The Ugly Truth Behind Obama’s War on the Second Amendment

by John Lott,
Originally published on The Hill

Obama Crying Over Lack of More Gun Control..boohoo AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
The Ugly Truth Behind Obama’s War on the Second Amendment

The HillU.S.A.-( Sometimes, when the government abuses its tremendous power to scapegoat someone, even proponents of government power find it to be too much.

Mike Weisser is a liberal who writes frequently for the Huffington Post in favor of gun control. Indeed, I have been the target of some of his attacks. But in a new book, “Sandy Hook: A Man Sold A Gun,” Weisser tells the story of a friend of his, Dave Laguercia, whose life was destroyed by the Obama administration in its quest to be seen as proactive in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Weisser describes Laguercia as an honest, law-abiding, decent man.

The emotions at the time were understandable. Adam Lanza had just massacred 27 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Laguercia’s “offense” was that he had legally sold firearms to the shooter’s mother, Nancy Lanza. He sold a Bush Master AR-15 style “assault rifle” in 2011 and a Sig 226 semi-automatic handgun in 2010. All the paperwork was properly filled out, and Nancy Lanza had passed the background check. Laguercia did nothing wrong.

Weisser sums it up nicely: “For selling a legal product to a consumer and selling it following exactly the rules and regulations which governed such sales, Dave lost his entire business and millions of dollars in sales, inventory and future profits, lost his reputation, spent thousands of dollars on legal fees and now sits at home still waiting for the legal aftermath of Sandy Hook to come to an end.”

Weisser describes a regulatory system where it is essentially impossible not to make tiny recording errors. Wanting to blame someone for the Sandy Hook shootings, the Obama administration was determined to go through Laguercia’s records until they found some violations. If they didn’t find enough dirt on Laguercia, they’d make up false charges.

The administration was not above constantly leaking false, damning stories of a “rogue” gun dealer with a “troubled history.” One story, leaked to the New York Post and other papers, blamed Laguercia for selling another gun in 2010 to another mass shooter. But he hadn’t sold that gun.

Another story described how Laguercia came under scrutiny by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for 33 guns that were stolen from his store. But Laguercia was the person who caught the thief and provided the videos that the government used to convict the miscreant, who was a part-time employee.

Laguercia cooperated fully with officials after the Sandy Hook attack. Nonetheless, on Dec. 20, 2012, the ATF pulled up to Laguercia’s shop in military Humvees, with 21 or 22 agents wearing tactical gear. Many agents were heavily armed. As though worried that Laguercia and his wife were about to engage in a shoot-out with agents, authorities patted his wife down and searched her purse for a gun. Even if the Laguercias hadn’t been told of the raid, advance word was leaked to the media so that TV trucks could line up outside the store.

On Dec. 20, 2012, the ATF pulled up to Laguercia’s shop in military Humvees, with 21 or 22 agents wearing tactical gear. Many agents were heavily armed.

Many of the ATF reporting requirements are nonsensical. A customer putting an abbreviation for a county name is considered a “serious” mistake, even though the address and zip code make that information redundant. An ATF inspection of “a good sized store” can span several weeks and essentially shut down sales during that period.

Weisser elucidates the ATF’s arbitrary, dictatorial powers. The agency, he says, “has a virtual carte blanche to decide for itself what it can and can’t do to the gun dealers whose business practices and behavior they regulate.”

President Obama claimed in 2016, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” If you have any question about whether Obama was right, Weisser will clear it up. I can only wonder how unnecessarily expensive guns are because of the nutty, useless regulations that dealers face.

Still, Weisser’s liberal views prevent him from seeing some things clearly. He calls Obama’s “clinging to guns and religion” comment during the 2008 primary campaign a mere “verbal slip.” He doesn’t see Obama using Sandy Hook as an opportunity to push for the gun control regulations that he always wanted. Rather, he says, “The public reaction to Sandy Hook was so intense that Obama would be swept up in the wave of emotion.”

Weisser also claims that Obama’s “Fast & Furious” operation was simply an expansion of an operation launched under the Bush administration. While both operations involved guns being sold to Mexican drug gangs, the Bush administration tracked the guns and worked with the Mexican government. The Obama administration made no attempt at tracking them.

I would also have cut chapter 3, which included a discussion on the lethality of “assault weapons. Weisser suggests that Adam Lanza wouldn’t have been able to kill with his Sig P226 semi-automatic handgun, but needed the “assault weapon,” which was also a semi-automatic.

The truth is that 68 percent of mass public shootings during the Obama administration were perpetrated just with handguns. In another 16 percent, handguns were used in conjunction with other weapons.

Despite my quibbles with the book, Weisser helps show how government power can easily be abused. Civil libertarians will find this book a valuable addition to their libraries.

John Lott is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and the author most recently of “The War on Guns.”

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Let’s face facts here. The manifold and ongoing abuses of the ATF, more completely The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are in large part, if not completely, attributable to the lamentable antics of congresses past and present. One can adorn this pig with any amount of lipstick as desired. The thing remains what is has always been, a lipstick covered pig, said lipstick provided by The Congress via appropriations, aka appropriated dollars, lots of dollars, dollars rained down on a runaway bureaucracy without regard for it’s performance, or lack thereof. End of story.


As expected, just hours after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats once again called for comprehensive gun control, Paul “Rhino” Ryan shelved the Hearing Protection Act bill. That ensures it will die on the vine as the last one did, and expect that the same will be true for the SHARE Act. Also, be prepared for worst case that the National Gun Control Act will be revived and include ALL semi-auto firearms. This is not a good time to be a gun owner.


Anyone who does some basic research into the fairy tale known as the Sandy Hook “shooting” or ANY of the dozens of laughable “mass shootings” that have take place over the last 10 years and still has no questions and embraces their bullshit narrative, well, I don’t know what to do for that level of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics. That “shooting” was a hoax. Almost all of them are (including yesterday’s Las Vegas “shooting”).


LH, I have questions, but questions are 1 thing & evidence is another. People that I’ve known who make comments like yours confuse the 2. Use your questions as the start of an investigation. When you find evidence then present it, IE prove that these shootings were hoaxes.


People that I’ve known who make comments like yours don’t bother looking at the hundreds of videos and articles that do exactly what you suggest; ask questions that become blatantly obvious when you look that the official narrative is utter BS. Besides, how do you “show evidence” that an alleged event DIDN’T occur? It’s THEIR idiotic story: it’s up to THEM to prove it.


LH, I agree that the official narrative is at least partly BS. They make up a few “facts” & spin the rest. That’s not the same as an event not occurring. Again, questions aren’t evidence. How about presenting evidence that their story is BS? Pick it apart. After all, the powers that be claim to have proved their story.

Marc Disabled Vet

TEARS of a CLOWN !!!

Fake at That !


Where was this Dick-wads comment about Lynch and Clinton, or Lois Learner, or Harry Reid and the BLM! Actually he is a two faced hypocrite as far as this Government’s BS is concerned unless it affects him or his friends! He is still a left wing Pinko who deserves too be fired for protecting most other Government Propaganda and illegal actions

Wild Bill

BATFE is out of contra, now, and has been since, almost, the beginning. I remember, when I was in High School, the BATFE had accused a highway patrolman of modifying some firearm to be full auto. The highway patrolman’s attorney forced the BATFE lab tech to admit, in open court, that the firearm would not go full auto until after he himself had modified the firearm. That was forty some years ago. BATFE has been engaging in criminal behavior for at least forty some years.


Right you are Wild Bill The Gang is out of control


The ATF is an archaic revenue collecting agency that has outlived its usefulness. It abuses its power regardless of which party is in charge. However, when the Dims are in charge it takes its ques from the gun-grabbing left quiet effectively. The standards of the ATF are the lowest in federal law enforcement. It rates lower than the IRS. This rouge agency should be abolished with its few legitimate functions taken over by the FBI.


JB better to abolish the ATF & repeal all fed gun laws. The ATF has no ligit functions in a free society.


So this poor guy happened to be the one Nancy Lanza patronised when she bought her Bushmaster. Pity that….. “lick of the draw, I suppose. It had to come from SOMEWHERE….. and, as always, not only the alldged gun but the seller of the gun are blamed for something not even the owner used it to do. A couple of funny things, though…… it was balllyhooed loudly and long that the alledged killer shot the alledged children with the Bushmaster. But, as the Medical Examiner emerged from the building and faced the TeeVee mikes for the first time, he declared… Read more »


There is not a shred of evidence that Adam Lanza ever existed. Why are all of his handful of pics photoshopped? Why isn’t there a single pic of Adam, Ryan and their father together? It’s because Adam was a construct. The Lanza’s only had one child and that child was Ryan and that is a fact.

Roy D.

When I was young, people spoke of “the Red Menace” openly. Now, if mentioned at all, it is whispered in dark places. The BATF has been used against citizens for the entire time of it’s existence. The Fellow Travelers will not allow it to be done away with even though it might be reined in a little bit every now and then.


Good story and it tells us what the out of control departments of the government can do to us in a swift moment. They can and will destroy our lives and think nothing about it except laughing to each other after they get done with you. The government of the people and for the people has been sadly stained with the actions of these bureaucrats. Wild Bill has said many times to disband and fire all these out of control punks. This is just one more example of their mean spirited attacks on the citizens of this country.


Read about the Reece (I believe is the name) family in New Mexico… whose “crime” was pushing back against BATF’s demands they sell to strongly suspected straw purchasers/ They had a gun store, FFL and all, had been approached by some “suspicious” persons wanting to buy guns….. things did not add up. Regional office told them, when they asked about such sales, to proceed in spite of the anomalies evident. BATF came in and did a microscopic examination of their Record book…. and found or made up some “non-conforming” sales….. charged all four family members with serious “crimes”… destroyed the… Read more »

Pistol Packin Preacher

Thank God for men of integrity, truth and patriotism such as Mr. John Lott. I have read his books and articles and I pray for the Lord to protect and project him and his career. It is ordained from God for a time such as this. Thank you brother Lott for all you do for the United States of America and for our constitution and we the people. Stand strong bro.


Just more proof that the left wing obaMAOists are lying, thieving, cowardly seditionists hell bent on destroying our Constitutional rights. I am locked and loaded and I phuqing dare any Gruber stupid libertird to try and take my rights away. They will regret that day as they burn that Gruber in the oven and spread the ashes on a landfill where all Grubers stupid libertirds belong.


As is often the case with the liberal Democrats, the saying never let a crisis go to waste” was perfectly executed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook event. It was long before this, that the liberal Democrat controlled state legislature, and the current Marxist governor Malloy, targeted the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding Connecticut residents. They had tried unsuccessfully for years to chip away at the 2nd amendment, but could not get the crown jewel which was total ban of “assault weapons”, firearm registration, ammo and long gun permit requirements, and banning standard capacity magazines holding more than… Read more »

VT Patriot

Having followed the Sandy Hoax since day one, and having been a customer at the store that Holder and his band of merry theives shutdown, nothing about obozo’s gun grabbing surprises me. The store in northern CT remained open for a few months selling ‘sporting goods’ but their racks of guns were gone. Then, the store closed.
Anyone that really believes this mythical story should do some research. U-tube has many vids showing the whole scene, parts of the scene, and asks lots of questions.


I do not follow conspiracy theories at all, but videos and financial data on Sandy Hook events leave me feeling weird.

Many, many people in local government after sandy hook purchased near-million dollar homes straight up cash.
The man who said children ran to his home and he helped them, recently moved in actor.
The children circulating through that firehouse.
Etc etc etc.

Jim Macklin

Obama was a constitutional scholar who studied the constitution looking for weaknesses and loopholes. When he left te White House he didn’t do a Clinton and steal the dishes and typewriter keys, he planted moles in governmentv agencies whose task assignment was/is to disrupt the Trump administration.
Every birth certificate that was released for his Senate run and the Presidency is a forgery.
But he is immune to investigation because that would be racist.


Jim Macklin, Good comment and very factual. Laws are not meant for everyone, just us deplorables.


Good balanced article.