Rio Shotshells Patriot Sweepstakes Ending Any Day, Enter Now

Rio Shotshells Patriot Sweepstakes
Rio Shotshells Patriot Sweepstakes
Rio Ammunition
Rio Ammunition

USA – -( The Rio Ammunition Patriot Sweepstakes is ending soon. If you’d like to enter, best get crackin’.

The sweepstakes, which began back in mid-June, ends on 31 August; the winner will be announced 15 September. Boxes of Rio’s Patriot Edition Wing & Target shot shells have a unique code on the inside top flap of the box. All you need to do to enter is type that code into the appropriate box (with your contact info of course) online at Wing and Target.

The grand prize winner will receive a unique hunting trip courtesy of Special Ops Xcursions — an exclusive Parent/Child turkey, waterfowl, or upland hunt with a SOF veteran and his child. All expenses (travel, lodging, licenses, shells, and loaner shotguns) are covered.

If you haven’t already picked up a box of Rio, you can grab some at Able’s, Natchez, or other Rio Ammunition dealers.

Here’s a look at some of what Special Ops Xcursions did last year; more on their Facebook page, /specialopsxcursions/.

About RIO

RIO isn’t just about shotguns and ammunition. We aren’t just about hunting and shooting either. Established in 1896 and available to American sportsmen since 2002, RIO is much, much more than simply cartridges in different gauges and disciplines; RIO is about excitement, about enjoying life, and about sharing your experiences with those around you. RIO is spending time in the outdoors with family, friends, and even friendly competitors. And as a leader in outdoor recreation we offer something even more important – the reliability and confidence in our sporting cartridges that will allow us to enjoy the experiences together. Visit :

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Verified. The ‘date’ was for LAST year. Thanx for nothing this time around.

Mark Davis

Tried to enter but your page will not take me to an entry form! That sucks!