Why Republican Politicians Ignore Gun Owners

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Why Republican Politicians Ignore Gun Owners
Why Republican Politicians Ignore Gun Owners

Slow FactsUSA –-(Ammoland.com)-  Republican politicians ignore gun owners for two prominent reasons. Money and political factionalism have marginalized the gun vote. The Republican leadership would rather oppose President Trump than support the grassroots. Most politicians are in it for the money, and the Republican leadership certainly is. Today, gun owners have to speak up if they want to move their agenda. Bills for national reciprocity and for making silencers more available languish in sub-committees.

That wasn’t always the case. Before the election, Republicans asked gun owners for help. Republican candidates said they needed control of Congress to block anti-rights legislation. Gun owners helped give them a majority in Congress.  Republicans said they needed the Senate to pass pro-rights legislation, so we gave them the Senate. We called, we put up yard signs, and we knocked on our neighbors’ doors. We gave Republicans the White House too, but there we ran into a problem.

Gun owners were useful during the election. Now that they are in office, Republican politicians don’t need to care what gun owners want. The reason is simple. Only the median voter has to be courted by competing political parties.

The right to self-defense used to be supported by both Republicans and Democrats. That changed a few years ago when Democrat leaders took money from anti-gun billionaires. Democrats campaigned as if honest gun owners were their enemy. Today, gun owners are no longer considered a swing vote that could go to either party.

Politicians are not competing for the gun vote, so gun owners can be largely ignored by republicans and democrats alike. Today, Republican leadership decided that alienating gun owners won’t cost them many votes.

In contrast, Trump pursued gun owners during his campaign. Republican leadership wants to thwart Trump’s agenda and to break that relationship between gun owners and Trumpism. The Republican leadership hates President Trump because Trump threatens to restrict the kickbacks and campaign donations that drive Washington Politics. I’m not being hyperbolic as I describe today’s political elites. That is simply what their actions show us.

The Republican leadership would rather be a corrupt minority party than a majority party doing the people’s work.

The Republican leadership decided that ignoring gun owners might cost them a few elections, but it won’t cost them much campaign cash. These career politicians looked at their bottom line and went for the money.

The solution is straightforward. Change the leadership in the House and the Senate. Remove incumbent politicians until they listen again. There is a useful rule of thumb in politics. Never vote for an unsuccessful incumbent. All politicians must deliver or be driven from office. Don’t vote for the devil you know.

Tell your elected representatives that you expect action on your interests and you won’t accept excuses. That is why you have a phone. Now is the time to use it.

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 38 thoughts on “Why Republican Politicians Ignore Gun Owners

    1. Fortunately Paul Ryan has a conservative republican challenger, Paul Nehlen. Please donate to Nehlen for congress, PO Box 796, Williams Bay, WI 53191. You may not be able to vote in that district, but your checkbook can. Please donate and lets get lyin RINO Ryan out of office.

    2. The GOP congressional leadership are geldings and other forms of useless objects. They are part of the establishment in DC and should be replaced. Then after a real investigation maybe JAILED.

    3. Does anyone have the email addresses of Ryan, McConnell and the other rinos?
      Can we post them here and send them a note on how we feel?

      1. Not just how we feel but our expectations…if they want to keep their jobs. “Straighten up, fly right, or we’ll find candidates from their district who will and to whom we’ll direct our support.” The Moore experience needs to be replicated in ALL RINO-represented districts and states until our representatives figure out who they really represent!

      1. As I read the comments, I see a lot of suggestions as to who should be replaced. I agree with most, if not all. However no one seems to be putting forth a candidate to replace the booted politicians. Until we, and I include myself in that group, come up with some viable, electable candidates, it is all rhetoric. Sorry, I ‘calls em as I sees em’

        1. Actually, it’s not all rhetoric. This is extremely painful for me to say as I’ve voted in every election, local State and Federal, since I was old enough to vote, more than 50 years ago, and that solution I’ve come to is two fold; 1. Not a dime to the Republicans and 2. Sit home and let them become the minority party.

          Many will say that this is not the solution because we then have out and out Liberals in the majority who will ban everything, to which I reply, what road has the NRA just started us on with their’s and the Republicans capitulation?

          There comes a time when civil disobedience becomes one of the only options left to a free society, when their leaders abandon them. I’m not advocating a revolt, just passive resistance. We just refuse to obey any further restrictions on our God given Rights. Let them pass what they will, we just carry on as usual. New Yorkers did it with the SAFE Act and registration. It’s estimated that there is only a 7% compliance rate.

        2. @Paladin …Paul Neltlen (I believe ) is correct. PO Box 796 Williams Bay Wi. 53191 Running against Ryan !!! We posted Judge Roy Moore in Alabama and the people there responded admirably . Posted one in Illinois who I cant recall at this time but if you look back through old postings on this site you can find it. Posted one on the east coast but I’m getting old and do not remember his name either . You did not state where you are from , simply google your state and see who’s running .

    4. The reason republicans don’t worry about our votes is because they know we won’t vote for democrats. We need to get a viable third party that supports our cause or create a law to make politicians follow through on their campaign promises. Better yet we need to vote some of us into office. Our votes don’t seem to matter amymore so this might be the only alternative. Resistence is not futile!

      1. I have warned the Republican Party and several fund raising organizations that the time for a 3rd Party is on the horizon. I have been a steadfast Republican for some time, voting and supporting Conservative issues. My group feels like we have been betrayed by our Senators and Representatives in Congress! We donate money, we vote on issues and we get nothing but broken promises in return. Those days are OVER and some elected officials should listen very closely, NO MORE!!

    5. Both of these people are anti American and sure as hell are not republicans. Mcconnel is as useless as someone breathing can be and as far as I am concerned he is a power hungry CROOK. Ryan is just a wimp and should not be trusted to pick up the dog droppings in the back yard. They are both USELESS and PROVIDE NO USEFUL FUNCTION. They both are even lower than the traitor Bergdahl.

    6. Please note that gun rights are not the only issue Congress deals with. It is true that gun owners are a major backbone of Republican power. However, gun rights is not their only issue so we get back burnered until something like Las Vegas comes up and they either stop any bad laws from getting passed or go along with some “minor” concession to the gun control bunch to avoid losing worse.

      We need to get put on the front burner.

    7. Let’s not forget that Kalifornia Republican Governor Reagan banned open carry of loaded firearms and extended the waiting time, after purchase” to 15 days. Also, it was Kalifornia Republican Governor Deukmejian who signed into law the nation’s first statewide Assault Weapons Ban in 1989. And, don’t get me started on all the Gun Hating Laws the Kalifornia Republican Governor Schwarzenegger signed. There’s a reason why the Republicans are known as the “Party of the Stupid.”

      1. Schwarzenigger is a signed and sealed DEMONcrat, he pushed the demoncrat agenda is very time he had the chance, the demoncrats wants homos in the classroom well schwarzenigger did just that, he did other stuff that the demoncrats wanted as well; when it came to guns the demoncrats wanted that microstamping he gave it to them, the demoncrats wanted a gun database of approved guns well there again schwarzenigger gave them the database they wanted. And with the database what have they done cut all but a very few guns that we can get in the state, yeah the DEMONcrats are about as useful as a case of cancer.

    8. Typical response….just do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result:

      “The solution is straightforward. Change the leadership in the House and the Senate. Remove incumbent politicians until they listen again.”

      Your elected officials don’t represent you. In fact, they are representatives of nobody. When you get to that end point is it not apparent that the experiment is over?

      1. In hour first line you just described the very way that they describe insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

    9. Gordon Matthews
      Term Limits.Term Limits.The original government was not set up to have career politicians.Now we have to get President Trump to do it with a executive order..Please !!!!!!!!!!
      Grampa 38

      1. Wish it was that simple but, as I understand it, the terms of representatives and senators is constitutionally set and would require an amendment to change. This makes it even more important that we support true 2nd amendment politicians…irregardless of whether they live in our district or not. Work on getting constitutionalists elected in your district/state and if you have any time or resources left over, help the good guys/gals in other districts and states.

    10. If they want to ignore us now, we have to give them attention on election day,
      as we vote them out of office. If they want to be paid by Soros, they can get a job trimming
      his hedge.

    11. Yep those republicans have to go. They need to remember who put them there in the first place. McCain, McConnell etc. if they come after one thing soon it will be all. Feinstein and Pelosi are idiots.

    12. We saw the same pattern in Australia in the 90’s. Prior to 1996 we had both the labor and liberal national coalition parties competing for our votes, then the labor party started going all in for gun control which resulted in them getting booted out of the state elections especially in 1988 when the then premier Barry unsworth said “I’m going to take your guns from your hands before being thrown out at the election. We elected a liberal national party government to an absolute majority and we thought we were safe and had nothing to worry about as the deputy prime minister was a war hero, A+ pro gun candidate. Then port Arthur happened and our pro gun politicians stabbed us in the back telling us they will make it worse if we resisted which we did and they added more guns to the ban list including pump action shotguns. When the elections came we had no one to vote for and the liberal national party state governments that caved in were defeated and the nsw opposition were reduced to just a 33 seats in a 93 seat parliament.

      1. It is coming to us just as it did in Australia. Hopefully, we will be able to resist and keep our rights to own guns. I wouldn’t count on the NRA to protect us because they are not always on our side. Maybe they flow to the payola as well as the congress, who knows. We need more republicans like Roy Moore to stack the deck in our favor and keep the Constitution as law. There are more leftists coming up as time goes on. We need people that are strong enough to resist these half cocked liberals from completely destroying our country. More and more hispanics are running for and winning elections. That is a sure indication we have to stand up and save our country from people who come here and try to change our country into the sh*thole they came from. Go figure why they want to do that.

    13. We need a force multiplier. Although I live three states away I contributed to Judge Moore’s election fund. My Rep. is in a safe district and doesn’t really need a lot of money. So I feel comfortable doing that. Getting rid of a corrupt pol in another state is more effective than wasting money in a place like CA or NY. If every gun owner contributes $20 to a worthy candidate in a swing state we can beat them into submission. But do keep a reserve just in case your rep needs a boost. And do not give any money to the party . Save it for the right candidates. Starve the beast.

      1. Agreed. Support pro-2nd amendment candidates wherever they reside. If the establishment Republicans won’t listen, support those who will and plant the seeds of liberty from within the party. I may not agree with all of Moore’s tactics and positions but I believe him MUCH more than the RINOs like McConnell, McCain, Ryan, etc. We need to get rid of the swamp rats, one at a time if necessary, whichever party they CLAIM to be part of!

    14. The best thing we can do is vote all republicans out of office. They seem to be taking turns to stop all the bill that we the people who voted them in want and need….. its time to get new grass roots republicans in congress and get rid of the DC swamp. We all need to stand together.

    15. Living in a state like California, it does not really matter what we say. Until we get rid of Fienstein and the like we will never be able to do anything. They look at you and go yes, that sounds good. i will look into that, but they are really saying no, I will not do anything that you want. I am an elected official, and I know what is best.

      1. Yes, it can because those 120,000,000 gun owners are so damn lazy you can’t even get them to, en masse, send a pre-written email to Congress or the White House. You can’t even get them to agree to not cave in on a stupid piece of plastic and metal and understand it really represents ALL seem-automatic rifles and handguns. Even even THEIR representatives (the NRA) cave we have come damn close to the point of no return. Starting over requires cleaning house not only in Congress but in the NRA as well. Get back to the days of Carter & Knox and no compromise.

    16. Time for those morons to go. They are no longer being servants of the People, that is their job … to serve We the People. So Chinless and Eddie Munster Ryan have to be gone as well as McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff the Flake, and others – They Got To Go! They need to understand who’s in charge!

      1. Totally agree. The current Republican establishment is looking out for itself and not the supposed represented. It’s time for all law abiding gun owners Republicans, Democrats, Blacks, Hispanic, Lesbian, Gay, all people that cherish Liberty and freedom to stand together against the swamp snakes in Wash. D.C. Vote in people that
        Will truly uphold our Constitution and our rights.

      2. I agree and they are morons! I pray that we keep our liberty and our freedom and to vote them out is the only way.
        Money must be hard to turn down for these supposedly know it all’s!

      1. In 1990, fed up with politicians, I defected from the Repugnican party and became a proud, vocal, paleo-Conservative Independent. At that time, I wrote,

        “Democrats and today’s Republicans are the two wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion-feeder.”

        Today, in October 2017, I detect a movement similar to the Bolsheviks’ action in Russia in 1917: Demoncraps, Commiecrats, RINOs, AntiFas, Islamists, black terrorists, snowflake anarchists, etc. are succeeding in turning the USA into the USSA.

        Fortunately, most of us Conservative gunnies, including disaffected Demoncraps, are prepared for combat in the streets. In the meantime, voters should remove from office all so-called “Republicans” who are unable or UNWILLING to protect our Constitutional rights, beginning with Paul Ryan.

        /s/ Durabo

    17. The gun owner vote is to Republicans what the Black vote is to Democrats: a reliable base you can fire up during the election and then safely ignore afterward. After all, what are they going to do – vote for the other party next time? So long as voting Democrat is a non-option for voters who care about their Second Amendment rights, Republicans will continue to take gun owners for granted.

      Unfortunately for us, Democrats respond to this by spouting lies about “common sense” gun laws while pushing the same old gun ban agenda rather than actually changing their agenda. Yes, that’s actually unfortunate for us – if the Democrat agenda truly changed to the point that voting Democrat wasn’t voting for yet another asinine gun ban law, Republicans would need to be more responsive for the sake of keeping our votes.

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