There Is No Such Thing As “Off Duty” Policeman ~ VIDEO

By John Farnam : Opinion

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Ft Collins, CO –-( “Never call an unarmed man ‘security” ~ Grossman

During last Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas, NV, at least two or more police officers, a Federal agent in one case, “borrowed” pistols or long guns from armed non-police, because they (the officers) were not carrying concealed guns at the time. ( watch video below)

In retrospect, I’m sure they wish they had been!

With what we know now, those pistols may not have influenced the outcome of this particular event in any measurable way, but those officers did not know that at the time!

Lesson for all of us:


“Police” is not “what we do”, “Police” is what we are!

And you either are, or you aren’t!

With so many non-police going armed (legally) in most states, don’t you think police ought to go armed too?

“I neither want, nor expect, trouble. But, I don't want to be found dead, because I was optimistic. I'll wear my gun, use my own good judgment, be careful of what I say, and perhaps there won't be trouble.” ~ From Louis L'Amour’s western novel, “Over On the Dry Side”


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  • 9 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As “Off Duty” Policeman ~ VIDEO

    1. Not sure what the point of this article was about other than to cause some people who think they are more privileged to carry a gun to gripe about not being privileged enough but Constitution says carry anytime anywhere for every citizen because no one is supposed to be that special in this country.

      1. RMS1911 you obviously missed the whole point of the article. I support constitutional carry and feel everyone, not convicted of a crime should have that right. There is however a big difference in why a citizen carries a gun and why a cop carries a gun. You carry for self protection of both you and your family. A cop carries a gun to enforce the law and most states mandate they do that whether on or off duty and make it a crime if they don’t. Cops aren’t any more privileged and no one is claiming that. Carrying a firearm is part of the job. If you feel underprivileged, put on your big boy pants and go wear a badge for a while.

    2. I am Retired USN, Spec ops qualified in 2 branches.
      I was cleared for SIOP.
      I was a fulltime LEO, now an active reserve.
      But I am not authorized to carry off duty except with a CPL.
      We who are trained, experienced, sworn and committed are the best day to day defense this country has.
      Law should be: commissioned and sworn, carry everywhere, all the time.

    3. I am a retired LEO from kalyfornya. I moved to Idaho a number of years ago because of the freedoms it provides honorable gun owners. I still do work that requires travel to other states so I keep my HR 218 qual card current. Idaho makes that easy by providing a state sponsored qual course and ID card that meets the requirement. I’ve carried a full size auto along with a spare mag since 1987 when I got involved in an unavoidable off duty shooting with my family present and I almost ran my Colt Officer’s model dry. I want an off duty gun I can be effective with. A major caliber with a spare mag. Carrying a “sub-caliber” like a .32 or .380 simply because it will fit in my front pocket, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. If I have to get involved I want a fighting chance to survive. I dress around the gun. It’s a sacrifice I’ve decided to make.

    4. I too am a retired LEO. I live in a free state but I travel a some to a “communist” one. I carry when I leave my house and “go to town, any town”. I can say “I never leave home without it” and it is not a credit card as stated in the old TV commercial. I carry according to my attire. Cold season weapons are a bit larger (in size and caliber) than my warm weather ones but regardless it is always with me. People I know who are customers of Costco also carry in their stores. I have never heard of a problem but I would expect Costco management in anti American states might complain.

    5. I am a retired officer from NY State now residing in the great Republic of Texas. Never had a problem in any state or airport or facility when I travel and I do so extensively. When I lived in Massachusetts after retiring, I was in a Costco when a customer assaulted a vendor in the store. Not knowing exactly what had happened at the time other than the woman screaming stop him stop him, I gave chase and held him at gun point until police arrived. They checked my id and gun license and thanked me and let me continue with my shopping. Supposedly Costco does not allow firearms in their stores (they say in the membership agreement) but the store manager thanked me.

    6. The problem again is the laws. Retired police officers (even those holding law enforcement ccw permits) are banned by local state laws from possessing a firearm at events that ban weapons. This is for retired officers from other states. Despite the Bush law allowing retired LE officers to have a means to be armed anywhere but Federal properties, congress passed an amendment to that law that allows states to take those rights away. We train more than the citizen ccw holders and also are required to quality annually. I was a 16 year SWAT officer and team leader yet if I travel out of state I am banned, like others, from exercising my constitutional right. So again, the law abiding folks do not have guns while the criminals do. These current laws are not working.

      1. Chiefton,

        You are right. Places like Disneyland, Angel Stadium and too many more to name, do not allow off duty or retired LEO’s to carry on their property. This is insane. It’s beyond comprehension. My agency considered it’s personnel on duty 24/7 and under penal code are required by the law to respond to felony criminal activity. Because of the social, criminal and terrorist climate in this country, I refuse to go to places that will not allow me to carry. It’s going to get worse long before it gets better.

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