Republican Bill to Ban Bump Fire Stocks and NRA Support Review of Laws

By John Crump

Bump Fire Slidefire Gun Stocks Under ATF Review
Bump Fire Slidefire Gun Stocks Under ATF Review
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( The National Rifle Association has announced that it supports the review of bump fire stocks to see if they are in accordance with current federal law.

This announcement came to the shock of a lot of NRA members who want the NRA to protect their firearms rights. A lot of people feel this was deja vu to when the NRA supported the banning of sales of new automatic weapons during the 1980s.

Bump stocks were found on atleast two of the rifles that Stephen Paddock used to mow down people in Las Vegas as they attended a concert. People on the left have been quick to contend without bump stocks that Paddock would not have been able to kill as many people as he did.

This announcement comes on the heels of a report of a Republican-led bill to ban the sale of bump stocks that is being sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fl).

“I think we are on the verge of a breakthrough when it comes to sensible gun policy,” Curbelo said of his bill. Then stated that bump stocks are in the “outer limits of what the law allows, in this case, something that we strongly believe should be illegal.”

According to Curbelo bump stocks are “This is such a blatant exploitation of the law, circumvention of the law, that the growing bipartisan consensus.”

He claims to have the support of other Republicans in the house. It remains to be seen if he has enough support to get it through the Republican-controlled House.

Curbelo’s idea is to have a total and complete ban. In fact, he said under his bill that, “no one can have them, no one can make them, no one can transfer them.” He is unapologetic in his stance and is using the rhetoric that we have seen coming from the left for years.

When asked if there was a slippy slope to more gun control Curbelo said, “Do the right thing every time. It’s obvious that this is a flagrant circumvention of the law, and no member of Congress should support any circumvention of existing law.” He ignored the fact that bump stocks have been around for many years, that almost any semiautomatic weapon can be bump fired without any special tools, and never used in a crime before Las Vegas.

It seems more and more likely that a ban on bump stocks will happen. Hopes of a veto if such a bill when it reaches the president’s desk is also waning. According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, President Trump would be open to discussion on banning bump stocks.

Only a few days ago it looked like we would get suppressors off the NFA list and now it is looking more likely that we will get more gun ban laws. If you haven’t done so, please contact your representatives and let them know your displeasure with this bill. Also, make sure you call the NRA and let them know that it is their mission to stand up for your gun rights.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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Richard Cutie

Anyone who shoots can learn to bumpfire a weapon or even learn to shoot very fast. Mr Jerry M. can fire a revolver at a super fast rate. I am of the opinion that this piece of shit coward madman could have been even more deadly if he used a scope and had his range dialed in instead of the spray and prey method. He was shooting for 10 minutes and I think if he was shooting with precision he would have murdered more during this act of terror. NRA will lose my support if they support any ban on… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Speaking of the human bump fire finger and revolvers,here he is working the AR trigger against a Slide Fire Stock.


So NRA, what happened to STAND AND FIGHT? I still have my bumper sticker…did someone peel it off of your car Wayne?

Green Mtn. Boy

It would seem that Wayne changed it to Stand and Capitulate.

Green Mtn. Boy

It would appear Mr. Wayne LaChamberlin/Mr.Cox of the NRA are trying to change their tune on Bump Fire Stocks,a day late and at least a dollar short as to try and put the genie back in the bottle.

“LaPierre lashed out at U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat who has pushed for gun-control legislation on Capitol Hill.”
all the while he was sining the same tune.

NRA opposes outright U.S. ban on gun devices used by Las Vegas killer


/facepalm @ the total stupidity including stupidity by the NRA in this case.

Banning anything would NOT have stopped the bad guy period.. stop focusing on the inanimate object(s) ffs… focus on the real problems..

Jim Macklin

There are 435 Members of Congress and each one typically offers a dozen or more bills every year. Sometimes they offer two bills on the same subject taking opposite positions. When a constituent writes or calls to express their opinion they can get back a letter that says “I sponsored HR XXX to do exactly that.” Of course there is also HR XYX which is the reverse. Probably 80% of all the bills filed in each Congress are phantoms intended to go nowhere, just to placate the constituent voter who doesn’t really track how the MC really votes. The NRA… Read more »

The other Jim

I guess since the Republicans are in the majority in the House, Senate, and Presidency, they will first resolve,/discuss/ and vote Reciprocity and Silencers before any of this other “important” stuff comes to the table?

Jim Macklin

Despite what the MSM says, the NRA is not all powerful. But the NRA membership is 5 million citizens who vote. bloomberg and soros have their billions of dollars, but they don’t have millions of people in all fifty states. The issue isn’t guns, triggers or bullets, it is mental stability and a MSM that panders to the weak minded. Whether it is video games, movies or news [propaganda] that leaves them feeling powerless, or psychotropic drugs that alter reality, the crazy are not necessarily stupid. Shooting fish in a barrel from a tall building doesn’t depend on semi OR… Read more »


NRA/GOP: Leading the charge for gun-control.

Someone once said if there is registration and confiscation of firearms in America, it’ll be under Republican control and with NRA’s support.

Brian in Tennessee

In Tennessee the NRA supported Gun Free zones. In Tennessee the NRA supports anti gun Republican politicians. You can expect that the NRA will sell us out on bump fire stocks.

Scotty Gunn

Funny, the media claims up to 12 guns had the bump stock. In the few pictures that I have seen online, I saw only one. I suspect the media is inflating the numbers to further their agenda.

Jim Macklin

The media can’t count. They see three legs on a bipod or maybe they don’t know the difference between bi- and tri- . I guess when you say bi to a media type they only think [?] LGBTQ. This guy had twelve arms, like the goddess and he was just shooting a lot of guns at one time. Seriouslythe media types reject learning about guns. A decade or so ago an editor with the Wichita newspaper seemed to be open minded. The NRA was giving away free NRA memberships. I gave Shannon a membership so she could actually see what… Read more »

Silence Dogood

Never forget that “Job #1” at the NRA has always been the NRA, not Gun Rights. Nothing proves that more than the latest utterance from the NRA on “Bump Stocks.”


Bull..Obama screwed up. Bump stocks never should have been legal in the 1st place.

Jim Macklin

Maybe obama expected death and disaster sooner because he wanted the attacks to happen so he could ban and confiscate ALL the guns in possession of patriotic Americans.It just took longer than hoped for before weak minded liberals began attacking Republicans.


It’s not gun control that the Dem’s want it is control of the people and that is communist like HITLER so I think the people need to WAKE UP and realize what the GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO DO. If the do away with the 2 nd. amendment People will no longer be FREE. I’m A LIFE MEMBER OF THE NRA AND I THINK THE HEAD OF THE NRA SHOULD NOT VOICE MY VIEWS WITHOUT ASKING ME, BECAUSE IF THEY START CAVING IN TO ANY GUN CONTROL I THINK I MADE A BIG MISTAKE IN JOINING THE NRA.

Kurt Ikerd

Hitler was NOT a Communist. The Communist Party was banned in Germany in 1933 (the day after Hitler was elected). Sometimes it’s helpful to check your facts. Also, most people may be more willing to consider a written idea or opinion if it is puntuated correctly and the “all caps” key is turned off. Just a thought.

Ann G.

And a quick fact check reveals: that party’s actual name was the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party. Like communism and socialism, the goals of fascism are coercive, collectivist, and above all, totalitarian. Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The Big Lie, examines the influence of fascist ideas on the “Democrat” party.

Jim Macklin

Joining the NRA is not a mistake. The mistake is not staying in contact with the NRA-ILA and not expressing your personal opinions directly to your local, state and federal representatives. Making a few calls to your local media helps too,
All the polls are funged by selection area codes. We need to not rely only on FOX NEWS and conservative talk radio to get our truth out.

Samuel Stephens

There is no such as sensible gun policy. NO SUCH THING.

Green Mtn. Boy

There needs to be a change of leadership at the NRA,drain the Virginia headquarters swamp.
For Mr. Wayne LaChamberlin/Mr.Cox to have even contemplated of taking the stand,making the statement they did on Bump Fire stocks,supposedly on behalf of NRA members proves there is a disconnect with there management/care taking of the organization.

Jim Macklin

In 1790 if you were poor the state would buy you a gun to use in the militia that you paid off over a reasonable period.
By golly, I want the government to buy me a gun. They can take $1.00 a month out of my SS check.

Jim Macklin

Join the NRA as a Life member or a Five Year member and you can vote for the Directors you want. The Directors can fire the Executive staff.
Not a member? You have zero grounds to bitch.


Sure go ahead and ban them all. Ban all firearms. Ban books, ban anything that you don’t like. I say we should also ban people. Most of them I really don’t like. I find people tend to abuse each other, trash the planet and are generally bad for the world. They argue, they fight and they don’t respect one another. You can’t trust people. Give them some power and they go so crazy, it proves they have mental illnesses.


Jim Macklin

There are some who want all humans to die to save the Earth, the elephant and the rattlesnake.
They think they are perfect..


Oh they say that it’s over
And it just had to be
Oh they say that it’s over
We’re lost children of the sea…..

R. I. P DIO……..