Savage Shooters Dominate Long-Range Competitions

Savage Shooters Dominate Long-Range Competitions
Savage Shooters Dominate Long-Range Competitions

Savage ArmsWESTFIELD, Massachusetts-( Shooters armed with Savage rifles are a force to be reckoned with in local, regional and national competitions across the continent. Thanks to Savage Arms’ longstanding commitment to world-class accuracy and reliability, competitors who choose Savage products routinely claim top scores and trophies.

For example, Savage shooters took three of the top five places in the 1,000-yard F/TR Division at the Northern Rockies Long Range and F-Class Regional Tournament at Deep Creek Rifle Range in Missoula, Montana, Sept. 8-10.

Overall match winner Justin Covey earned Gold honors in the Expert class with a 1030 – 48 X score. Monte Milanuk took fourth overall and first in the Master classification with 1027 – 34 X score, while Ryan McLane finished fifth overall and first Expert with 1026 – 35 X score.

“Savage was extremely well represented at this event,” said Milanuk. “Conditions ranged from hazy, due to smoke in the area, to intermittent cloud cover. Shooters who could rely on their equipment to help overcome these challenges leap-frogged to the top of the standings.”

Milanuk is quick to explain Savage’s appeal to shooters at all stages of their careers. “Savage offers an excellent entry point into the world of long-range accuracy,” he said. “You can get started with a stock rifle and some good ammo. But the Savage platform also allows setting tweaks, component upgrades and caliber flexibility, which help the gun evolve to fit a shooter’s needs throughout their long-range shooting journey.”

Savage Arms’ Target Series rifles—including the 112 Magnum Target, 12 Benchrest, 12 F Class, 12 F/TR, 12 Long Range precision and 12 Palma—offer a number of industry-leading, performance-enhancing features. One is the AccuTrigger, which allows the shooter to tailor trigger pull for a crisp, light break that perfectly matches their personal preferences. Other Savage benefits include button-rifled, hand-straightened barrels with compulsively consistent bore diameters, zero-tolerance headspace control, floating bolt heads and factory-blueprinted actions.

“The Savage shooters at this regional event are just a few examples of the many competitors who turn to our rifles and components for extreme accuracy in both out-of-the-box and customized shooting platforms,” said Beth Shimanski, Savage Senior Marketing Manager. “Their results speak for themselves and help explain why Savage is the go-to rifle for so many serious competitive shooters.”

Savage Arms congratulates Covey, Milanuk, McLane and all the shooters who rely on the company’s pursuit of unparalleled accuracy to propel their performances to the highest level possible.

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My old 110 with a 3×9 Weaver is scary accurate with off the shelf 165 grain Hornady ammo.


Savage rifles have served me will since my youth. (Many Moons). I still have the .22lr my grandfather gave me when I was 9 years old, and it still shoots very well.

James Higginbotham

i own several savage Rifles and none has ever let me down.
4 of them in different calibers are the Savage 99, a turn bolt in 7MM Mag, and a Savage in 22/250

which is also very accurate.
and i always have loved their service center.

Rick Leroux

What is the rifle in the photo?

Urban Farmer

A question that I should have asked: Why does Savage not sell barrels? A year or so ago, I was in the market for a new barrel to replace the one I had shot-out. It was a Savage 12 F/TR in .223. That barrel was not only accurate, it had over 5,000 rounds through it before the group sizes began to noticeably enlarge. I had hoped to re-barrel it with the same model barrel. When I called with the part number and inquired about the cost I was told that Savage would not sell me a barrel. I guess I… Read more »

John Dunlap

I think maybe they do. I know they build rifles to order. Savage Custom Rifle Shop: (413) 568-7001 ext. 4299

Wild Bill

, Custom Shop! Savage has a custom rifle shop? They make rifles to order?!! This is terrible news. It is after1800hrs, CST.

John Dunlap

There’s always tomorrow! 🙂 I’ve already figured out that Savage is probably my only American made option to get the left handed 9.3x62mm I want. Otherwise, I just have to be ready to shell out a little over $2100 for a Sako Bavarian. Remington also has a (sort of) custom shop. Their Model 7 Mannlicher is a beauty – if you’re right handed. Like most of the industry, Remington just doesn’t speak much southpaw.

Michael burcke

Marlin does the same thing…they’ll do it for you, but won’t sell you a barrel.

John Dunlap

I think this is a liability and reputation issue for them. With few exceptions, special tools and knowledge are needed to install a barrel correctly. In today’s wolrd, selling certainj parts is just asking for some idiot to create an unsafe condition and then sue you for any injuries resulting from his negligence, or just screw up his rifle and then badmouth your products all over the Web.