PPSS Group’s New Emergency Body Armour Will Help Protect Civilians

PPSS LtdUnited Kingdom-(Ammoland.com)- Designed for individual protection, a new rapidly deployable ‘Emergency Body Armour’ is offering the latest in globally respected and field-tested body armour technology, displaying truly outstanding protection from edged weapon, such as machetes and knives.

Following a number of well documented knife attacks on civilians in recent years, PPSS Group started a comprehensive R&D project with the aim to design a ultra-lightweight body armour that can be strategically located in public places and deployed within a very few seconds, in case of emergency.

The UK firm is now making this new ‘Emergency Body Armour’ available to airports, train stations, hospitals, city centre hotels, and other key locations civilians may flee to and seek shelter when faced by a suddenly occurring threat.

PPSS Group’s New Emergency Body Armour Will Help Protect Civilians
PPSS Group’s New Emergency Body Armour Will Help Protect Civilians

According to the company behind this concept, this latest ‘Emergency Body Armour’ also offers unmatched protection from blunt force trauma injuries, usually suffered following an assault by a blunt object.

A top healthcare security specialist in Britain wished to remain anonymous, but commented: “To have something small, compact and lightweight stashed away or strategically placed that you could pull out and throw on, would make a huge difference between a potential life and death situation.”

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group strongly agrees with this statement. Presenting at yesterday’s global product launch at London’s Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel he said: “An Emergency Body Armour makes sense, and it will help to protect human lives and reduce the number of casualties when a serious threat occurs.”

A live video demo of this new armour can be viewed on YouTube by searching for ‘PPSS Emergency Body Armour’ or please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/D54P9cjDIt8

Emergency Body Armour four step instructions
Emergency Body Armour four step instructions

Following the issuing of body armour to all Police Forces in the UK in the 90s, many hospital and university security teams have now equipped their teams with stab resistant vests since. The same can be said for several public sector enforcement teams, such as Trading Standards, Licensing, Community Safety, Environmental Health and Car Parking Enforcement.

About PPSS Group:

PPSS Group is specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high performance body armour, offering unrivalled protection from firearms, edged weapons and blunt force trauma. PPSS Group’s social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

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Resistance is futile

I’m sure terrorist would equip this armour before starting their killing spree as they would be easily available at all major target sites. Another great idea from the country that brought you citizen disarmament.

M Reyna

A stupid liberal minded idea. I say give the citizens the right of self defense back. This British have an out of control government. When a government can legislate away the right of self defense, well it’s time
To form a new government. That’s why the United States were established. Hopefully here we won’t go back to that type of tyrannical government, but liberals and Rino’s are trying hard to take us backward.


I personally aim for the head, neck and legs with a machete. just sayin’

Wild Bill

, Have a lot of experience swinging a machete at the head, neck, and legs, do ya? Just asking?

John Dow

What a stupid, wasteful, useless idea.
By the time the prepositioned armour could be handed out, the attack would be over or everyone would already be bleeding.
Why not just keep a bunch of cricket bats on hand to fight back with? Oh, I forgot, you’re not allowed to fight back in the UK, you must sit by patiently and wait for the “Armed Police” to arrive.

Cue Monty Python…..

George C

nice way for a company to make an awful lot of money for a product that won’t be used in time to save anyone. More useless Govt. spending but a great money making idea!


Given the suddenness of attacks, of whatever type (knife, gun, vehicle, bomb, etc.), it seems that it would be difficult to get to one of these and don it in time to forestall a terrorist’s knife attack. I suppose it may be OK for those in no immediate danger, as a precautionary kind of thing, but it seems that one who has time to get to one of these and put it on, would also have time to flee the danger area, which would seem to me to be far preferable. But what do I know? My preference, which isn’t… Read more »


A major drawback with any type of body armor, in the UK or anywhere else in the world, is that bad guys have access to it too. Makes it tough to defend oneself

Matt in Oklahoma

Considering a large majority of attacks involve rifles this is not enough. A set of plates and carrier are under $200. I notice the total lack of pricing in this article or on their websites which means they probably gig you on price depending on how much they think they can squeeze out of you instead of being up front.

It's blighty matey

Given the prevalence of knife attacks in the UK this almost makes sense. The caveat is due to the colour that all but screams.”don’t stick here mate, aim for the head or neck.” Lovely colour though… If it isn’t immediately knicked by yobs…

Now if they could make one acid or lorry/HPV proof that might be a good thing as well…

Or they could allow responsible people the right of self-defense. A novel thought.

Wild Bill

@Ibm, Welcome to the site. What does “It’s blighty matey” mean? Please note that in the U.S. no one “allows” US citizens the right of self defense. The right of self defense in ours, and no one or government can take it away. That is because sovereignty is in each individual person. In the UK and other countries that were British colonies, sovereignty is in the government. The people are subjects of their government. Their government owns them. The theory is that kings had sovereignty given to them by God. Our American founders rebelled, successfully, and gave that sovereignty, wrestled… Read more »


The company is primarily targeting the UK. The report for the US is interesting, but not their primary point of sale or market. Your and other comments clearly explain why they would be tits up in the US. I fully expect them to be deployed in airports, train stations etc. in the UK at public expense and no meaningful effect. A bit like GS4 at the Olympics. The US has a constitution and a bill of rights. The UK has neither one. No 2a and a common law scheme that holds the victim as the aggressor in most instances. Attacked?… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

WB,blights is the U.K,. or more specifically, England.

Heed the Call-up

Dang spell-check got me and didn’t notice before hitting post – *blighty*.


Scotch mist and I might do it for a giraffe…

Heed the Call-up

Love your humor.


Close your borders and take out the trash this gear won’t stop a truck or truck bomb