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Shooters Choice MC-7 Bore Cleaners
Shooters Choice MC-7 Bore Cleaners
Shooter’s Choice
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USA –-( Shooter’s Choice has been a trusted brand among shooters since 1983. Their rich history of producing American made gun care products has run strong from the inception of the company, through the armed forces and today with firearms enthusiasts.

The Shooter’s Choice product line encompasses a complete gun care system, designed to keep firearms running smoothly, increase accuracy and to extend firearm life.

They have meticulously created formulas for each cleaning and maintenance step, carefully taking the materials of the firearms into consideration.  These proprietary formulas will remove the toughest carbon build up, debris or fouling any shooter may come across.

Their lubricants keep firearms protected and running smoother, longer when cleaning may not be an immediate option after use.

Shooter’s Choice offers the best customer care and personal service.  Consumers can simply call toll free 1-800-232-1991 and speak directly to their technical staff regarding questions for cleaning and lubricating of all firearms, as well as gun care cleaning tips. Furthermore, all Shooter’s Choice products are risk free as they offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.

Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite
Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite

Shooter’s Choice is the trusted brand U.S forces depended on when fighting for our freedoms in the Middle East.  Law enforcement personnel trust their lives with it to keep their weapons in a ready condition and functioning properly while in the line of duty. Hunters depend on it when in the field.

Competitive shooters rely on it for accuracy and trouble free performance.  They know firsthand that the right gun care products can make the difference in winning or losing.

Support American companies and make Shooter’s Choice your choice of gun cleaning and maintenance.


About Shooter’s Choice: 

.  For more information visit or contact Joe Ventimiglia at 440-834-8888.

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