South Dakota GFP Receives Grant to Help Curb Poaching

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South Dakota GFP Receives Grant to Help Curb Poaching

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks

PIERRE, S.D. -( South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) recently received money to purchase a turkey decoy thanks to a grant from International Wildlife Crimestoppers, Inc.

The decoy will be used to help curb poaching during turkey hunting seasons.

The decoy is a strutting male turkey with a swivel base and robotic tail and includes a turkey skin that covers the decoy.

“We are both honored and excited about the grant,” said Cory Flor, district conservation officer supervisor in Miller. “It will give us an opportunity to have the officer, violator and the resource in the same place at the same time to make an arrest.”

According to Flor, there are areas in the state where GFP can use the decoy to curb trespassing, road hunting issues, shooting after hours, shooting too close to houses and shooting from a vehicle.

The decoy cost $1,540. GFP was required to pay shipping fees.