Browning Adds to Hearing Protection Line for 2017

Browning Adds to Hearing Protection Line for 2017
Browning Adds to Hearing Protection Line for 2017 : Browning Hearing Protector Cadence Electronic

BrowningU.S.A.-( Browning has added new electronic and behind-the-ear muff models to their excellent line of hearing protection products.

The new Cadence Electronic Hearing Protector has an omnidirectional microphone with adjustable volume control to amplify ambient sound. Amplification shuts off when sound levels reach a harmful 82dB.

This low-profile electronic hearing protector has a compact earcup design with a textured, soft cushioned headband. The Cadence provides 24dB NRR passive protection and meets ANSI S3.19 standards. Two AAA batteries (not included) are used to power the unit. Suggested retail is $64.99.

Cadence Electronic Hearing Protector
Cadence Electronic Hearing Protector

Shooters that prefer a circular brim on their hat will appreciate the new Behind the Head Hearing Protector. The strong steel band secures them in place without interfering with headwear. The slim profile ear cups are comfortable, easily adjustable and have a gold Buckmark imprinted on the sides. The muffs provide 22 Db NRR and meet ANSI S3.19 standards. Suggested retail is $19.99.

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  • 3 thoughts on “Browning Adds to Hearing Protection Line for 2017

    1. For the same price you can get Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuffs which have much better hearing protection.

    2. As someone who grew up when the only hearing protection we used when duck & goose hunting was cigarette filters in our ears I say ANYTHING added to the selection is great. This appears to be priced fairly and the db levels appropriate. I wish we’d known about hearing loss “back in the day”. I now have moderate to severe hearing loss (in the high decibel range) in both ears. It’s no fun, no insurance that I have covers digital hearing aids and they are prohibitively expensive ($4,000-$5000).

      If you don’t use hearing protection when shooting, mowing the lawn (yup), using a chain saw etc., you WILL wind up like me.

      1. AND, DO NOT listen to loud car stereo like I did for years. THAT is a sure fire way to lose your high frequency hearing AND develop tinnitus – humming/whining/cricket chirping (when there are no crickets) sounds in your ears!

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