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USA -( Autumn brings a distinct change in the whitetail’s behavior, with the rut, or whitetail’s breeding season occurring in the fall. Less daylight triggers an increase in the buck’s testosterone, the hormone responsible for, among other things, antler maturation.

Once antlers harden, the velvet that covers them dies and dries up. Buck’s use” signposting” scraping and rubbing, leaving his scent on the ground and on trees for does and other bucks to smell.

Both does and bucks seek out foods high in carbohydrates in the fall, to pack on fat that will help carry deer through the rut and winter and therefore the Dunstan Chestnut Tree, Persimmons, and Pears are important trees to add to your foot plot, being super tasty and nutritious for deer.

Many biologists believe that lack of nutrition, not cold weather, depletes whitetails. In many areas, deer may go days without eating. In this case, deer derive energy from fat reserves that they build in the fall.

Hard and soft mass are beneficial and diversity is key, especially with whitetail’s having a relatively small home range, they learn quickly where the food plots are. Water is another essential both for the trees and the deer if it can be provided (for the deer).

Protecting your investments of trees is crucial from the time you put that tree in the ground. Trees grow tubes or shelters are vital for young trees. Tubes are designed for baby trees that have not put on lateral branching yet but some younger trees can be trimmed to fit.

Plantra seedling grow tubes (sometimes called tree tubes or treeshelters) are “mini-greenhouses” translucent to specific sunlight that protect and nurture the growth of small seedlings until the tree or shrub is big enough to survive on its own.

Building a “cage” around your tree is also a necessity because once the tree grows up and out of the tube, it is accessible to deer. They can inadvertently top your tree if they munch on those fresh tender leaves poking out the top of the tube in the spring.

Three to four posts work best with good sturdy fence material. T posts and field or horse fence work well together with a 4′ by 4′ frame around the tree. The posts you use will depend on your deer pressure and your soil as well.

Weed mats around your tree help to prevent weeds from encroaching and stealing rainwater. Hand weed the planting site with a hoe or disking with a tractor, again at least a 4′ by 4′ area is recommended whenever possible. Herbicides can be used with great care as only a little drift can damage and kill your tree. There are many glyphosate products on the market to choose from sold in all types of stores that have gardening or farming supplies.

The most important thing is to read and follow instructions carefully as this is a product that can kill your tree if not used properly. Also, keep in mind that whatever chemicals you use on your trees as herbicides or insecticides can interfere with pollination if not used properly and they affect blooms and bees or other insects.

Not only the application rate but the time of day and the weather are important factors when applying chemicals. That’s why you must “read the instructions”.

Do it right the first time – know your soil (type & ph.) and know the lay of your land (full sun hours). Plow, disk or spray but get the site weed free. Realize it will be some work, you will get dirty.

Plan on watering your trees. Protect your tree now, think of it as long-term investment protection. Try to get your trees in the ground in enough time to get rooted in and acclimated before they go dormant. Six weeks prior to your first frost whenever possible.

Fall shipping season has started. Call our office or go to our website to order our one yr. old Dunstan Chestnut trees shipped in their treeband pots, plantra tree tubes and weed mats, shipped UPS Ground. We also offer 2 yr. old’s and 3 yr. old’s shipped FedEx Freight – please call our office for details, toll free (800) 669-2067.

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