer system. Several weeks ago, a working group of industry representatives including the CEO’s of Dead Air Silencers, Gemtech, Silencer Shop, plus several senior ATF representatives successfully pilot tested a new barcode system and form generator which grossly reduces data entry processing delays and provides virtual error free data exchange between dealers and the NFA processing center.

The new “barcode system” has been approved to take immediate effect. ATF has already acquired the systems hardware and the form generating system is accessible on the represented manufacturers’ websites at this time and can be made available at no cost to any other interested industry members. The system can be used by dealers to generate a barcoded Form 4 for the transfer of any NFA products.

Here is how it works, a dealer simply logs on to any participating industry member’s website, including the respective websites for Dead Air, Gemtech, or Silencer Shop to complete a customer’s Form 4 using the form generator. The form generator pulls data from several different data sources and auto-populates the correct FFL number, address, etc., without additional input from the dealer. The buyer’s information and product information are then entered by the dealer and the form is printed. The printed copies will feature a 2D barcode on the ATF’s copy of the generated form(s). All of the information contained in the Form 4 is encapsulated in the barcode itself. None of this information is transmitted, saved, or otherwise accessible to any of the supporting industry members.

Once the barcoded form is received by the NFA processing center, it is scanned into ATF’s system. This new process requires only seconds and has virtually no error rate. In adopting the new system, ATF will have cut significant resources typically required for data entry that can be focused on other parts of the NFA process. (Forms previously spent anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months waiting for data entry.) The new barcode system will benefit both ATF processing and consumer wait-times without requiring additional manpower or substantial hardware upgrades.

The adoption of this new system would not have been possible but for the assistance and cooperation of the ATF. Accordingly, the industry representatives involved would like to extend our special thanks to ATF for their hard work and effort in making this new system a reality.

About Dead Air Armament: Dead Air Armament is a division of Sound Moderation Technologies®, a North Carolina company designing, patenting, and marketing the next generation in sound suppressor systems for civilian sportsmen, law enforcement, security and the military. Dead Air products are manufactured and distributed by BPI Outdoors.


GEMTECH is in duty use around the world with many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the United States military, Intelligence Community, Federal Law Enforcement, state and local peace officers, wildlife and agricultural agencies, friendly foreign military and police, and providing excellent service with tens of thousands of civilian shooters. We serve each part of our diverse client base to the best of our ability, and every day we come to work to serve people just like you.

About Silencer Shop:

Silencer Shop is the largest distributor of silencers in the United States – offering models from over 20 different brands. We utilize technology to make the process of owning a suppressor streamlined and easy; offering innovative solutions to dealers and the simplest buying process for consumers.

  • 12 thoughts on “NFA Industry CEO’s work with ATF to streamline the Form 4 Application Process

    1. As to the possibility that I’m overly critical of the ATF, and or that they, in any manner of import, have changed their ways, I’m from St. Louis. Don’t tell me, show me.

    2. Ditch the procedure, and the idiotic requirements that drive it, the federal firearms act of 1934, a prime example of congressional stupidity, if ever there was one, and unfortunately there have been more than one, likely many more.

    3. All well and good but the real question here is why aren’t all these manufacturers and, for that matter, all firearms manufacturers going straight to Congress and the President and telling them how bad business is, how many employees they’ve lost and demand that the Suppressor Bill be passed this year? Let’s all be brutally honest, if that bill isn’t passed this year you can kiss it goodbye for at least the next ten years. Why hasn’t NRA been beating down the doors of Congress? They give the excuse of “well, there’s only so much we can do and….”, baloney, they’re not even trying. They keep coming back to gun owners with “we’ve got so many co-sponsors and we’re working on this…” blah blah blah. Make no mistake, this is nothing more than words to placate you. If they wanted it done it would be out of committee and up for a vote. Is it? Nope!

      Call the manufactures, call NRA, demand they call Congress and get this up for a vote this year or no more money goes to either of them!

            1. I didn’t think you were completing a cogent thought originally, now I know I was correct. You’ve disconnected.

      1. Going back some years, The NRA was one of the premier, might one say the only, certainly a major gun control organization. That slant was changed a while back, but not before great harm had been done, the recovery from which is arguable. It might well be that the NRA needs to quit seeking more money, and put that which it has already garnered to work getting rid of some of the onerous existing legislation, The National Firearms Act of 1934 being one such item.

      1. Re the ATF “cooperating”, I have a few lovely old bridges for sale, “as is, where is”. At least I’m being honest about that. Has the ATF ever been honest about anything?

        1. @Alan, The BATFE has a long history of dishonesty. I remember when I was in HS, the BATFE was prosecuting a highway partolman (Ill. I think) for having modified some fire arm to shoot fully automatic. The BATFE lab tech was forced to admit in open court that the firearm would not fire fully automatic until he made it so in his lab. The BATFE, NFA, and the GCA should have all gone away decades ago.

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