Suspect Shot In Attempted Robbery of Armed Woman

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Ruger LC9s 9mm
Ruger 9mm saves the day.
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Commercial Appeal (USA Network) reports 07-11-2017 in Memphis, Tennessee, a male suspect attempted to rob a woman outside of her midtown apartment. The incident happened Tuesday morning at 12:30 a.m. in the 100 block of North McLean near Poplar according to police

The female victim told police that when she got out of her car at her apartment, the male ran toward her, grabbed her and tried to steal her laptop bag. As they struggled over the bag, the victim screamed, waking up a neighbor who ran out to help.

The three struggled and fell to the ground. The woman’s gun, a Ruger 9mm, fell out of her bag during the fight and that’s when police said the suspect was shot. The would-be robber is in critical condition at the Regional Medical Center

It was unclear in the police report who fired the gun during the struggle. A third witness told police she heard the suspect say “I’m going to shoot” and saw the muzzle of the gun flash. The witness reported hearing two shots.

The man accused in the attempted robbery was found on the ground with a gunshot wound when police arrived. He is identified in a police report as a local 49 year old.

He has been charged with aggravated assault and criminal attempted felony. Police reported the female victim and her heroic neighbor were also treated for injuries they sustained during the fight.


The investigation here is open and a lot of facts missing but one is clear. If you carry your firearm in a purse or something else detachable, it may become the target of one of these grab and run criminals.

You really can’t let him run off with your gun as he’ll likely use it on another victim. So carry on your body, securely attached so only you have access. It is likely you will be in a sudden physical fight as your first notice of the attack.

Carry securely and practice, practice, practice drawing your firearm.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Resistance is futile

Time to put a wall around it like a john carpenter film.

Roy D.

Memphrica. The place was shady in 2000 to 2004 but I and my son were carrying so it didn’t bother me so much. We were shooting the IDPA Nationals in Tunica and had a good time. It’s a heck of a deal on a Saturday night to walk downtown there and there literally be a cop every half block. And the sharks were still swimming around with no fear of the police. Only place where I stayed at a Motel 6 and there was an armed guard. That was in 2002 when my wife and I went to Ft. Benning… Read more »


Memphis sucks. I use to go there 2-4 times a year for work. It has gotten real bad the last few years. Beale street and the rest of downtown are not safe. Panhandlers everywhere. I only live 2 hours away but refuse to go there and spend my tourist dollars.


Memphis is probably the dirtiest, nastiest city in the South. Its a shame we can’t get a great flood to wash it down river. We Tennesseans would be much better off if Memphis was no longer part of Tennessee.