New Hampshire, Next to Ban Gun Accessories?

Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts
Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts

New Hampshire Firearms CoalitionNew Hampshire-( The entire Board of Directors and leadership team at the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Inc. is deeply saddened by the loss of human life earlier this week in Las Vegas. We want to extend our sincere condolences to the families of those who were brutally murdered and our wishes for a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured by the heinous criminal acts which were committed on Monday.

We are outraged that certain politicians are attempting to use these criminal acts as an excuse to move forward with their anti-Second Amendment agenda. WMUR is reporting that anti-gun State Representative Steven Shurtleff is proposing a New Hampshire ban on so called “bump stocks” that allow a shooter to quickly discharge a semi-automatic firearm.

The national anti-gun agenda includes gun and magazine bans as well as a calculated move by Senator Maggie Hassan to ban “bump fire” stocks at the federal level. These politicians are claiming there is a loophole. We disagree. The fact that a murderer, who was the son of a career criminal abused such a device is no reason to prohibit its ownership and use by the law abiding. It is often said, “do not punish a child for the sins of a parent”; however, in the case of the Las Vegas murderer, the proverbial apple seems to have fallen close to the tree.

The murderers at the Bataclan Theater in gun free France were not stopped by French gun bans. The murderers in gun free England stabbed and drove over people. Murderers commit murder. Lets not react by punishing the law abiding.

Banning a benign firearm accessory will not make anyone safer, however, as Rep. Nancy Pelosi said: “They’re going to say, ‘You give them bump stock, it's going to be a slippery slope.' I certainly hope so…” That's right, Nancy Pelosi wants your guns!

Pelosi said Democrats still want to push for enhanced background checks on gun purchases, which in itself is a “compromise” from even harsher restrictions favored by the party.

We reject the concept that gun, magazine or firearm accessory bans will make anyone safer. The ultimate goal of Rep. Pelosi is an Australian style gun ban. The Hassan bill is just a start!

Why does anyone want or need a bump fire stock? The answer is really quite simple, due to changes in federal law that were made in 1986, the sale and possession of machine guns which were manufactured after May, 1986 is prohibited. This law, froze the supply of “transferable machine guns” at 1986 levels. Demand has outstripped supply thus causing prices to explode. A pre-1986 M16 can sell for over $20,000. This is out of reach for most gun owners. However, many people still wish to lawfully experience the uniqueness of firing a machine gun. Enter the bump fire stock as an inexpensive, lawful solution to the problem.

We at NHFC do not believe that banning bump stocks, magazines or firearms will make anyone safer. We do not agree that prohibiting the sale and ownership of anything is acceptable. We believe a better approach would be to repeal the 1986 ban on the sale of new machineguns to private citizens. This change will drive down the prices of machineguns and probably reduce demand for the so called bump fire stock. A true machinegun is safer than a bump fire stock because a shooter using a bump fire stock must allow the firearm to move back and forth to actuate the trigger for each shot. This reduces accuracy. A shooter using a real machinegun can hold the gun tight and squeeze the trigger. A capable shooter can “regulate” a machinegun and not empty the magazine with a single trigger pull. A capable shooter can place all rounds on target. This is far more difficult with a bump stock. A machinegun is safer than a bump stock.

We also believe that federal law should be changed so that a machinegun is defined as a firearm that discharges more than 3 cartridges for a single pull of the trigger. This simple law change will remove M16A2 and similar burst fire firearms from the purview of the 1934 National Firearms Act.

Far too many people start their thinking with a false premise: “No one needs a machine gun, so no one needs an accessory that will make a semi-automatic shoot almost as fast as a machine gun.”

In a free society, that is an odd statement. Being free is not about what someone NEEDS (especially something that some legislator or nameless bureaucrat determines you NEED), but about what someone, a free person WANTS to own.

As Chicago shows every day, gun control actually makes life more dangerous for the person who is being controlled. In Chicago they have as many murders each and every month as there were in that highly unusual event in Las Vegas. Yet, the gun controllers are as quiet as church mice about that, as it is proof positive that gun control fails to make anyone, except criminals, safer.

One of the key principles that NHFC has always maintained is that gun control (including controls on parts and accessories) is worthless for stopping, or even lowering, crime. Gun control only infringes on the rights, safety, and security of good people, while handing a major tactical advantage to criminals or empowering political tyrants who wish to dominate a society.

Criminal behavior should be aggressively prosecuted.

And just when we thought things couldn't be worse, Speaker Paul Ryan has decided to pull Hearing Protection Act from the House agenda. That's right, Paul Ryan is siding with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. We also have an unconfirmed report that Rep. Ryan is indefinitely postponing a vote on the Hudson Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill. Last month a few reports came out that Speaker Ryan was looking for an excuse to kill that bill as well.

Here is what you need to do to help, right now.

Contact Speaker Ryan by clicking here. Let the Speaker know that the Second Amendment is non-negotiable and you expect the bump stock ban to be defeated and the Hearing Protection Act and Nationwide Concealed Carry to pass the House without any further delays. The rights of the law-abiding must not be restricted based on the actions of a criminal.

Then, contact Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by clicking here. Senator McConnell needs to hear the same message. The Second Amendment is non-negotiable and you expect the bump stock ban to be defeated and the Hearing Protection Act and Nationwide Concealed Carry to pass the Senate without any further delays. The rights of the law-abiding must not be restricted based on the actions of a criminal.

As a New Hampshire resident, click here to contact Senator Hassan and demand that she drop this idea of banning firearms accessories at once.

Finally, click here to find contact information for your own State Representatives and Senators and let them know that you are opposed to any restrictions on firearms, magazines, parts or accessories in New Hampshire. Let them know you are especially opposed to the Shurtleff gun accessory ban!

Thanks for your support!

  • 7 thoughts on “New Hampshire, Next to Ban Gun Accessories?

    1. @ Tomcat- With all due respect Mr.Tomcat, it really is not A-Moon’s fault. You see what has happened here is what used to be a very republican state has unfortunately become more of a democrat state! Why, because of all the transplants fleeing the People’s Republic of Communist Taxachuesetts! Unfortunately the great state of New Hampshire has actually become New Massachusetts! Can you believe it!! I live here, and it is a nice place to live , but it is run by some of the biggest fuck-in assholes in the whole country! Just look at our gun laws! Often I ask, where is the God dam NRA when we need them most. Oh please, don’t get me going!

    2. I see our Pa. A$$HEAD Wolf has jumped on board already for the bumpstock statewide ban… He is CLUELESS and useless ! Drives the ANYTHING LIBERAL or Democrat short bus… One person in the nation used it, Wolf yells ban’em all… Anyone have an AR Slidefire or Bumpstock they want to donate to me ?
      He has been a raise tax and spend everything idiot since the stupid in Pa. voted him in… Corbett didn’t raise taxes one penny over his term, he eliminated the WASTE spending in the state… The state house and senate have had enough of his nonstop spending and put the sprags to it. NOW he is borrowing form other Pa. holdings and funds and placing the payback burden on the state for the next 28 YEARS !!! Typical P.O.S. liberal Democrat ! He has to go net election.

    3. How many are killed or injured by alcohol or tobacco in a day/week/month/year in the U.S. ? It is not hundreds, but thousands more for both killed and injured, little is done because the gun control whiners and politicians use both (heavily), they don’t want to limit or eliminate THEIR own usage. So the legal gun owners are the focus for them, WE are their relief. Ironic how Libs and Dems along with other politicians pounce on a mass shooting but look the other way with a DAILY killer that THEY all use. It’s all directly tied to the MEDIA and how far they can get replaying the same video/audio. The only thing the nonstop coverage and body count, both dead and wounded DOES do is it build, reinforce and give the NEXT shooter ideas as far as what “vehicle” (truck, firearm, gasoline, bomb, whatever) they will use to commit such a crime and a the drive that he/she wants a HIGHER score. Go ahead media, libs, Dems, politicians…… Keep inflating the next one and pray they don’t go after you. The news of it all is out, stop showing anything about him, what was used, where, anything…………. DONE !

    4. Ignorance ans stupidity reign in this country regarding guns and gun rights. I was really amazed at how many politicians, (so-called) journalists and even law enforcement “experts” showed their lack of knowledge about the current regulations on automatic weapons during recent media interviews. Even Paul Ryan, a self described gun enthusiast. did not know the law and commented that automatic weapons were totally outlawed. Amazing ignorance!

    5. ONE person uses it and ALL are possibly banned. Think of how many thousands or millions of the SlideFire or Bumpstocks are already out there being used PROPERLY ! Should we have banned knives, cars, trucks, ropes, water, electric, drugs, baseball bats, cables, electrical cords, swords, toasters, axes, shovels, etc ? Yes, it sounds ridiculous but so does outlawing them because of a nutcase or someone who was changed by someone or joined a radical “group”. Cause ALL have been used in the past to kill or maim. The shooters ineffective “spray” factor may have actually saved lives, many were wounded by ricochets, pavement pieces or bullets that hit non kill areas ! A scoped sniper rifle, even if it is a single shot is much more effective than a machine gun as far as killing. The bursts of fire drew attention, single shots wouldn’t have drawn much attention. Yes the SlideFire put more shots out but, but due to it’s novelty designed helped massively in the inaccuracy of his shots.

    6. This issue will be a no go in firearms friendly NH. The state minority democrats are just creating some noise to push our two democrat Senators, Shaheen and Hassan, to bring gun control bills to Congress. Ryan and McConnell should welcome the debate and play ‘let’s make a deal’ and tie bumpstock legislation to the National Reciprocity Act. Or maybe just let the BATF reclassify them at the same time that they remove sound supressors from the NFA which would not require legislation. The Republicans are in control of the government now, don’t let the tail wag the dog.

      1. @Alan Moon, I knew N.H. was a very gun friendly state. Pray tell how your state ended up with two democrap senators. The try to screw up anything they can wherever they are. Vote them out!

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