Trump Is Mean While Draining The Swamp – Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

Letters to the AmmoLand Editor
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USA – -( President Trump was on Long Island pledging to eradicate MS-13 and other gangbangers who prey on and murder hard working Americans and their children.

He told cops not to protect the heads of the miscreants when they put them in the back seat of squad cars.
Mainstream media cried, “Trump encourages police brutality.” Trump is mean!

President Trump gave Transgenders in the military the boot.

He is homophobic. Trump is mean!

President Trump terminated Reince Priebus. Few can pronounce his name.

RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) said, Trump is mean!

President Trump replaced Priebus with General John Kelly as his Chief-of-Staff, who among other things will smoke out the whistle-blowers and “leakers.” This will cut down on the “fake news” cycles.
Trump is mean!

President Trump criticized AG Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from talking about Russians.
Democrats who previously called Sessions a racist, now nominate him for sainthood. Trump is mean!

President Trump increases sanctions on Russia, North Korea and Venezuela. Wags his finger at China.

Trump is a war monger. Trump is mean!

John McCain was the deciding vote to “deep -six” the GOP’s “skinny” healthcare revision. Trump criticized him along with the two female RINO Senators who voted nay.
Trump is a misogynist. Trump said of McCain, “I like people who didn’t get captured.” (in Vietnam).
Trump is insensitive to McCain’s cancer.
Trump is mean!

President Trump didn’t criticize Anthony Scaramucci for dropping the F-Bombs. Moochie’s wife dumped him. Trump dumped him.
Trump is a potty mouth too.Trump is mean!

President Trump threatens to stop giving members of Congress reimbursements so they can afford to pay for their personal high Obamacare insurance premiums.
Trump is mean!

President Trump wants to cut legal immigration in half.
He is xenophobic. He even expects new immigrants to speak English and be able to support themselves. Trump is mean!

President Trump and the new “Republican” convert Governor Jim Justice wouldn’t admit to finding Russians in West Virginia.
Trump is mean!

All done in a week of draining the swamp.
And they scream Trump is mean!

Michael V.
Nantucket, Ma

Letters to the AmmoLand Editor

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VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

Its like I said in another post – time of a complete cleaning of Congress and the Senate. Anyone with more than four years needs to go – anyone with no proven record of conservative values needs to go. And the one’s who are still left better be on board with Trump’s agenda or they are out of a job too.
As for the leftist Antifa, George Soros, et al, declare “Open Season” on them.

Hardy Spires

We, the true patriots of America are with you President Trump. The traitors will be exposed in the coming months. They will be voted out of office in 2018. It is time to finish draining the swamp. When we get to the bottom of the muck we will throw out all of the bottom feeders. You have the military, the police, ICE and all true Americans with you.


And we can take solace in knowing the list of Hillary accomplishments in the name of progressivism is ZERO.
Thank God for, “We the People”, electing President Trump.

Wild Bill

@BB And now, instead of dressing in BOP orange, Hillary works at Goldman Sachs. What financial analysis skills does Hillary Clinton have that she should be working for Goldman Sachs?


WB, like the old saying goes ” It’s not who you know, it’s who you …”


Here’s a list of Trump accomplishments to brighten your day. Even if he did only 1/40th of these things, take solace in knowing the list of Hillary accomplishments in the name of progressivism is ZERO. KILLED TPP $350+ billion deal with Saudi Arabia ($110 billion in arms $250 billion in trade/investment) creating 100,000’s of jobs in both countries, historic. Pulled out of PARIS ACCORD Had a major victory on sugar exports from Mexico, made Mexico drop the exports % and the amount of refined sugar. This will help our sugar industry and the US sugar mills that produce refined sugar… Read more »


First president since Regan who is doing his job. Isn’t he doing a great job. Like all great bosses he wants his people to do there job or get the F out of government.

Jeff D. Shirley,Mass.

@MichaelV.from Nantucket,Ma. You sir are a riot! I mean that in a good way. Everything you said is true. You should write more often. We have a chance to do something huge here in The People’s Republic Of Communist Taxachusetts! There is a guy from Whitman, Mass. who is a real republican not a RINO! His name is Geoff Diehl. He has announced his run for the Senate against that fake Indian who is always on the rag that calls herself Elizabeth Warren! Oh did I have to hold my nose while typing that name. Arizona is not the only… Read more »


The biggest problem, besides the obvious ,i.e. spineless, self aggrandizing, hypocritical, untruthful and self-serving, they are scared to death of the main stream media and have learned to play the political correctness game rather well, in some cases the only thing they do well. Any replacements on our part,brought about by the power of the one man-one vote, would need to be, as witnessed with the Commander in Chief, individuals of a “different breed”.

Ol' Vet

I think this guy is just another whining snow flake, and especially a flake. The President has done more for America in 6 months than the previous Presidents combined. I suspect I would be a little irritated that employees of the federal government would monitor and release not only personal information, but classified information of phone calls to other heads of state in this world. You call him mean (why didn’t you say meanie) that fits more your sniveling that any other thing I can think of. What a maroon. What else does this guy think about? just wonderin’…


I thought his “and they call him MEAN was more sarcasm than reality. I believe he agrees with Trump’s calls, even when the lamestream meenia call Trump “mean”. After eight years of a limp dishrag (I’m trying to be Mfaily friendly here) we NEED someone who knows how to be the mean junkyard dog. For too long the rotters have hopped over the fence, taken what they’ve wanted, tossed it back over, then gone over to go sell what they stole to someone else. It had gotten so bad they actually made some pretty big holes in the junkyard fence…… Read more »


Time for the RINO’s (Republicans in name only) to get voted out, aka FIRED by the people.

They should get the same healthcare you and I have access too, we are all equal.

TRUMP 2020.

No Bull

Unfortunately, Ohio is stuck with Portman ’til 2022. Better him than Strickland. But ol’ Rob is starting to sound more and more like the Democrat ratball Brown. It seems he is pandering more to those who voted against him than those that helped him retain his seat. Maybe Strickland would have been a better choice after all. At least we’d know for sure that we had another lying liberal ‘representing’ us instead of constantly guessing which way Portman was going to sway.

Running out of patience

Tinfoil hats in the foyer.
KoolAid punch bowl straight ahead.

No legislation action that’s meaningful.
No demonstration of professional negotiation skills.
Lots of executive orders, the government version of onanism. Truman did more of them – whoopee.
Victory laps 7 months after the fact. Really?

A decent SCOTUS IS a big win. Bringing in the generals works for me. But unless President Trump gets it together they will be ineffective. Stop making excuses. Time for demonstrating competence not simply a drunken walk through the china shop.




That was the funniest thing Ive read in a while. Thatks to the author.


What really, really needs to happen in this Republic is, to work to get that pesky 17th amendment repealed!!

Ronald Pierce

No other President in our Nation’s history has kept his promises made during the campaign. NONE! No other President has fought the big government corruption that has INFECTED our Congress and all branches of government, like President Trump has. NONE! He’s MAGA!


GO My President Trump….get rid of these folks. Make DC well once more working for me and other citizens.

Wild Bill

, But Trump needs help, and we can give it to him, by choosing new people through the primary election system. Lets not choose those six rinos that did not support Oblabla Care repeal. Lets quietly register Republican, quietly coordinate who we are going to vote for, quietly flood the primary elections, and loudly make our will known to the elites, socialists, and swamp living lobbyists that have corrupted our governments.


Primaries… are the key to rid us of RINOs. Stop blaming the handful of real conservatives in congress and the senate. Right now they do not have the numbers to nullify people like phony republican john McCain. He walks and talks and votes like a liberal democrat time and time again. Arizona needs to WAKE UP…!

Wild Bill

@Ivano, You are correct, and there is much work to do before we can vote in those primary elections. There will be much nose holding in order to register. Much registering in order to vote. And much coordinating, among us, in order to know who to vote for.


Michael V , if I may, I’ll add one to your list, President Trump wants to , “Make America Great Again”, Trump is mean!


Amen darkman

Chris Mallory

Not supporting every action and utterance by an elected, employee of the American people does not mean you think he is mean. It means you think he is wrong.

A pox upon both the Republicans and the Democrats. Both groups are anti-American. What have the so called “conservatives ” actually conserved other than their own bloated paychecks and a never ending welfare train to Israel?

jeffrey melton

In times of war, these leakers should go before the firing squad for some real leaking. In peacetime they should get a lifetime behind bars. Trump is a real pussy cat.


Remember…Only YOU can vote the RINOs out; get involved; support the RINO’s ‘challenger’ in the primary. Most ‘seats’ are “safe”, so the RINO’s talk big and NO ACTION….The ‘baby boomers’ are passing; time for the next generation to step up and help Trump ‘drain the swamp (sewer)”…

Richard Kennedy

As the elections get closer you will see the RINOs start talking about how conservative they are. Pay attention and lets get rid of these vermin.

Wild Bill

@RK, I agree, We can kick the elite class in the teeth by taking over their primary elections. They won’t be expecting it. Few voters go to the primary elections, but that is where the candidates for the general elections come from. First hold your nose and register as a Repulican, then you can vote in the Repub primary, and get new people into the general election and into office.


Agreed, but let me mention two words, Tea Party. At one time we were scaring the pants off of the RINOS, now not so much. As a Republican and a Tea Party member we let up a little when our president won, It has hurt us. We need to get to back shaking things up to the point it keeps the RINOS off guard. Even locally, our conservative elected have began to wane like dead flowers. They must be shown we will not let up and our intent is for a long victorious battle. And let me say this, we… Read more »

Wild Bill

V. from Nantucket, Ma, You sir, are a poet!


While President Trump is doing what he can to fulfill his campaign promises and drain the swamp. It is up to the voters who supported him to do our part. Stop reelecting the same lying politicians year after year. Don’t rely the the promises they make when voting. Instead look at the promises they have kept. Every Republican in the house voted to repeal Obamacare when they knew their vote meant nothing because Obama would only veto it. When they have a President sitting with pen in hand to sign a repeal bill they suddenly couldn’t support a repeal and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Dark, yes, let us ambush the corrupt politicians by denying them wins in the primary elections. Let us seek out those who will do their constituents’ will, oppose the planned destruction of America, and support Trump in draining the swamp.