Is Trump’s Russia Policy Being Hijacked by the McCain Necons?

By Pat Buchanan

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Is Trump's Russia Policy Being Hijacked by the Graham McCain Necons?
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -(  In crafting the platform in Cleveland on which Donald Trump would run, America Firsters inflicted a major defeat on the War Party.

The platform committee rejected a plank to pull us deeper into Ukraine, by successfully opposing new U.S. arms transfers to Kiev.

Improved relations with Russia were what candidate Trump had promised, and what Americans would vote for in November.

Yet, this week, The Wall Street Journal reports:

“The U.S. Pentagon and State Department have devised plans to supply Ukraine with antitank missiles and other weaponry and are seeking White House approval … as Kiev battles Russia-backed separatists … Defense Secretary Mattis has endorsed the plan.”

As pro-Russia rebels in East Ukraine have armored vehicles, Kiev wants U.S. tank-killing Javelin missiles, as well as antiaircraft weapons.

State and Defense want Trump to send the lethal weapons.

This is a formula for a renewed war, with far higher casualties in Ukraine than the 10,000 dead already suffered on both sides.

And it is a war Vladimir Putin will not likely allow Kiev to win.

If Ukraine's army, bolstered by U.S. weaponry, re-engages in the east, it could face a Moscow-backed counterattack and be routed, and the Russian army could take permanent control of the Donbass.

Indeed, if Trump approves this State-Defense escalation plan, we could be looking at a rerun of the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008.

Then, to recapture its lost province of South Ossetia, which had seceded in 1992, after Georgia seceded from Russia, Georgia invaded.

Putin sent his army in, threw the Georgians out, and recognized South Ossetia, as John McCain impotently declaimed, “We are all Georgians now!”

Wisely, George W. Bush ignored McCain and did nothing.

But about this new arms deal questions arise.

As the rebels have no aircraft, whose planes are the U.S. antiaircraft missiles to shoot down? And if the Russian army just over the border can enter and crush the Ukrainian army, why would we want to restart a civil war, the only certain result of which is more dead Ukrainians on both sides?

The Journal's answer: Our goal is to bleed Russia.

“The point of lethal aid is to raise the price Mr. Putin pays for his imperialism until he withdraws or agrees to peace. … The Russians don't want dead soldiers arriving home before next year's presidential election.”

Also going neocon is Mike Pence. In Georgia this week, noting that Russian tanks are still in South Ossetia, the vice president not only declared, “We stand with you,” he told Georgians the U.S. stands by its 2008 commitment to bring them into NATO.

This would mean, under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, that in a future Russia-Georgia clash the U.S. could find itself in a shooting war with Russia in the South Caucasus.

Russia's security interests there seem clear. What are ours?

Along with Trump's signing of the new sanctions bill imposed by Congress, which strips him of his authority to lift those sanctions without Hill approval, these developments raise larger questions.

Is President Trump losing control of Russia policy? Has he capitulated to the neocons? These are not academic questions. For consider the architect of the new arms package, Kurt Volker, the new U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations.

A former CIA agent, member of the National Security Counsel, and envoy to NATO, Volker believes Russian troops in Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk are all there illegally — and U.S. policy should be to push them out.

A former staffer of Sen. McCain, Volker was, until July, executive director of the neocon McCain Institute. He has called for the imposition of personal sanctions on Putin and his family and European travel restrictions on the Russian president.

In the Journal this week, “officials” described his strategy:

“Volker believes … that a change in Ukraine can be brought only by raising the costs for Moscow for continued intervention in Ukraine. In public comments, he has played down the notion that supplying weapons to Ukraine would escalate the conflict with Russia.”

In short, Volker believes giving antitank and antiaircraft missiles to Ukraine will bring Putin to the negotiating table, as he fears the prospect of dead Russian soldiers coming home in caskets before his 2018 election.

As for concerns that Putin might send his army into Ukraine, such worries are unwarranted.

Volker envisions a deepening U.S. involvement in a Ukrainian civil war that can bleed and break Russia's Ukrainian allies and convince Putin to back down and accept what we regard as a just settlement.

Does Trump believe this? Does Trump believe that confronting Putin with rising casualties among his army and allies in Ukraine is the way to force the Russian president to back down and withdraw from Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk, as Nikita Khrushchev did from Cuba in 1962?

What if Putin refuses to back down, and chooses to confront?


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. I have always thought that McCain had cancer of the Brain as a birth defect. I have never been able to listen to him…he will most certainly be remembered by the scar that now shows part of his brain is really missing!

    2. What McCain’s real legacy is: His father was the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet prosecuting the war in Vietnam Nam. Because of this McCain got preferential treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible pilot. McCain crashed two Navy jets in his early career. Then while aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal, McCain got angry because he had to wait in line to take off on a bombing run. He shut off his engines, opened the cockpit, and in his haste to exit the aircraft to chew someone out about his having to ” wait”, he hit the button that released his live bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal. He took off running, as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the Forrestal. While his fellow sailors were fighting the fire, McCain went to the pilot’s lounge below decks and watched the men fight the fire on closed circuit TV.
      Hours later, McCain took off with a New York Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to say that after seeing the effects of those bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to question the morality of dropping those bombs on the Viet Cong.
      McCain’s wife was stricken with debilitating injuries in an automobile accident. And was hospitalized for more than 5 months. Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries, which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and legs. In order to save her legs, doctors performed 23 surgeries on her, and had to remove significant portions of the bones in her legs, which left her shorter, and in a wheelchair. She had to use a catheter. McCain was disinterested in his first wife’s predicament. She had to go through grueling physical therapy to learn to walk again. McCain was off gallivanting with anything in a skirt.
      After McCain left the Navy, he was intent on a career in politics. He and His wife Carol had gotten to know Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and McCain was eager to jump into politics. But he decided he needed a more visually pleasing young woman by his side. He callously divorced Carol, the mother of his three children, and immediately jumped into the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18 years younger.Upon learning of this, the Reagans were shocked and angered by how he had treated Carol.
      While campaigning for congress, McCain used pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs. Reagan, but there was no hearty endorsement offered by the Reagans. McCain’s new young wife was also an heiress to an Arizona Brewing fortune. And let us not forget McCain was one of the Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings from countless Americans in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980’s. McCain was in it up to his eyeballs. The facts do not agree with McCain’s self portrait, as a heroic patriot and great American. by JJ McCartney

    3. Trump signed the sanction bill that has a primary purpose the limitation of Presidential Power. It may be unconstitutional since it is Congress limiting the Executive Branch.
      President Trump should have vetoed this or any other bill that he feels is bad or particularly unconstitutional. If Congress can stick together and over-ride the veto, the President has clean hands.
      I recall that President George W. Bush signed a bill he said was unconstitutional in his opinion but he’d let the SCOUS decide. The Court decided it was constitutional and a bad law stayed in place.

    4. You know very well Putin’s armored anti-aircraft unit struck down the Malaysian airliner costing more Dutch lives per capita than the 9-11 attack we suffered. This was a terrorist act Putin has gotten away with. You know very well Putin took the Donbas region for it’s military manufacturing base that contributes to armored units Russia produces, breaking peace arrangements until the rail system to support exportation was complete. Putin admitted himself that the little green men that took that region & conquered the Crimea were Russian troops. The Ukraine today stands crippled with no chance of recovery. Granted Ukraine’s corruption alone might keep them from ever becoming a fully functioning government.
      However, Putin’s covert cyberwars against democracies & overt wars for territory must be contained with minimal deaths.

            1. No, just disgusted at treasonous, commie-loving conservatives opening the back door to our great country. You have forgotten your history.

            2. @Mick, No one likes Teen Snot (aka XX, TS, Extra Extra Teen Snot ) very much. Even the other paid shills, that visit here, avoid him. We don’t reply to him so that he does not get paid. He has admitted that he gets paid $5 for each response. So, prevaricates, blasphemes, and propagandizes for the purpose of getting responses. He plays the patriot, but his liberal tripe is so obviously empty, that people don’t even bother to discuss him with other commenters, anymore. He is just a big bore, and a little Soros/Clinton/democrat whore.

            3. Old Useless Bill, No one likes me? Haha, you senile, paranoid old sod. I have you wrapped around my pinky. I really do. Scurrying around the forum, avoiding responding to me directly like a frightened bunny rabbit and then acting like a schoolyard snitch. It is quite amusing. You are undoubtedly the most gullible Octegenarian ever to frequent the Internet. But, calling me a blasphemer!! Now that really hurts my feelings.

              For the record, John McCain has more dignity and integrity than you ever had. No wonder you never made Colonel, you never had what it takes.

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