Illinois State Rifle Association Constitutional Rights Fundraiser Sept 14th

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Illinois State Rifle Association Constitutional Rights Fundraiser Sept 14th

Illinois State Rifle AssociationIllinois-( Once a year, ISRA Member and Will County Board Member Steve Balich hosts a fundraiser for the Illinois State Rifle Association, (ISRA). The ISRA was founded in 1903 and is the preeminent firearms rights organization in Illinois, representing the interests of over 2,250,000 firearm owners in the state.

The ISRA maintains a group of lobbyists in Springfield and has been instrumental in litigation that has brought profound changes of firearms right’s status in Illinois.

From amicus briefs in key court cases such as Heller v DC, (which reaffirmed that the 2nd Amendment was a fundamental individual right), to cases where ISRA has brought their own suits on behalf of firearms rights such as Wilson v Cook, (first filed in 2007 and is still in litigation and fights Cook County’s ban on so-called Assault Weapons), to McDonald v Chicago, (that overturned the handgun ban in Chicago and incorporated the 2nd Amendment to the states), Ezell v Chicago, (that overturned the ban on shooting ranges in Chicago and has been quoted in many other key 2nd Amendment cases across the country), Shepard v Madigan, (which found Illinois complete ban on carrying a loaded firearm for defense outside the home and ordered the legislature to pass concealed carry in Illinois), the ISRA has led the way. Sometimes this involves going it alone, or partnering with NRA or the 2nd Amendment Foundation in order to maximize our efforts.

This year David Keene, former President of the NRA, political consultant, and author is our guest speaker at the dinner. David has a new book out and copies will be available to have signed at the dinner. There will be a firearm drawing or two at the dinner but the gist of the event is to come out and listen to a great speaker and to support the organization that supports your rights in Illinois.

Please share and invite your firearm friends to attend.

llinois State Rifle Association Constitutional Rights Fundraiser
September 14th, 2017
Clarion Hotel, 411 South Larkin Ave, Joliet, IL
6:00 pm, Doors open / Cocktails
6:45 Dinner