Taurus USA Promotes David Blenker to CEO

Taurus USA
Taurus USA

Taurus Arms LogoMiami, FL-(Ammoland.com)- David Blenker has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Taurus Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Taurus USA”).  Taurus USA encompasses the popular Taurus, Rossi, and Heritage Manufacturing product lines.

Blenker has spent the last 27 years of his career at Taurus USA, with over 20 years serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). During his tenure, Taurus has grown to become a leading firearm brand in the United States.

“I’m honored to have been selected as CEO of Taurus USA. I take great pride in being part of this family for nearly three decades,” states Blenker.  “We have a very dedicated work force that is committed to making Taurus the top brand and I’m excited to be leading the team with this vision.

 David Blenker has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Taurus Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Taurus USA”). 
David Blenker has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Taurus Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Taurus USA”). 

Blenker has been an integral part of the growth of the Taurus brand with world-renown product introductions such as The Judge, Curve and Taurus SPECTRUM, as well as many inline product extensions, gaining the attention of the industry with innovation.  Blenker has also played a key role in Taurus USA’s acquisitions of the Rossi and Heritage brands, adding to the company portfolio.  Blenker will assume the CEO position effective immediately. 

About Taurus USA:

Taurus Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Taurus USA”) continues to evolve and produce revolutionary new products. In addition, new standards for quality and efficiency help deliver reliable and affordable guns to the market. Taurus USA is based in Miami, Florida. Taurus Holdings, Inc. is owned by Forjas Taurus, S.A. which is a publicly traded company based in Brazil. Forjas Taurus manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide. For additional information, visit www.taurususa.com.

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    1. Very aggravated with Taurus PT 1911. I bought this gun brand new and right off the bat it only fire two times ago in the half cock mode.the people I bought it from is about an hour’s drive for me so I took it back up there our there an hour back.when I got home and look at the gun out of the box I noticed some of the bluing had been shipped away on the gun. Several people said it appeared that it has been put in a vice.I contacted the seller of the gun store that I bought it from and they told me there was nothing they could do about I would have a contact Taurus international again. Once again told to mail the gun back in with a copy of my driver’s license and a copy of the original sales receipt. I have just about had enough of Taurus.I hope they get the gun bluing situation fixed. now remember this is the second time I mail this gun in I got the gun on a Saturday first time came back and they said the gun was ready to be picked up it has been repaired on a Saturday so I’m Monday I’m having to FedEx the gun back down to Miami because some of the bluing had been shipped off. This is getting totally ridiculous.

    2. The Taurus Company would be a joke if they didn’t have customers money. It is not funny to send in a firearm for repair, only to get it back damaged way worse than when it was sent in. I have a steel framed revolver sent in
      for repair at this time to Heritage, which is owned by Taurus. I was told it could not be repaired, and there is no time frame as to when i will get a pistol back. I am going to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau, this is un acceptable. I also have a 9MM pistol sent in for repair, this is the second time back. They scratched my firearm to hades and back when they ” repaired ” it the first time. No more Heritage, no more Taurus for me. Ever.

    3. I bought a Taurus spectrum for my wife for Christmas, nothing fancy basic black. She loved it. I liked it so much I decided to get one for myself. I went to Sportsman’s Wearhouse here in Coon Rapids Minnesota, the gun was on sale so I bought it. Tried to shoot it had problems feeding and stovepipes. I took the pistol apart to see if I could determine the problem. After comparing my wife’s pistol with mine I noticed my recoil spring was about three quarters of an inch longer than the one in her gun. The spring was almost impossible to compress on the guide rod to re assemble. I took the spring out of my wife’s gun and put into mine end of problem, fired without incident.
      Called Taurus customer service three times they said recoil spring on backorder. Its been a month now still no part.
      I own five Taurus pistols, this will be the last.

      1. I have a similar problem with the Taurus Spectrum. What a POS. IT never fed from day 1, always jammed. I sen tit back for repair, after 3 months they returned it “repaired” with a recoil spring that was too long, and I still don’t have the correct spring. I will never buy a Taurus again. I think it might be time for a class action lawsuit for all Spectrum owners, since Taurus refuses to refund the cost.

    4. My God, therefore, the stock can not keep the price FJTA4 and FJTA3, if the company has no commitment with customers, nobody buys and with that, it only has financial losses like here in Brazil! How can there be an administration of these in the middle of the 21st century?

    5. this is a joke as far as customer service goes with this company….. there cs is worse than using pine straw as toilet paper they do not care about there customers and are in serious need of an overhaul … no one there knows what in the hell is going on and don’t know who to ask to find out… it is more disorganized than an room fill of four year olds.
      seriously people by a high standard before you by a tuarus…. atleast then you can use it a a boat anchor….

    6. I wish I would have read this BEFORE I bought my gun! I purchased my Heritage Rough Rider 22 mag. 9 shot made by Taurus on 11/29/17. I didn’t get to shoot it till Feb of 2018. The first shot I got so much blow back that I was beyond happy that I had on safety gear! Then the next couple of shots was just as bad. I called the company and they said THEY DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS and that I would have to mail it to them to be repaired. They received my gun on 2/7/18. Then I was told they would have it 12 weeks! What kind of crap it that? After calling numerous times after 10 weeks and being on hold for numerous HOURS I kept being told that they had no updates on my claim. I finally got a call from them on the 17th of April saying that the gun couldn’t be fixed and that they are sending a new gun to the dealer. Well here it is May 4th, I called the dealer and he hadn’t heard from them. So I called and no joke I was on hold for 1 hour and 47 min. I was told that the gun would be sent to my dealer AS SOON AS IT WAS MANUFACTURED and they have NO CLUE when that would be, but I could get a 6 shot if I didn’t want to wait and NO NO NO I could not get a refund!!! REALLY! I will not EVER again, nor should you ever buy a gun from Taurus/Heritage NO ONE deserves to go through this! Please spread the word!

    7. Worst company I have ever dealt with have been waiting since Oct 2016 to get my replacement gun after buying a completely defective M92 only to get the item back from their gunsmith still defective. They still have my gun. Was told to write letter to David Blinker and all they did was push it back to the same supervisor who has been telling me for year and half sorry we have no Guns. Tell me how can a gun company have no guns!!!! Look at their Facebook and product reviews. Buyer beware. Mr Blenker feel free to contact me to make this right 9377638865

    8. Anyone who would purchase a firearm from this company is a fool. They do not answer their phone,back up there product or appreciate the firearm consumer. Their customer service line is a joke. They could care less about their product or their customers. If you want protection buy a baseball bat before buying anything from them.

    9. I have been waiting sent 11/27/2017 for my warranty repair
      Told 8 weeks then it want to 12 weeks now at we don’t know
      Called 7 times never got in under 1hour 10minutes or more
      Changes every call
      Never got in on web messaging
      They Do Not Care about the customer

    10. I sent my tauras 380 in because it jammed from day one . I was told to expect a four to six week turn around its now been 8 weeks and still no return. Your call center had me on hold for 120 minutes on my cell and 45 minutes on my lan line. I filled out the chat line info several times over the past couple weeks with zero responses. I’ve also called several times and just gave up trying to reach anyone. I finally reach a call center individual and was told you were backed up and I would receive my gun when caught up with no time line. Your communication process and service turn around is something to be desired. I think people purchase guns for protection obviously that’s not a concern to your company. Eventually I’ll get my gun back,I think

    11. When will the Taurus spectrum be for sale, my gun shop has them on order but no projected date. I called Taurus in June and they said guns would be on retailers shelves by the July. Still no spectrum and it’s almost november.

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