South Dakota Mountain Lion Season Set for Two Years

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -( The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission agreed with a Department recommendation to make no changes to the 2017-18 mountain lion hunting season from the 2016-17 season during their September meeting in Sioux Falls.

The Black Hills Fire Protection District will have season dates of Dec. 26 – March 31 with a harvest limit of 60 mountain lions or 40 female mountain lions.

This harvest limit includes mountain lions taken from Custer State Park.

Areas outside of the Black Hills Fire Protection unit will have a year-round season with no harvest limit.

The Commission also accepted a planned schedule from the Department to revise the South Dakota mountain lion management plan over the next two years.

The adopted schedule includes multiple opportunities for public input into mountain lion management.

  • 4 thoughts on “South Dakota Mountain Lion Season Set for Two Years

    1. The three previous comments apparently did NOT read the article since it clearly states ONLY 60 total, or 40 females, may be taken in the entire Black Hills region of South Dakota and then the season is closed. As for the rest of the state, lions have been killed in towns hiding under cars, watching people in hot tubs, in trees in people’s front yard, eating pet food on people’s patios and so on. I can’t understand the attraction of having a 100 pound meat eating predator coming into your yard where your children are playing. It is only a matter of time until these lions kill someone, like they have done in the Kingdom of Kalifornia since they have been protected. Hunting them keeps them afraid of humans and in South Dakota, that is the way we want it.

    2. It’s like a dog chasing a car, what does he do with it once he catches it. A beautiful animal that would, probably, end up as a rug on the floor for people to walk on. They are predators and most probably cause damage to livestock and the like but it seems there would be a better way to manage them.

    3. I agree with Mr. Ring above. Its just disgusting to kill these
      Mountain lions for a trophy mount when if this continues to occur
      You will not have any to hunt in five years. This is a beautiful
      Animal.that needs to be saved

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