This Week on ‘America Outdoors Radio’ – Sep 16, 2017

America Outdoors Radio
America Outdoors Radio

America Outdoors Radio

USA -( Hunting. That’s the focus of our show this week as we rebroadcast several of the best interviews we recorded over the last year about this subject.

Paul Atkins is an Alaska based outdoors writer who will suggest a float hunt as a way to have an incredible adventure in the Last Frontier.

Dove season has kicked off in much of the US and there are still plenty of birds to be found out there with several openers for them still coming up on the calendar.

That’s why Jeff Miller with Field and Marsh Outfitters will be joining us to share some advice about how to enjoy an even better dove hunting experience this year.

Andrew McKean, the Editor of Outdoor Life, went south of the Arizona border to Sonora, Mexico and shares the details of the deer and turkey hunting found there.

Finally, outdoors cooking chef and book author Hank Shaw comes on board with suggestions about what to do with that game meat from last season that is still in your freezer.


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