NJ Dems Have 20 Gun Control Bills Lined Up If Murphy Becomes Governor

NJ Dems Have 20 Gun Control Bills Lined Up If Murphy Becomes Governor
NJ Dems Have 20 Gun Control Bills Lined Up If Murphy Becomes Governor

New Jersey Second Amendment SocietyNew Jersey-(Ammoland.com)- After years of being thwarted by Governor Chris Christie's (R) veto pen, the Democrat-dominated New Jersey Legislature is chomping at the bit over the prospect of Phil Murphy (D) becoming Governor. This includes Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D), who already has 20 gun control bills lined up for Murphy to sign if and when he gets elected.

NJ 101.5 recently did an article on Weinberg's endless quest to push smart guns, including how her dream gun was recently defeated by a refrigerator magnet. When asked about future laws governing firearms in NJ if Murphy gets elected, the Democratic leader said:

“I’ve already told Ambassador Murphy — hopefully he will be the governor — I have at least 20 bills ready the day he walks in that have all been vetoed by Gov. Christie,”

Assuming Weinberg means the same bills that were previously vetoed – Murphy will essentially be banning all semi-auto rifles, instituting a magazine capacity limit of 5 rounds, mandating home inspection for gun owners, requiring psychological evaluations to own a gun (you have to pay for that by the way), and probably much more we don't know about, if elected.

Unfortunately, at least for law-abiding gun owners, Christie isn't going to be around forever to veto the endless stream of nonsense coming out of Trenton.

If you'd like to be a part of stopping the madness of NJ's gun control laws, join NJ2AS or become a Frontline donor. Remember, everyone who joins NJ2AS or donates $10 or more this month will automatically be entered into our August Giveaway. There's no cavalry on the horizon, it's just us, so join today and help make a difference in this state.

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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    1. I’m really looking forward to getting out of this state, and moving to a free state. New Jersey is just ridiculous. Besides the Government corruption crappy gun laws, there is nothing worth living in this state for.

      1. I moved out of NJ when they limited handgun purchases to one per month. I now live in Florida and the contrast is obvious. Up there you are devoting time to defeat anti gun legislation while here we spend our time passing pro gun regulations. Here almost everyone you talk to owns a gun, even the old ladies and me of I which I am. When I came here the gun store owners would give me puzzled looks because I was asking them if this or that were legal since it was not in NJ. They were horrified by NJ gun laws.

        After I move most of my gun club buddies told me that they would not move so they could fight the good fight. They are cockeyed optimist. They are young and do not know that although I fought the good fight for decades, I was made to feel like a quitter. No, I am smart because I know a losing battle when I see it. I saw our gun rights eroding away decade by decade and the influence of NYC and those moving from there to NJ was an onslaught that could be stemmed but never stopped. I found it odd that people were content by limiting the effects of new laws or stopping some of them from passing. Always on the defense, never on the offence. Name one law that had a major affect on pro gun rights? I mean one that gave you a major right like Stand Your Ground or that you can fire a warning shot instead of killing someone to prove you were in imminent danger, as long as it can be done safely.

        No, the real reason most gun owners do not leave NJ has nothing to do with pro gun activity. It is the same reason why most people do not relocate. No one likes change. They are not secure enough that they could get as good a job as they had. Kids and schools and their friends and family. Gun rights are shouted about but in reality, they are far below many other things in importance. I took a 20% pay cut when I moved but I enjoy my life better. I have gun displays, can carry a gun or any other weapon concealed. People can carry a gun in their car fully loaded as long as it cannot be seen. No restrictions other than the federal ones. Yet the perception is that Florida has a lot of shootings when in fact we are rated in the 30’s among states with gun deaths.

        I vote with my feet. I have been into shooting and collect firearms and other weapons for 47 years. I am nearing retirement and firearms are my major hobby. I live near two nice ranges where I can shoot every day. I have 12 gun stores within a half hour drive. It is paradise for me especially since houses cost half as much and I pay $1200 property tax on a bigger home site than NJ where I paid $16,000. I actually have more disposable income here than I had in NJ due to no State and City tax, smaller mortgage and cost of goods, despite a 20% ware decrease.

        Gun owners in NJ will never win because they are grossly outnumbered. It is only going to get worse, never better. I remember guys from the 60’s saying how things will get better. Wait another 5 years to see NJ become a Shall Issue State and all I saw were long waits for pistol permits and background checks handled by the State Police. Not to mention the draconian laws about transporting guns from one place to another. No it is not going to get better, it will go south as soon as you get a Democratic Governor. Considering the egotistical buffoon we have in the White House, it does not bode well for you poor SOBs in NJ. The one great thing in this country is State Rights. This was done so that people like me could leave a State if I did not like their laws and go to one that was more to my liking. I have done that four times in my life. I am smart enough to know that I am not going to turn NYC into a Republican dream or NJ into a gun friendly State. Someday go to a gun friendly State and understand the whole different attitude about guns. In NJ I had to hide the fact that I owned guns and disguise them when I loaded my SUV for a competition. Now I can talk to the girl who cuts my hair about guns and how her daughters know how to use them. Here the anti gun people are the ones who keep their mouths shut and are the ones who get criticized for there un-American thinking.

        Sorry for the rant but when my wife and I left NJ after living there on and off for over 25 years, we give it the finger and will never go back. Life is much better here in Florida. No snow, no half broken down cars on the road or in driveways. You open your windows and see swaying Palm tress. The streets around here are immaculate. No pot holes and the carry licenses we get here are for the carry of weapons, not just guns. I can carry a sword as long as it is concealed. Not long from now we will have open carry. Other than the idiots who like to scare people by carrying big scary guns to make up for their penis size, the rest of us want it to protect against accidently uncovering of our guns. Right now they say it is OK to briefly expose your gun but no one defined briefly. However, no one has been arrested in years to make it a case. Good luck and God bless because you will need it.

    2. I’m totally astounded. After working with any number of folks from New Jersey, in my career. I’m sure you can be jailed for looking at pictures of guns. Why would they need more gun laws. It’s been vetted, the nasty Democrat lady with the new bills, has quite a gun collection, along with her son’s. Her response,,,,,,,,so many people hate her for doing the right thing, she has to have security. ……and so it goes.

      1. Bone up on the “Kalergi Plan”, I’m sure she knows all about it. And after she disarms the State, she will flood us with Rapefugees and Jihadis, and settle into her new post as the “spiritual mentor of the masses”. This means that from behind the walls of her gated community, and with the protection of heavily armed guardians, she will issue edicts and rules by which you must live your life. No doubt this is the wet dream she aspires to. Just look what her friend “Mrs. Specter From Sweden” (google it) has done to a disarmed Europe, with her “Muslim Invasion of Europe”. (Google it).

    3. In New Jersey, the Governor, all 40 seats in the state Senate and all 80 seats in the state Assembly are up for election in 2017. Elections are held in “off years” when there is little attention being paid. Incumbents (majority ‘D’) like it that way.

      State employees, municipal employees and others with a financial or issue interest are probably paying attention the most. We have an ‘issue’ too. I hope I’m not in the minority thinking that those of us who think the state already has too many restrictions had better be educated and vote.

    4. The left is agitating for a fight. They don’t care how bad it gets. Keep poking the bear long enough and you will get a fight. They want the fight to serve as the catalyst for the destruction of all civil rights expressed in the Constitution, and granted by God under Natural Law. Sickening how ignorant they are, mere “useful idiots”. They will be the ones screaming the loudest about their “rights”when they are being walked out to the execution wall. I can understand their unhappiness (not really, living in the greatest place on Earth and all they can do is trash it) because deep down I think they realize their future is very bleak. They will perish at the hands of their puppet masters, or become slaves to them. Their Utopia will be forever denied to them, as you cannot give someone something that does not exist, nor cannot exist.
      And yet, when the fight comes, there is one possible outcome they will never consider. And that is that the fight is prosecuted with a totality and mercilessness never before seen in history. That their pathogenic self-hatred be completely eradicated from this planet, and the rest of us can go back to living in peace with ourselves. For all the left’s noise and blather……….they never have had, nor will they ever have an honest and genuine desire to ………………COEXIST.
      Be careful what you wish for, you just might very well get it. And I can assure, YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT.

      1. Thank you Wil Radford. You hit the nail on the head. These characters are like the roving mobs during the French Revolution, bent on anarchy, destruction and murder. When the righteous fury of middle class America is unleashed, these useful idiots will not like the outcome.

      2. Well said and eloquently written Mr. Radford! Permission to share with my group, with proper credit given? You are right, I understand that Terry McAuliffe allowed AntiFa to raise their flag upon the Virginia Capitol’s center pole after striking our Nation’s flag from it. That there is video of it. This cannot stand, such an egregious affront must be met with overwhelming resistance. I don’t know if we can impeach him, but I intend to find out. This grand Nation is collapsing and they are helping it along. So very sad.
        As Mel Gibson said, in his character of Benjamin Martin addressing the South Carolina legislature in “The Patriot”,
        “Make no mistake, this war will not be fought in the wilderness, but amongst us, our homes. Our children will learn of it firsthand, and the innocent will die along with the rest of us.” People should take that to heart now. It will be a cold winter, in more ways than one.

      3. Will Radford, I would like to believe you are right. But, I no longer have that much faith in my fellows. Most believe they can make personal connections, to protect their rights. Many will go along with any law that concerns their neighbors, as long as it let’s them abide, even as obtuse slaves. I’ve seen too many of our Brethren discarded, after being labeled criminals by these same haters of Liberty.

          1. @WB, I think old men like us are truly tough enough. I think we could hold our own with ruthless. But I do worry about many of our group of supposed Patriots. It seems they pale quickly when confronted with prepared and learned adversity. Simply because they refuse to educate themselves in our Constitution, History, and the laws of the land. This truly worries me. But thanks for the comment. It is noted

    5. The NJ democrat party’s desire to destroy the People’s ability to resist, is so blatant. I would suggest that the people of NJ do all that they could do defeat Phil Murphy’s election bid.

    6. It seems to me that the people of Noo Joisey are getting what they’ve asked for. What do you expect when you vote Democrats into power – Constitutional legislation?! Hah don’t make me laugh. That is why it is called a part of the left coast. I mean look at that smarmy a**ed smile on that [email protected]#%k’s face! You can tell he’s trouble from the jump.

      If the people want a different kind of governance, then they have 4 boxes to resort to, the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and finally as a last resort the Cartridge Box. If they wish to live in everlasting stupidity, they’ll keep their heads buried in the sand box.

    7. Seriously Home Inspections? The Gestapo did home inspections. Is the 4th Amendment just a mere suggestion? Does anyone think this type of gov’t is okay in the United states of America?

          1. I’ll happily take the spread over the effective range of thrown rocks vs the effective range of the lowly 22LR anyday, not to mention the 22LR’s somewhat.. larger.. cousins and friends.

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