What Is Going On November 4th? A Day of Chaos According to the Left

By John Crump

John Crump

U.S.A.-( There has been a lot of rumors and talk about what is going on on November 4th 2017. Some people have even been saying that there is a planned overthrow of the US Government by Antifa or other groups. The truth of the matter is a more nuanced.

Since my writing my exposé on Antifa, I have been getting multiple messages through email and twitter asking what I knew about this “plan.” I started reaching out to my contacts and doing a little digging into the matter at hand. This information is what I was able to find out.

There is a planned protest on November 4th 2017 by a group called The goal of this movement is to protest until Trump and Pence step down. Before we can say what exactly is going on, we need to know who we are dealing with to access the threat correctly. I started my research to answer the fundamental questions of what, who, when, and why.

Looking at DNS whois records didn't give me any information about the group since they used a private registrar service. I then noticed that they had a physical address listed on their web page. I did a historical web search for other sites that used the same address because nothing is ever actually deleted from the web.

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

The first thing I noticed a bunch of anti-capitalism websites. Another thing I noticed was a lot of pro-communist sites. All these sites used the same cookie cutter WordPress templates.

Upon further digging on all these sites I was able to trace them back to Revolutionary Communist Party located in New York.

I verified with eyes on the physical building that the address listed was indeed the New York headquarters of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Around this time I was also able to confirm that Robert Bruce Avakia, who is the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, was the one who registered the domain through a contact I have at Dreamhost.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is a Maoist communist organization. This is a different form of communism than Antifa who are mostly Marxist although they do ally with Antifa on most things. This communism is more like that of North Korea than of Cuba. Some sites claim that they are a Marxist group, but reading their material there is no doubt in my mind they are children of Chairman Mao.

Like Antifa, this group has some of the same donors. The Revolutionary Communist Party through is sponsored by The Alliance For Global Justice. This use of multiple organizations is much like the same shell game Antifa plays with BAMN and UEAALDF. The goal is to hide the money.

In 2016 The Alliance For Global Justice brought in over $2.2 million in donations. The biggest donor to The Alliance For Global Justice is the Tide Foundation which is run by George Soros. The Tides Foundation gave over $50,000 to them last year alone to this communist organization.

Tides Foundation Screen Grab

An interesting note is that the Tides Foundation also gave money to start the Occupy Wallstreet movement. It looks like they might be following the same template. The Tides Foundation also is a major donor to UEAALDF which funds Antifa through BAMN.

Some other donors to The Alliance For Global Justice are The United Steel Workers, Patagonia, Lush Cosmetics, The New World Foundation, Ben & Jerry Foundation, Peace Development Fund, AARP, Planned Parenthood, and the city of Tucson.

Tucson claims they only acted as a pass-through for a Native American grant. Another interesting fact is that Hillary Clinton was a Chairperson for The New World Foundation although she claims no connection at present.

A few interesting facts about The Alliance For Global Justice is that they support the repressive regime in Venezuela that is starving their own people. They also have supported the Sandinistas which are communist rebels in Nicaragua.

These facts lead to the question of what will happen onthe much hyped November 4th 2017 protest?

Although This is not an Antifa protest, Antifa is expected to take part. With Antifa taking part there will likely be violence, but not on the scale of some people are reporting is going to happen. The level of violence might reach the degree of the DisruptJ20 protest, but will most likely be on the degree of the Berkeley battles.


The group is expected to block off major roads in the bane of Black Lives Matters. There will be marching and chants through the streets. Vandalism is to expect as well as minor assaults on anyone they deem “fascist.” Most likely the weapons will be pepper spray, bike locks, and the random knife.

I was able to get someone in on one of the planning sessions. November 4th is supposed to be a start of an “occupy” like campout until Trump and Pence resign. The groups plan on taking over a public space in various cities around the US.

These cities include Austin, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Berkeley, Seattle, and Tucson. The group is trying to organizing in other cities, but they have not managed to get enough people to start these protest.

The Occupy movement fell apart once cold weather rolled in. Considering this campaign is starting in November I do not see this lasting long.

Also in most cities, The number of people turning out for the meetings has been minimal. Most of the organizational meetings have been taking place in coffee houses with only five to ten people showing up.

November 4th 2017 will come, and there will be minor disturbances in most of the cities listed. Berkeley, Seattle, and Tucson are where most of the issues will be. There will be no “attempt to overthrow the US government.” The best thing we can do is just ignore them. Just like the pest they are they will go away.

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