Only One Candidate for Governor Supports Constitutional Carry

Sen. Mae Beavers
Sen. Mae Beavers

Tennessee Firearms AssociationUSA -( Nashville Public Radio reports today that Senator Mae Beavers is the only candidate for governor of Tennessee in 2018 who supports adoption of Constitutional Carry in Tennessee.

A growing number of states have adopted constitutional carry in the last few years – 14 have adopted constitutional carry and approximately 30 have no permitting or training requirements for “open carry”.

Despite having a super majority of Republican legislators since 2011, Tennessee is now “behind the pack” of states moving forward on this issue.

What the responses of the candidates – except for Mae Beavers – is that they do not make their policy decisions based on what the constitutions say. They want to “rule” our lives based on what “big government” and “law enforcement” thinks is best for you without regard to constitutional limits or requirements.

The Nashville Public Radio story reports:

Q: Do you believe Tennesseans should be able to carry handguns without getting permits?

Randy Boyd: So, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with law enforcement agents, and most of them are opposed to it, and I want to support law enforcement. However, I do believe that the carry permit process is maybe extraordinarily burdensome. I recently got a carry permit about four months ago. It took me eight hours and cost $85. I personally think it could’ve been free and done in an hour. So, I think maybe there’s some happy medium there where we can do it more efficiently and still meet the requirements that law enforcement officers are wanting us to meet.

Beth Harwell: I think our permit system has worked very well in this state. It’s certainly is, I think, good for gun-carrying permit holders to have a reciprocal agreement with states around us, which they would lose if we went to “constitutional carry.” So, it actually could hold back some rights that we have given to people in the state of Tennessee to bear arms. However, I will say I understand the constitutional argument for it, and should the legislature in its wisdom pass it, I would sign it as governor.

Bill Lee: I don’t. Primarily because I’m a guy who’s listening to law enforcement and what they believe, and law enforcement is very much against that. I do however believe in Second Amendment rights, and I truly believe we ought to expand those Second Amendment rights by reducing and/or eliminating the fees associated with a carry permit. So, I believe we should expand Second Amendment rights, but I believe we ought to keep in place background checks and safety requirements.

Mae Beavers: I believe in constitutional carry, if you legally own a gun, because I think our Second Amendment rights guarantee us that. Remember, I’m talking about when you legally own a gun — not if you stole it — but if you legally own a gun, you’ve gone through the background checks. They’ve found out you’re not a criminal. So why shouldn’t you be able to.

Diane Black: Well, I do think the current system is working. I think that we should continue the current system, but if the legislature sends me a bill, I will sign it. I do believe there is a constitutional guarantee to a right to defend yourself. And, again, I think our system is working well, but I certainly would sign a bill if it comes to my desk.


Karl Dean: I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, but I believe the gun laws that we have right now are adequate. I think they cover what needs to be covered and I don’t see a need for a change.

Craig Fitzhugh: Well, I don’t know about that. That’s what you’d call anybody carries for any purpose. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think there should be some control so that we can try to have for the ability of people who are not qualified for whatever reason — no fault of their own, maybe some mental issues or health issues and physical issues like that — they just can’t handle a firearm. So, I do think there does need to be a permit process.

If you want to wage in on the battle to elect someone to the office of governor who puts the constitution first and is a true public steward of your rights, please take a moment and go to the TFA's PAC website and make a donation so that we can raise the funds to restore our rights.


John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association

  • 11 thoughts on “Only One Candidate for Governor Supports Constitutional Carry

    1. I’m hoping it was a simple oversight, John Harris, that you fail to recognize the candidacy of Kay White for Governor. She, too, supports constitutional carry with the exception of immigrants with less than 5 years citizenship must have a background check before purchasing a gun. Kay White is a pro-life, Christian, constitutional, conservative. It is unfortunate that Mr. Harris has chosen to publish inaccurate information, and makes one wonder what else he may be misleading the public about.

      1. She wasn’t over looked, she is not a serious contender for governor of TN. Do your homework and you will find only a few people who know her name. Outside of north east TN you would be lucky to find 1 in 100,000 people who know who she is.

    2. Training is needed regardless: Open carry, Constitutional carry, training is needed. IF YOU PUT BULLETS DOWN RANGE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY BULLET YOU FIRED.

      1. Did you get training before you used your 1st Ad. right and learn of its dangers? The 2A does not require training. Training is a good thing, but not required. You either believe in the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land as affirmed by the Supreme Court, or you don’t.

    3. I live in Tennessee and watch these people in action. I’m not sure who is the best pick for governor because they seem to change to somewhat rino before the end of their second term. Maybe they should be limited to one term, I don’t know if that would help. Harwell already has tendencies to be somewhat too liberal. May Beavers I don’t know much about so I guess a little research is necessary. Changing the swamp has to start at the local level.

      1. May Beavers has set with us in the Davidson County Tennessee Firearms Association meetings more meetings than I can count. She knows most people there and talks openly and freely (some times too much). She is among friends at the Tennessee Firearms Association. May has repeatedly been attacked by the Republican Rhinos. There are about 5 or 6 true conservatives in the TN legislature. You are correct Beth Harwell is a liberal and I would add, very anti gun. She has been involved in blocking many pro gun bills from coming up for vote and only allows fluff pro gun bills to come to vote to keep her NRA rating. May Beavers has fought hard for true conservative values.

        Please take the time to hear Senator Beavers speak as we go through he election process for governor.

    4. Fitzhugh is out in left field .
      Mental issues , Health issues , Physical issues ?
      sounds like he don’t Know what he’s talking about !
      For 1 if there were mental issues you wouldn’t pass a
      background check . 2nd health and physical issues are why
      folks need firearms to protect themselves !

    5. God I hate politicians. So much double talk and double speak. Most are afraid to take a position on any issue.
      Its up to the good people of Tennessee to decide but Mae seems to be speaking clearly.

        1. Amen and yes. I know Kay White as we are neighbors here in East Tennessee. Hey we are solid bible believing Christian conservatives and are swamp drainers in spirit and truth. We are not ashamed of our God, guns or guts.

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