Show Biz Meltdown: Bombs Away!

by Michelle Malkin,

Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama
Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

U.S.A.-( The numbers don't lie. Across the entertainment industry, viewers and fans are tuning out. It's no coincidence ratings are cratering as unhinged celebrities crank up their anti-Trump and anti-American antics.

Pro tip, Tinseltownies: Swapping your jazz hands for middle fingers and waving resistance fists at your customer base is bad for business. Let us count the waning ways.

Emmy emetics. Who wanted to see smirking Stephen Colbert lead a cast of Botoxed starlets and men in hot pants, handing out TV industry awards to diamond-draped elites hoisting up their gilt statues as emblems of victory on behalf of the hegemonically oppressed? Not as many as the boob-tube titans had hoped! The show's overall viewership of 11.4 million tied an all-time low; the key ratings demographic of 18-49 adults sunk 10 percent lower than last year's historic low. Most of America had better things to do than watch a privileged cabal of left-wing, coastal one-percenters preening indulgently about their progressivism.

Conservative actor James Wood had the response of the night to the Emmy ego-thon, noting that “the stunning lack of political diversity in Hollywood is interesting, when you consider their consumer base is so evenly divided.”

Oscars' abyss. Earlier this year, the Academy Awards show earned the second-lowest viewership ratings in its history. Program host Jimmy Kimmel and other celebs turned their stage and red carpet into Trump-bashing soapboxes for anti-cop rants, open borders pleas and Quran promotion.

Box Office Beatdown

Hollywood's summer movie season launched more duds than North Korea's Rocket Man.

By Labor Day weekend, revenue plunged “nearly 16 percent over last year, the steepest decline in modern times,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, adding that “(a)ttendance also plummeted, and is almost assured of hitting a 25-year low in terms of the number of tickets sold, according to Box Office Mojo.” Variety dubbed it “the worst the movie industry has seen in more than a decade.”

I don't want my MTV. The network that used to broadcast music videos now has a hard time attracting eyeballs to its marquee Video Music Awards. Go figure. Its 10th annual awards show was “the least-watched one in its history,” marking the “fourth year in a row that the network has seen a decline in the crown jewel of its annual calendar,” according to the Associated Press.

Al Gore's man-made disaster. Among the summer's hottest messes? Environmental scare-monger Al Gore's climate change sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth.” The original green Chicken Little flick raked in nearly $50 million in 2006. The follow-up this summer, in release for a measly six weeks, scraped up less than $3.5 million in domestic receipts. Paramount tried to prop up the film with trailer endorsements from Bono, Randy Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Shailene Woodley. But their Hollywood helium couldn't lift Gore's cinematic lead balloon.

Rolling Stone's Tombstone

The iconic pop culture and music magazine rolled itself into oblivion after publishing its infamous “Rape on Campus” hoax article in 2014. Legal costs are approaching $5 million; this week, a third defamation suit by University of Virginia fraternity members moved forward. Over the weekend, owner Jann Wenner announced that his majority stake in the rag is now for sale. Maybe magazine cover boys and lefty multimillionaires Justin Trudeau, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama can pitch in?

NFL = No Fans Left

Kaepernick sits out the U.S. National Anthem
Kaepernick sits out the U.S. National Anthem

The football field is now a minefield of social justice causes, where National Football League officials countenance Black Power salutes, but ban pro-police decals on helmets after cop ambushes. A recent J.D. Power survey found that national anthem protests by players were the top reason fans stopped watching games. Viewership at the start of the 2017 regular season was down 13 percent for the NFL and NBC from last year's opener. Gridiron fans are switching the channel and they're staying out of the stadiums, too. The Rams and Chargers barely filled half their stadiums. The USC-Texas game boasted higher attendance numbers than those two teams' games combined.

NFL brass blame hurricanes. But from the boob tube to the big screen to the glossies to the Big Leagues, the fault lies not with Mother Nature or the entertainment industry's consumers — but with the fatally self-absorbed, politically toxified stars themselves.

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    1. How disappointing that a team called the New England Patriots had over a dozen players take a knee during the anthem on sunday. They are called the Patriots for FU#KS sake!!! It should be about respect for what the flag and anthem represent as a team not an individual protest by a player. Protest on your own time as an individual and I may not agree with what you are saying but I agree with your right to say it. I would respect these protestor if just once they came out on one of these incidents that get protested and major news coverage and stood up for the police when everyone jumped to conclusion before the facts were known. Not once has one of these groups or famous people come forward after the facts were known and said the cops were right this time everyone jumped on bad facts to quick. Do that and maybe people will listen when you say there is a problem.

      1. @Repo, They want to believe the bad facts MSM senario. None of them spend their enormous incomes on making America better. They spend their enormous incomes on making America party better… until they are broke.

        1. I use to repo dozens of broke ballplayers cars after they wasted their fortunes away.. I use to love asking for their autograph as I was taking their fleet of cars back for the bank. When they said no I would make them sign the property release form for the stuff in their cars and tell them I was going to frame it..

            1. No its called pay your bills and don’t act like you are better than others.. made a hell of alot more than $11 an hour. You seem awfully bothered by my job choice something tells me you have met some of my coworkers late at night. Im surprised because usually when people live in their parents basements they can afford to make a car payment. You must really be screwed up. I can see why you are not liked you know nothing of what you speak or who you are speaking too but because you have the anonymity of the Internet you get to act like a tuff guy and run on at the mouth. In reality if this was in person you would say nothing to me and probably wet yourself a little if I stepped towards you.

            2. Sure @repo man. You are just a tow truck driver who flunked Middle School and is on his third marriage. I don’t give a monkey’s ballbag what you choose to do, but your self-righteous attitude is a little above your station, don’t you think?

          1. @Repo, Never mind the douchey socialist/Marxxists. They are too busy trying to control the way you think to have a sense of humor. I think that was most humorous!

            1. @wild bill.. I must have hit a nerve or its that time of the month.. I thought trannys didn’t get their period when they had their pickle cut off but xxdresser proved me wrong on that one.. I really enjoy how easy it is to get under its skin but I do find it quite boring and not very original with its insults.. I’m waiting for it to throw out I know you are but what am I or I’m rubber and your glue. I wonder how it figured out that monkey ball bags was the thing that it got turned on by? Kind of a strange fetish to have and figure out that you have. Wonder what other weird things it tried before it figured out that was its thing?
              I didn’t feel the need to explain to it that I was as nice to the people I repo’d from as they were to me. I never made it personal until they did. I would try the nice way with the ballplayers but they always pulled the don’t you know who I was routine or the I’m entitled to keep my cars even though I didn’t pay for them. I bet xxdresser thinks the banks are mean for not letting people have their cars for free.

            2. @Repo Plain truth is that you’re just a cop wannabe without the IQ or the interpersonal skills. Crying to Old Useless Bill won’t get you very far, although he is quite the gossipy schoolgirl. Watch him run to the Principal’s office.

            3. I would do it for free but I think it would involve a trip to england. I’ve noticed all the English slang it uses so I assume it’s another foreigner sticking its nose in other people business instead of getting its own affairs in order.

            4. @Repo, Did I ever mention to you that my lovely wife is a 22 year US Army vet with multiple deployments, Bronze star, Legion of Merit, and Army Commendation medal with eight oak leaf clusters. Xcrement Xcrement has never done anything for his neighborhood, much less his nation.

            5. @wb no never directly mentioned your wife to me but i have picked up on most of the details in other posts you made. She sounds like a great person to have watching your 6…

    2. News flash for all interested Green Bay Packer fans, shareholders, citizens of Green Bay(aka-owners of the GBP); Mark Murphy, CEO of the organization, caved to the social pressure and declared in a statement, that the players have a RIGHT to express themselves, no matter what! Well, Mr. Murphy, I for one do not appreciate your complete disrespect for this country, and especially, I abhor the stench of a George Soros-Barrack Obama politically motivated hate movement, fouling the air around the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field! If OUR PACKER players don’t want to respect our country and flag by proudly standing up, then maybe they, and you, should gravel with Mr. Soros for more entertaining employment. As a proud, 26-year USAF veteran, and shareholder in the Green Bay Packers, I would ask that you, Mr. Murphy, reconsider “your” decision.

      1. @Justtryit, Thank you for your service. I did not think that I could be less interested in the Green Bay Packers, but, amazingly… now… I am!

        1. It is also true that the governor of Tennessee, who is an heir to the Pilot Corporation and his brother who owns the Cleveland Browns are being mute about the kneeling and the Browns are doing it, also. Someone will call them out just like they did when they cheated truck drivers out of money they promised if they bought their fuel and gasoline. The FBI seized boxes of their records but as it usually works out someone else took the rap and went to jail.
          NFL owners and players are akin to hollywood trash. Just a different scheme. I use to like to watch football games but I won’t waste my time now.

    3. These Hollywood idiots have no sense. If they did they would keep their big yaps shut and quit making anyone who might go watch one of their lame, movies they try to bring back from the past. None of them are smart enough to think up any new material. Then you have the third rate late night comedians who have nothing to offer rather than bashing Trump. They are unbelievable stupid and run their mouth and show their ignorance. They couldn’t hold a roll of toilet paper for Leno.

    4. Oh by the way, my daughter (green bay fan) tells me McCarthy has told the packers if they aren’t standing for the National Anthem they aren’t playing for him !

    5. Wow…so nice to see and hear from some true “Pup Lovers” on here. I am blessed with now my 4th rescue. My sweet Tybee girl. One of the most amazing and affectionate beings I have ever met on Earth. In truth, it is she who rescued…me. And ole “XX” should you happen to be reading this, I’m pretty sure I know what you are thinking deep down. Yeah that resonance of clarity one prays no one will ever see or discover…you couldn’t carry Tybee’s Poop Sack. Semper Fi.

        1. Same goes for us, we have two rescues after many years of having Snauzers. They are very good dogs but their health is not good and it costs more in vet bills that our kids cost for doctors visits. The rescues, I think, appreciate the fact they have a good home and want to please except for our Jack Russell who rules the roost and takes things just to aggravate.

    6. Senator McCarthy was RIGHT and so was the UnAmerican Activities COmmittee in COngress; Hollywood and show business is loaded with anti-American liberal communist people.

    7. Hey “XX”…your snide diatribe was so revealing. Please understand “Wild Bill” holds more class and honor than your tiny brainwashed mind could ever hope to reach for. And yes…”XX” you could not even begin to understand this. I enjoy differing content as a vehicle to broaden ones awareness. Yet you “XX” as one pretty much knows what offerings they will find in Ammoland, so how bout YOU leave and go to a forum more worthy of your intellect. Mad Magazine…perhaps. Or perhaps you’re late for a protest…somewhere. Lol!

      1. @BLG and all the other gentlemen here, Thank you. You are more kind than I deserve. I don’t even respond to Xtra Teen Xtra Snot anymore. He doesn’t know any thing about any of us. He just makes up crap to get a response. He gets paid per response.
        His writings, here, have exhibited a lack of experience, education and ability to think on his own. He is a low level, low paid, low class propagandist. I have a new dumped puppy that knows more and has a better attitude than Xcrement Xcrement.

          1. @oldvet. Laugh. Naw I can assure you BLG doesn’t mean that. It’s actually my initials. Or perhaps Bring Lottsa Guns maybe? Back in my day “Bodacious” females weren’t even allowed downrange. Thank God as I sure cherished having “someone” to come back home to and to be the reason to knock on death’s door. Bless You All. Semper Fi.

            1. @Gentlemen, Please do not respond directly to Xcrement Xcrement. He has, previously, bragged about getting paid for responses. Now, he claims that he is not paid. One way or the other, that makes him a liar, and unworthy of belief or response.
              There is not one commenter, here, that is not capable of strangling the little street walker to death with one hand, but some how he thinks that he is an equal. If he is too big a pussy to serve in the defense of his country and nation, then let him join the Peace Corps. or at least contribute to the local animal shelter.

        1. Old Useless Bill,
          You don’t respond because you believe that I actually get paid for calling you an idiot. Haha! I do that for free, yes, gratis, you paranoid old rimmer. Are you wearing your tinfoil Stetson again today?

      2. @ BLG – naaah … XX (the Irrelevant) is too busy making the world a better place to be by sitting in his Mommy’s basement smoking joints with all his Loser friends (probably one only), navel gazing and listening to sub-par jam bands. Try not to get too clever with him as his pointy little noggin only contains two brain cells that are fighting for living space.

          1. @Gentlemen, And what a collection he has! All the other parlor revolutionaries, with glue under their noses, are in awe of him.

            1. @OV, Did I ever mention to you that my lovely wife, a former platoon sergeant, who served in Iraq, was awarded the bronze star for exhibiting a very cool head during a mortar attack in the green zone? I wonder what a certain excremental little paid troll ever did for his country or fellow man?

            2. Old Useless Bill, why didn’t Big Large Girl mention that herself? How does she feel about working at the bunny ranch?

      3. Big Large Girl, are you really Old Useless Bill’s wife? I do understand that he needs all the help he can get. Mad Magazine! Are you a senior citizen too? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    8. Hollywood has been bad for America for over a hundred years. If “the stars” would have struck to their secret fornicating, and kept their mouths shut, they probable could have continued. But now, Hollyhood, you are fired. I would like to suggest reading as a replacement. The local library does not cost a dime. Here is a recommendation “The Tyranny of Good Intentions” by Paul C. Roberts. More exciting than Hollycrap.

      1. Old Useless Bill, No matter how small Hollywood gets it will always dwarf the Sh99ty, low-brow right wing channels that you are attracted to. Your hardon for Michelle Malkin is as embarrassing as your insistence on polluting every single thread with your inane comments. Yes, go to the library for your free books, provided to you by the very liberal tax payers that you disdain. Better still, get off the Internet, and give everyone a break from… you.

          1. He has only one parent, (no dna match) the woman who lets him live in the basement. The male donor was masturbating in her flowerbed and produced blooming idiot !

          1. @OV, Yes, he won the annual San Francisco Boy George look-a-like contest three years running. Now, that takes dedication! The prize is a make-up kit and a bag of dope!

            1. @WB…Even with the kit the best he could achieve would be a look alike of that “tip toe thru the tulips” screecher tim whats his name.

        1. XX …Every word you say makes you look more like the stuff people scrape off there feet. You are so non-relevant that you are almost transparent to intelligent people and as useful as paper on a roll used to clean what everyone knows they don’t like off of them. Can’t you see that the stuff coming out of your brain is rejected by 99.99 % of everyone. That means that you are not a normal American but a sickness that will destroy your presents in this world and NO ONE will miss you and will forget your existence ever happened. An observant >>> Oldmarine

      2. @WB… Chickens coming home to roost. Did you hear where comedians are complaining that PC is making it difficult and dangerous to tell jokes! Also the ratings on their awards shows are in the tank !

        1. @OV, I did not! The communists were so busy with that thought control agenda, that they never did have a sense of humor. Someone got shots today, and a new collar. I’ll probably get worms from all that face licking!

          1. @WB…I get a lot of that too. (face licking) Not sure which comedian said that , I heard it on radio this am while driving. Someone similar to Colbert.

      3. @Wild Bill, I commend you for not loosing it with the vile punk that keeps posting and agitating everyone. It would seem it is time to vote him off the island. I’m sure he represents and volunteers for a group and that group would be anifta. He sure sounds like he fits into the whole scheme of the worthless basement dwellers that carry their bike locks to hit people. Is it possible for Ammoland to just block him from commenting. There is nothing useful that comes from him? I would judge him as mentally incapable of living in a socialized society.

    9. Yes the elite celebs! Our ever ubiquitous A-listers who think they’re so brilliant take every chance they get to slam on Trump and piss all over the American people’s choice. They don’t seem to realize that they are only as popular as yesterday’s news. A bunch of whiney – assed effete snobs who think that we are all a mass of stupid great unwashed idiots who can’t tie our shoes without them making a movie to show how its done. Boycott them all. They are the very reason I haven’t gone to movies in several years. They all suck anymore.

        1. @OV, New puppy dropped off by the generous citizens of Texas. Part lab,and part who knows. The guest dog patrol policed him up and brought him to breakfast. His coat is jet black so I am calling him Fabian. He pretended to be scared, but you could tell that he was glad to “get caught”. I put him in with the attack beagle because they are about the same size. Mighty skinny little fella.
          Hope you and Sammy are well.

          1. @WB…Great he’s in a better place now! We are good Sammy is spoiled rotten. Read an article yesterday about a lady in Australia who adopted a Doberman, (had been abused severely). The dog less than a year old, responded immediately to affection. On the fourth day at his new home he grabbed the 17 month old daughter by the diaper and flung her across the yard. Then barked furiously and collapsed. He had been bitten by a brown Maga, one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia. They rushed him to a vet and about two days later he began to recover.

          2. @WB…Been gone all day but I see where Xcrement Xcrement (=piled higher and deeper) demonstrated his true color again and in response I see some new friends .

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