The Intimidation Is Over, America Stands with the Founding Fathers

By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Happy Independence Day From The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance!
When the time came to chose between football or our flag and anthem, the answer was clear. We would no longer be bullied by the left. In fact, we are coalescing around our flag strongly.
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( When we elected President Trump to drain the swamp and fix the problems of our nation, it became very evident that even with the entire Congress in Republican hands, nothing substantive was to be forthcoming.

Those LEFT-leaning, DONOR-loving Republican Swamp Critters refused to give us the laws we required to ease our personal lives and benefit America. We needed to change Congress despite politician’s fear of media criticism and dread of funding loss.

Congress-critters didn’t understand that a stuffed wallet was no longer needed for an election. They could spend all they have on advertisements that show a practiced smile, as they lie about their true intentions.

Outspoken advocates like, Mr. Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, have declared war on the Left, and we believe that they, and we, will succeed.

We have seen proof that the country is truly more unified than we thought. The football players’ fiasco is one strong example. Football fans have proved the fact of a real American unity.

We now can begin to see that the future of our beautiful country will be preserved without the need for the blood of our patriots.

Here are some simple, but hard, facts.

Led by President Trump, patriot opposition to attacks on our flag, our anthem, and our President have begun to coalesce around the ‘knee taking’ athletes.

The Leftist football players demonstrated America’s degeneracy by following Kaepernick’s pathetic example of ‘taking the knee’ during the football pre-game. But, an important fact emerged from the Left’s attempt to consolidate its power by politicizing this. As early as September 15, 2017, a poll showed that a whopping 72% of Americans do not agree with Colin Kaepernick’s abuse of our flag and our anthem in order to show his disdain for our country. He seemed to EXPECT all of us to join him in unity.

Players have stated that we are a “brutal police state” suffering from “runaway white supremacy”, and that we are guilty of “heinous criminal behavior”. They feel that our flag deserves NO honor. They explain that most of the citizens of our country, especially those that disagree with them, are despicable racist bigots. And they believe, that President Trump is a misogynistic lying bum, who stole the election, and therefore, is not the real president.

But the true fact is, that a majority, proved by the Electoral College, of our citizens, do not agree with the dirty-mouthed liberal athletes when they take a knee. The backlash IS outstanding.

The left can make a very loud continuous noise that seems to drown us out, but in reality, we have not been shamed or fooled into accepting their immoral narrative. Football fans began to boo the athletes, although camera operators were instructed to minimize the embarrassing sounds. But one could see the angry thundering coming from the seats.

When the Ravens, instead of kneeling, instructed the announcer to ask the fans to pray for equality and justice, the sound of booing fans indicated that the code words of the fake narrative, of a deplorable nation, was no longer acceptable.

The Business Insider reported, “The NFL is getting hammered after another game was played in a half-empty stadium.” And in homes across the country, with TV viewership tumbling, and fans voting with their remotes, a poll showed that 62% of football fans were planning to watch fewer games, 36% were planning to buy less merchandise, and 32% have decided to not attended a game to which they would have liked to go.

The reason we can see victory in the future elections is because it’s not just Trump voters against all the rest. It is, also, those in the middle, whom, we thought, could be tricked by overproduced ads and false promises of freebies that cannot be kept.

Yet Kaepernick is correct about unity. He and his ilk have created the kind of unity that will win the Bannon-Gorka war. When the time came to chose between football or our flag and anthem, the answer was clear. We would no longer be bullied by the left. In fact, we are coalescing around our flag strongly.

We believe that these middle-grounders finally realized how crazed the left had become. We know that it takes a lot for a sport’s fan to give up a game. But those in the middle realize that our country is at risk and that the Democrat Party is the cause, and certainly NOT the answer.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We’ve had it with liberals and their socialistic agenda. THEY are the ones who have a relationship with intimidation and violence. THEY are the murderers. THEY are the racists.

Americans have begun to understand. We will not sit idly by and watch football, while the destructive lifestyles of the Left sully our flag and lead to the destruction of our nation. We will no longer be drawn into the fake reality of left-wing ‘truths’.

The turning point came when President Trump single-handedly opened another dialogue with the sleeping citizens of our country. The President-Builder is trying to construct a safe path away from the precipice of national destruction.

But the building blocks of that road are made from the moral fiber of our citizens and that requires knowledge and resolve. There can be no national health if people have lost their love of the nation.

There must be unity of purpose and a firm belief that the people still approve the values of our Founding Fathers and crave the outcome of freedom.

The intimidation is over.


About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL (Everything 22 and More). Alan J Chwick – [email protected] | @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. Joanne D Eisen – [email protected]

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Alan Chwick



This article is a honking pile of steaming doodoo. Completely misinformed and deliberately concocted to appeal to reactionary redneck hillbillies. Oh, how right wing radio plays you like the proverbial fiddle. Don’t like football, don’t watch–you will not be missed. You twist the protest to mean what you want it to mean. A perfect excuse to toss around false outrage and get to call black people ni####rs again. You are awful, deplorable people and that is why you exalt your “leaders” like Bannon (Baron Harkonnen). Only you could could love someone so totally loathsome. Old Useless Bill, the ballot box… Read more »


@ W. Bill, your reply to xx doesn’t show up here but my comment to you is this. This creature fits the full profile of a gimmee more free stuff and I hate you because you are smarter and more established than I am. I don’t have a clue how to get out of the hole I am in and if I did the government might take my freebees. I am just a protester, anifta or just a dumb college student swallowing all the liberal trash I am fed. That is my impression of what the thinking is like in… Read more »

VT Patriot

Haahhh Great reply. There are lots of these liteweight ‘dindus’ around here too. Ya gotta laugh. Future pres of GE or Ford – – – – – I don’t think so.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, I bet that you are correct! I wonder if he learned it from his parents, his public school, or his boy friends. He should go to meetings at Vitriolics Anonymous.

Alan Chwick



R U A Troll?

Harry L.

Like my father. I spent time in the military, and have 2 children in as well. Disrespect for our nation and its flag will not be tolerated. Granted our country has issues but nothing worse than the division that has been created by the the minorities who cry foul for every little thing. Grow up you are all free men and have made your own beds, you choose to be who you are and are never forced to be drug dealers, or drop out of school. Quit blaming everyone else and take a good hard look in the mirror, what… Read more »

Wild Bill

Xcrement Xcrement should know about steaming piles and baby talk, but he is not qualified to judge anything else. He has never researched or written an article; only passes on the disinformation that he gets paid to pass on; never really met a redneck (or he would be in a wheel chair); does not know who watches or does not watch foot ball; does not know us; never ran a business; got a degree; can hardly put an English sentence together; has no skills beyond typing; never served his country; or produced anything to aid his countrymen. He just passed… Read more »


Old Useless Bill, you haven’t had an original thought or turn of phrase in your whole, miserable, long, dull eternity of an existence. Did you get that check I sent you this week? You know, so you can eat at McDonalds. My Russian bank account swells every time you mention me (in any form). Did you know that? I will die rich because of Old Useless Bill. Waiter! More caviar for me, and some gruel for the salty old cabbage in the corner.

VT Patriot

Goodbye NFL. Took a National pastime and turned it into a socialist revolution. These idiots are a great example of ‘college graduates’ being produced today. Let them take their degree in ‘ancient greek philosophy’ and go find a job in the real world. The NFL seems to be intent on pushing their distorted agenda on freedom loving Americans and they will take it to their own grave.

Alan Chwick

Tje NFL fools started with the wrong venue. A venue they did not own. Technically, when you are one someone else’s time, you have NO First Amendment. If my employees disrespected anything in front of my clients, they are gone, ASAP. If they use my computers for protest emails, they are gone, ASAP.

They can do do anything on their own time. The NFL knows this, but is pandering to the players.

Jon Martin

Perfectly written. It’s about time. We all need to stand up for our country!!

Alan Chwick

Thank you. And that was the point.


The unwashed masses have spoken loudly by…..just not watching! Who would have thought silence would shout so loudly? 🙂

Silence Dogood

Totalitarians have never been at ease with the idea of the United States of America

Wild Bill

@SD, the totalitarians inside the U.S. of A. haven’t either. Light is on the horizon… Hillary is not president; the progressive/socialist/marxists/dems continue to commit suicide by gun control; and lying rino betrayers are dropping out of primary races like water over St. Anthony Falls!
Congress has been corrupt since before we were the United States. Now is the time to keep up the pressure against the political self interest parties. This is the revolution.


I fully agree with the article and W. Bills response. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. It would be much better if this can be solved at the ballot box rather than on the battle field. Maybe enough of them will end up in jail and help solve some of the problem.

Michael Fulton

Amen, well said.