Our Broken Moral Compasses

by Walter E. Williams

College Graduates
Our Broken Moral Compasses
Walter E.Williams
Walter E.Williams

USA -(Ammoland.com)- As George Orwell said, “some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” Many stupid ideas originate with academics on college campuses.

If they remained there and didn't infect the rest of society, they might be a source of entertainment, much in the way a circus is. Let's look at a few stupid ideas peddled by intellectuals.

During the Cold War, academic leftists made a moral equivalency between communist totalitarianism and democracy. Worse is the fact that they exempted communist leaders from the type of harsh criticism directed toward Adolf Hitler, even though communist crimes against humanity made Hitler's slaughter of 11 million noncombatants appear almost amateurish.

According to Professor R.J. Rummel's research in “Death by Government,” from 1917 until its collapse, the Soviet Union murdered or caused the death of 61 million people, mostly its own citizens. From 1949 to 1976, Communist China's Mao Zedong regime was responsible for the death of as many as 78 million of its own citizens.

On college campuses, the same sort of equivalency is made between capitalism and communism, but if one looks at the real world, there's a stark difference. Just ask yourself: In which societies is the average citizen richer — societies toward the capitalist end of the economic spectrum or those toward the communist end?

In which societies do ordinary citizens have their human rights protected the most — those toward the capitalist end or those toward the communist end? Finally, which societies do people around the world flee from — capitalist or communist? And where do they flee to — capitalist or communist societies?

More recent nonsense taught on college campuses, under the name of multiculturalism, is that one culture is as good as another. Identity worship, diversity and multiculturalism are currency and cause for celebration at just about any college.

If one is black, brown, yellow or white, the prevailing thought is that he should take pride and celebrate that fact even though he had nothing to do with it. The multiculturalist and diversity crowd seems to suggest that race or sex is an achievement.

That's just plain nonsense. In my book, race or sex might be an achievement, worthy of considerable celebration, if a person were born a white male and through his effort and diligence became a black female.

Then there's white privilege. Colleges have courses and seminars on “whiteness.” One college even has a course titled “Abolition of Whiteness.” According to academic intellectuals, whites enjoy advantages that nonwhites do not. They earn higher income and reside in better housing, and their children go to better schools and achieve more.

Based upon those socio-economic statistics, Japanese-Americans have more white privilege than white people. And, on a personal note, my daughter has experienced more white privilege than probably 95 percent of white Americans.

She's attended private schools, had ballet and music lessons, traveled the world, and lived in upper-income communities. Leftists should get rid of the concept of white privilege and just call it achievement.

Then there's the issue of campus rape and sexual assault. Before addressing that, let me ask you a question. Do I have a right to place my wallet on the roof of my car, go into my house, have lunch, take a nap and return to my car and find my wallet just where I placed it? I think I have every right to do so, but the real question is whether it would be a wise decision.

Some college women get stoned, use foul language and dance suggestively. I think they have a right to behave that way and not be raped or sexually assaulted. But just as in the example of my placing my wallet on the roof of my car, I'd ask whether it is wise behavior.

Many of our problems, both at our institutions of higher learning and in the nation at large, stem from the fact that we've lost our moral compasses and there's not a lot of interest in reclaiming them.

As a matter of fact, most people don't see our major problems as having anything to do with morality.

About Walter E. Williams:

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Williams is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, South Africa's War Against Capitalism, More Liberty Means Less Government, Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism, and recently his autobiography, Up From The Projects.

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    1. Good for Walter Williams and his accomplished daughter. Unfortunately, there are many people who work hard but never make it out of poverty for various reasons, such as lack of access to quality education, broken families, etc. A study in Maryland indicated that many, perhaps most, jobs were secured through social connections, so it is who you know that often counts. I expect that most people who visit this site think that if you’re poor, you’re just lazy, but that’s not necessarily the case. Perhaps not the case most of the time. Where you start in life does matter a great deal, and if you start out at the bottom, there’s a good probability that you will wind up not much above where you started out. The U.S. is certainly still the land of opportunity in many ways, but you need to be above average and work really hard to succeed if you start out disadvantaged. I don’t expect anyone will agree with me, but the facts do.

      1. @ Malcolm Cleaveland, Sir, I don’t agree with your appraisal about starting out poor and staying that way. My story is different than you post and I think there are,probably, others on this site that see things differently than you do. When I was ten years I lost both of my parents, I went to live with and aunt and uncle until I was out of highschool. At that point I joined the Air Force and left with about ten dollars in my pocket. There were no hard feelings with my adoptive parents but I knew I would not benefit if I stayed there. After the Air Force I joined the workforce and picked up some education along the way and I worked very hard and long hours and I retired with a comfortable living. No one gave me anything along the way, except some help in completing the tasks I was assigned. I and many others are self made people and proud that we were able to succeed without being handed everything on a silver platter. Just another side of your opinion.

        1. I agree with Tomcat, This social bs of one’s “lot in life” is ridiculous. People can’t choose were they start life but they, sure can make big decisions on were it goes. See we have freedom of choice in this Country. As well as opportunities abound. We can choose take responsibility for ourselves, to bust our rears and work as hard as we need to, to get what we want. Or we can choose to say oh well I’m too lazy and its someone else’s fault that this is my lot in life. I have another personal anecdote to add. I personally come from a middle class background my mother went to nursing school, my father worked his way through college to become a journalist and later a teacher. When I left high school I didn’t qualify for any special assistance because; I’m a white male, both parents previously attended college, and they made too much money $80,000 combined household earning. Also I have a learning disability: I have no hearing on my right side, but because my hearing tested well on my left side, I was not applicable for any disability grants or scholarships. So through loans and working my way through schools with an average cost $7500 a semester. I now hold two associate degrees auto mechanics and John Deere Technology , BA in Engineering Technologies and current looking into career change in technical writing or electrician. Personally I found it is not that exceptional people are rare but rather mediocre people are too numerous. Because not many people are will do what it takes to make their own luck, which as the old saying states when preparedness meets opportunity.

    2. Mr. Williams hit the nail right on the head. You have to invest yourself if you want to succeed and live in a nice part of town or a few acres in the country It doesn’t matter what color you are as long as you Put yourself into the dedication to be successful. This is still America and everyone has the chance to become what they want.

    3. Finally! A writer who shows the core of america’s fall into decadent thinking. When we kill millions of unborn babies every year without out so much as batting an eye, promote and pander to those who choose to live perverted sexual life styles, and currently give credence to those who can’t decide what their gender is, what exactly can we expect? We need to be praying for God’s mercy. He may have already taken His hand off this nation and if we continue down this road towards total decadence we will fall

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