CA Bill Designed to Drive Gun Stores Out of Business Headed to Governor

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SB 464 could put gun stores out of business

Firearms Policy CoalitionSACRAMENTO, CA-( Senate Bill 464, which would drastically increase the cost of business for California firearms retailers, passed it's final legislative vote in the State Senate and is now on it's way to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown.

SB 464 by Sen. Jerry Hill (D – San Mateo) mandates that Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) add expensive new security measures to protect their inventory, including, in some cases, the installation of concrete or hardened steel pillars for stopping a vehicle.

“SB 464 ignores the plethora of security regulations with which FFLs are already required to comply with at the federal, state and local levels,” said Craig DeLuz, Spokesman for the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). “Even worse, it overlooks the fact that many local municipalities and commercial property owners often do not allow such property modifications.”

For example, the City of Rocklin recently forced a firearms retailer, Sacramento Black Rifle, to relocate to another city when the business attempted to voluntarily add steel bollards to the front of the store. This type of modification violated city policy and was not permitted by the property owner. SB 464 provides no pre-emption to address local ordinances or property owner objections.

DeLuz also noted, “SB 464 represents a solution looking for a problem. It adds to the ever-increasing number of unnecessary laws and regulations that restrict how and where firearms retailers are able to engage in business, facilitating the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right.”

Data from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) show that while 70,000 firearms have been lost or stolen in California since 2011, only a fraction of them were stolen from gun stores (797, representing about 1%). In fact, recent reports have shown that a firearm in the hands of law enforcement officers and agencies is more likely to come up missing than a firearm in the possession of licensed firearms retailers.

“California offers tax incentives to entice investment in technologies like solar energy and to promote film production in our state. Why not consider the same sort of carrot approach in this case?” notes DeLuz. “Rather than offer punitive and costly regulations, we would ask the author to consider offering incentives to FFLs to make it easier for them to increase security measures.”

About the Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  • 30 thoughts on “CA Bill Designed to Drive Gun Stores Out of Business Headed to Governor

    1. It occurs to me that the BLMSM is actually doing us a favor. The antifa and the rest read and listen to it and have nothing else . The day will come when the creatin find out how exaggerated what they have been listening to is.

      1. I don’t think it will be the ones in Antifa who do that oldvet. I do however believe that you are spot on when it comes to the Generation following behind Antifa since they are getting to see the full level of stupidity being perpetrated by a large portion of millennials, and they are already beginning to reject it. The idiots in Antifa are too far gone, though occasionally a few may “Wake up” here and there.

    2. I left the Demokkkratik People’s Republik of Kalifornikateya in 1980 and never looked back. Pure Michigan is a shall issue state with Castle Doctrine on the books. A Republican majority in both houses ensures Liberty for the people.

    3. @VE Veteran I don’t think it should be called the Peoples republic of kalifornia. I think the Peoples Democracy of Kalifornia is more in tune to what is happening there.
      Moonbeam or brownstreek is an old time flower child with a long history of tip toeing through the tulips. Too bad a rattlesnake didn’t bite him. He is a perfect example of brain dead hippies.

    4. We have the best armed criminal class in the world; heck for that matter, we have the most criminal leadership in the world; the citizens, well, they aren’t supposed to be able to defend themselves from the criminals coming at them from every direction? If it isn’t the government wanting to come in your house and forfeiture your goodies it is the goon across town wanting to steal your stuff, we’re supposed to talk our way out of these situations I guess.These who knows who made them hurricanes have turned into a gun grab campaign for the government and the criminals, an honest citizen doesn’t have a chance.

      1. But if you let citizens defend themselves, getting rid of criminals in the process, there will be no victims to vote for increasing amounts of big government intervention! California simply cannot allow that to happen. The people must know how defenseless and helpless they are to make it through life without bureaucratic oversight and guidance!

        By the way, nice reference to Hurricane Katrina and the situation immediately after in New Orleans. Government just loves tackling little 80 year old ladies, right?


    6. Imagine if the states were allowed to infringe on your OTHER Constitutional rights? People would go bananas. This should be no different.

    7. This is one of the reasons that I moved my family from Kalifornia to the South. Ever rising crime, (Southern California) and no rights to carry legally. In San Bernardino County . No concealed carry permits were issued. For my own protection I still carried daily. More worried about the criminals than my going to jail for having a pistol on me. Local police station closed at 5pm and on weekends. Average response time was from six hours up to two days. I know this as a fact from personal experience. One assault, one burglary, two attempted home invasions, three follow me home (they tried), and I had enough. Now we live in a safer area with full Second Amendment rights. Vote with your feet. You can live somewhere else!

      1. Welll, the current Sheriff of San Bernardino COunty has gone on the TeeVee and TOLD the folks there… we don’t have enough officers, we can’t respond quicky enough, y’all come on down and gitchyer Mother May I Cards so you can provide your own defense. Thanks for helping.

        Funny thing, it took a little while for there to be enough pistol packers and then for some of the perps to forget those citizens CAN now be armed… and pick the wrong ones and get their sorry backsides shot. The sheriff’s dept have no patience for criminals when the Folks actually see to “the security of a free state” on their own. As designed.

        BUT< yui still are far better off being gone. Let the rest either wake up or get to start their long dirt nap.

      1. No, the idiots surrounding them voted them in. The good people largely residing in the north have been sick of it for years and keep trying to garner support to spit off and form a 51st state.

        1. No, the idiots IN THE AREA voted them in. That is how voting works. The ‘good people’ in the northern part of the state don’t have the votes to counter the majority in the south. Thus put up with it or move. P.S. ‘Spit off and form a 51st state’? Sounds messy.

          1. Wow, the left coast idiot finally came out of his hole again. Poor guy actually thought we might forget about his previous trolling if he hid for a while. I am feeling generous however, so I will feed you just a little bit.

            It is more like the entire state doesn’t have the votes to over ride LA County. You know, that little old county that has 144% voter registration. The holes of stupidity that rule California have created a half trillion dollar state debt, increased crime, and bureaucratic corruption. So quite honestly yes the good people up north should get out and move, and then the rest of the state should be cut loose from the rest of the country. If done, California would either finally learn some responsibility, or devolve into a copy of North Korea within 10 to 20 years.

          2. Oh, and by the way. Don’t you just love the fact that Donald J. Trump is your President? Don’t you just love knowing that he is our Commander in Chief as opposed to that crooked, lying, witch of a woman that ran against him? Don’t you love that we finally have a president who can do something other than read a Teleprompter and Race Bait?

            =D =P >D

      2. For Those Wondering about my replies to Clark Kent, That is one of the suspected alias’s of the individual known as “Gil”. Gil, for those of you who do not remember, is a firearms and Christianity hating troll who was coming to ammoland to spam comments intending to stir up agitation and violent talk.

        If the Person posting currently under that name is not the individual referenced above, it is highly advisable to pick a new name.

    8. The sheeple of California better get their guts, balls or backbone back and remove by whatever means the commie backed state government oppressing them. Flush the Hollywood cesspool too while they are at it.

            1. Old brownstreek is a real pile, the first time as governor, and now. Failure both times in office. Brought in the unions to the public sector, now trying to bankrupt the state, signs any unconstitutional firearms laws, wasting taxpayers money on the bullet train to nowhere, and so many other stupid things to numerous to mention.

    9. what more can the idiots in sacramento do to the firearms industry here in commiefornia? I mean seriously. what more? our days of owning firearms in this “state” are almost over. us law-abiding firearm owners have ourselves to blame for this mess. we have let our “politicians” trample over us, and have NEVER fought back! not once. a pathetic state of affairs to be sure. I am done with this “state”. let ’em take it…I give up, I give in. enough, is enough…

      1. @jh, When Californians get rid of the illegal aliens that are skewing the elections, then you will have a chance at getting your legislature and state back.

        1. Wild Bill,
          That ain’t gonna happen. I know people who live in that God forsaken place and they are in a constant state of warm fuzziness over the wonderful humanitarianism shown toward illegals. The main reason they allow this invasion to persist is they don’t use their own money to pay for it. The Peoples State of Kalifornia is broke. The citizens of the free states of this union are, against their will, keeping it up financially.

          1. @Jack B, Hmmm, yes, let me rephrase: If and when Californians get rid of the illegal aliens, that are skewing their elections, then they will have a chance at getting their legislature and state back. If not, then they won’t. And that’s a fact, Jack!

          2. @ Jack Bynum – it isn’t the Peoples State of Kalifornia it is the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia – a euphemism used all too often by the socialist tyrants. They are represented by those politicians who are of the mind ” I know what’s better for you than you do.” Kalifornia is a good place to be from … not in.

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