New this Week on Shooting USA – The Steel Challenge

The Pros take on banks of five steel targets in lightning fast rounds, as new guns enter the Steel Challenge.
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -(  This time, it’s a new record at the World Speed Shooting Championship, the Steel Challenge in California. The Pros take on banks of five steel targets in lightning fast rounds, as new guns enter the sport. Pistol Caliber Carbines now race on the eight famous courses of fire at the Hogue Action Pistol Ranges in Morro Bay.

Then, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association hosts Youngsters for a special weekend at Friendship to get them started with their first shots in the shooting sports.

Plus, we get our first shots with the big bore M&P 2.0 in .45 ACP. And Ken Hackathorn is teaching home defense with your AR Rifle.  Tune in to Outdoor Channel this week



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