Chromatra LLC Exhibits ColorTAC CVA-14 Color Night Vision at NTOA Trade Show

To see the ColorTAC CVA-14, visit booth #355 at the NTOA Trade Show, to be held Sept. 24 – 25, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Before and after comparisons of image seen through PVS-14, without (green) and with ColorTAC CVA-14 adaptor (color)
Before and after comparisons of image seen through PVS-14, without (green) and with ColorTAC CVA-14 adaptor (color)

Beverly, Mass. – -( LLC™, the innovator behind the design and manufacture of color capable night vision, will demonstrate its new product, the ColorTAC™ CVA-14 at booth #355 at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Trade Show. This state-of-the-art clip-on technology allows night vision users to see color through any existing PVS-14 device.

The NTOA Trade Show Tactical Operations Conference connects law enforcement professionals with internationally renowned instructors offering cutting-edge approaches to challenges faced by officers every day.  This year’s event will be held Sept. 24 – 25, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona and will feature over 75 courses including seminars, practical tracks, and several contemporary incident debriefs.  Additionally, NTOA offers a first-class trade show where exhibitors such as Chromatra will demonstrate the most up-to-date equipment and technologies.

So how can ColorTAC benefit your organization?  By providing the entire picture…

For all its advantages, current night vision has inherent disadvantages as well:  The green or white glow of a NVG eliminates many tactically critical, color-coded pieces of information:  Is that blood or water on that shirt?  Is that mud or pavement?  Is that the car we’re looking for?  Is that a marsh or a field?  What am I looking at?  Who am I looking at?  With ColorTAC, Military and Law Enforcement officials will be able to answer these questions quickly and accurately.

Chromatra is the first company to develop this technology and is currently doing day and night demonstrations for military, law enforcement agencies and organizations that focus on disaster related efforts.

For professionals that rely on NVG’s to perform their mission, the ability to “See What’s Missing” can mean the difference between life and death. Pictured below are before and after photographs comparing the monochromatic green image seen through a PVS-14 to a PVS-14 with the ColorTAC CVA-14 color adapter attached.  Which picture will your team see?

About Chromatra LLC™:

To learn how ColorTAC CVA-14 can benefit your organization, please visit or reach out to our Director of Sales, Tom Torosian at [email protected].

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Sounds like more militarizing of LEO functions. Could this be an invasion of privacy in the works ?


Seeing someone in the dark an invasion of privacy? Seeing someone in the dark in color an invasion of color?
Is a LEO not supposed to be able to see during the day either?

Wild Bill

, Do you mean like a 4th Amendment violation?


If someone were to record or just listen in (eavesdrop) on somebody with audio and video in an area where the person being recorded has an expectation of privacy, they are usually breaking the law. If somebody is being pursued, reasonable suspicion would exist. But, governments like to start pushing the limits.
Somebody who thinks they have privacy in the dark can now be observed in full color from afar. Will cops use it to spy on people ?

Wild Bill

@Idad, Not so fast, the notion of Right to privacy, and its extension, an expectation of privacy come from the 4th Amendment. Fourth Amendment applies to government, not just “someone”. So lets presume that your “someone” is a fed. or state LEO. There is no expectation of privacy in that which is knowingly exposed in public. Katz, if memory serves. So, if one goes out of doors realizing that a human being would be able to see them, then, I think that a claim to an expectation of privacy would be a difficult one. And you are analogizing the sense… Read more »