Ohio Judge with CCW, Almost Murdered in Assassination Attempt, Attacker Dead

By John Farnam

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Ohio Judge with CCW, Almost Murdered in Assassination Attempt, Attacker Dead
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- From a friend in the System in Ohio:

“Recently, an OH judge was nearly murdered on his way to work. He was attacked as he exited his car, in the shadow of the courthouse!

At arm’s length, the murder suspect, using a pistol, fired at the judge. The judge was hit and severely wounded, but nonetheless returned fire with his own pistol, which he carried concealed. A probation officer, who was nearby and also armed, also fired at the suspect.

The suspect, badly wounded, ran across the street to his getaway car, but fell to the ground before entering it.

He was DRT! [dead right there]

Probation officer was unhurt. The judge, though wounded, survived. He was released from the hospital eight days later!

Guns and ammunition used, number and location of wounds, and identification and motivation of the single suspect are still part of the ongoing investigation and are thus-far, unreported.

However, robbery is an unlikely motive. More likely, the judge was attacked in an assassination attempt.

In America, we rely on our courts to fairly adjudicate an expansive range of personal, family, juvenile, business, and criminal disputes.

Our Criminal Justice System rests on five pillars:

1) Police 2) Prosecutors 3) Defense Council 4) Courts 5) Corrections

In America, all criminal defendants, no matter the accusation, deserve and rate competent representation.

And yes, our System, both in concept and execution, is far from perfect. No dispute there. In fact our System sucks, except for all the ‘other’ Systems!

Our Courts represent the Third Branch of Government, and are uniquely able to put a stop to extra-Constitutional abuses, by either executive or legislative branches.

When its officers are not free to travel to their places of work, without the threat of violence, and are under constant threat of violence at other times and places, we proceed, by a short route, to chaos!

Fortunately, we here in OH are inside a pretty secure courthouse complex, guarded by well-trained, well-lead and well-equipped deputy sheriffs. I am more concerned about what happens during the other sixteen hours of the day that Court Officers aren't within our relatively secure courthouse.

Greatest courthouse danger, in my experience, is seldom associated with criminal cases. The innocent, who have been wrongly accused, do their best to look and act like the good and decent people they are. The guilty, also act nicely (though less convincingly, because it is an ‘act’), almost always putting on their best face too.

By contrast, dissolution/divorce/child-custody cases are always downright scary, and dangerous!”


It’s time for all judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and all other Officers of the Court to get competent training and go armed, all the time!

Officers of the Court must assume a personal responsibility to protect themselves, and our System (imperfect as it is)!

Civilization, ours and all others, is delicate and easily lost!

When we all ‘don’t love freedom enough,’ we’ll soon join those wretched souls who are, at this moment, discovering what living without it is like!


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  • 9 thoughts on “Ohio Judge with CCW, Almost Murdered in Assassination Attempt, Attacker Dead

    1. “dissolution/divorce/child-custody cases are always downright scary, and dangerous!”
      Whenever I see a news story like this, the first question I always have is, “was this a family court judge?”

    2. I do not condone the shooting of a judge, now having said that I have to side with the first post on this thread. For far too long activists judges the police federal law enforcement agencies have wiped their behinds with the United States Constitution at the expense of liberty . I have to wonder what grievance the shooter had with this particular judge.

    3. I dont condone these actions, but it’s not surprising due to tha attitude of some of these so called judges. Cases in point…All those Federal hi judges that have been blocking our President from doing his Constitutional duty. Not to mention the black robed warlock in Portland who screwed over Mike Strickland. Then we have the witch Navarro in Nevada violating and shredding the Constitution with impunity. These are only a few examples of their misconduct.
      Wasn’t it one Thomas Jefferson who warned us(among other things)of an runway judiciary?

      1. The problem with the federal level judges you mention goes way beyond their personal character, or rather lack thereof. In every one of the cases you cited relating to blocking executive attempts to govern, those judges had NO AUTHORITY to even take up those cases. Let’s refer to Rule Number One regarding the Constitution.. it is always right, until ammended, then it is still right.

        Read Art 3 Sec 2 Par 2…… in ALL cases wherein a state, or an “ambassador or other minister of the public trust” (which would certainly include a sitting President) no lower court can touch that case, ONLY SCOTUS and ONLY on original jurisdiction.

        Where were THEY as these “rulings” eructed? Where was Trump and the rest of the Executive Branch? WHY did they not cite that section of the RuleBook, and simply declare these “opinions” are null, void, of no effect, and WILL be ignored?

        As to that miserable excuse of a public minister in Portland, HE needs to be run up on charges of perjury, misuse of the law, violation of Mike’s civil rights, etc which the “judge” committed during the “trial”. THen disbarred and debenched. But WHO will step up to the plate and swing at that one?

        Sadly, the “consent of the governed” has devolved into our complacency, ignorance, fear… and the strong and wrong carry the day.

        1. Yeah, Tio n, seems like everyone in the government is ignoring what the Constitution says because there is money and power in it. If Andrew Jackson were alive today, he would have said, That little federal court in Hawaii has made his decision. Now, lets see him carry it out. Then he would have changed that judge’s chambers to the nearest men’s room, sent some Secret Service guys over to help the judge move, and cut that judge’s portion of the budget to zero.

    4. @John Farnam, With all due respect, our Criminal Justice System does not rest “on five pillars: 1) Police 2) Prosecutors 3) Defense Council 4) Courts 5) Corrections”. Our system of criminal justice rests on a single solid foundation consisting of the consent of the governed.
      If our criminal justice rested on those five things, but not the consent of the governed, we would call that system by another name.

    5. “It’s time for all judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and all other Officers of the Court to get competent training and go armed, all the time.”

      Only if law abiding citizens have the same uninfringed rights to carry and defend themselves. My life is as important to my family as the lives of the people above are to theirs.
      The chosen profession of an American citizen does not make them more equal than others.

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