Wisconsin Republicans Hatch Scheme to Cut Backroom Gun Control Deal

Gun Control
Gun Control

Wisconsin Gun Owners

USA -(Ammoland.com)- What a sickening spectacle.

Wisconsin Speaker Paul Ryan (R) has become the national advocate for gun control saying, “We think the regulatory fix is the smartest, quickest fix.”

What does Ryan mean by “regulatory fix,” you ask? According to a story from The Hill, Ryan’s double-speak is translated as:

“Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday the Trump administration should move quickly to ban a device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.”

As our friends at Gun Owners of America point out, “…there is no way that Congress — or the administration — will be able to ban or regulate bump stocks without also opening the door to prohibitions on other parts, accessories and magazines.

“This is because all of the legislative proposals currently on the table would ban ANY item or device that helps “accelerate the rate of fire” of a semi-automatic firearm,” GOA explained. “Using that standard, you can kiss your detachable magazines goodbye!”

Paul Ryan continued to show his true colors:

“Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time,” Ryan said during an interview with MSNBC on Thursday. “Apparently, this allows you to take a semiautomatic and turn it into a fully automatic. So clearly that’s something we need to look into.”

Paul Ryan isn’t the only politician cheerleading for gun control.

Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher (a republican who claims to be pro-gun) said that, “Myself and a fellow veteran member of congress have sent a letter to the ATF suggesting that they should look at this issue surrounding bump stocks,” Gallagher said on EWTN News, October 11, 2017. “We know that the assailant used a bump stock to effectively turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. And as you know, automatic weapons are heavily regulated and you have to go through a very deep background check to possess them.

“And we think it stands to reason that any piece of gear that turns a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon should be regulated at least on the same pace as an automatic weapon,” Gallagher claimed.

While Gallagher was busy blaming gun accessories, he doesn’t seem to have noticed his subtle slip into becoming a proponent for all fallacious gun ban arguments.

But Gallagher and Ryan are not the only Wisconsin GOP to issue a siren cry for gun control.

According to the Dallas News (After Vegas massacre, NRA calls for restrictions on rapid-fire ‘bump stocks’) “…Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson told reporters he had ‘no problem’ with banning bump stocks.”

In other words, we’re witnessing a major sell-out by the institutional gun lobby and our so-called “friends” in congress.

I fear many more republicans will support this sort of insidious gun control in the wake of the mass media hysteria being whipped up following Las Vegas.

And that’s why I need you to sign our Online Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive.

It’s vital our state representatives hear from gun owners — or they’ll just turn tail and run, leaving you to pull the proverbial knife from your back.

Wisconsin republicans are under intense pressure to pass “reasonable, common sense gun legislation” in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

So, please sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away.

It’s vital, and the only way to ensure state politicians don’t think they can jump on the gun control bandwagon.
Thank you,

P.S. — In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting republicans and the institutional gun lobby are selling out. Please sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away. It’s the only way they will stop following the path of least resistance and start standing up for gun rights and the truth.

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The sign says to bring your automatic, not revolver.

James Higginbotham



@Ve Veteran how can you speak of Ryan this way, afterall he said on the campaign trail that he is the son of a preacher.
Maybe he was lying about that, also. He is a rino and needs to go to the dugout.


How about a “three strikes” rule for politicians? Get caught spewing lies and misinformation three times, turn in your politician’s card and no more holding public office…. or perhaps the equivalent of “felon in possession” laws for firearms: get caught using lies and false information to promote your personal cause, can’t be writing or promoting any more bills. Fair enough? Ryan KNOWS that bump stocks cannot increase the mechanical rate of fire of any semiautomatic weapon, or should know. SO WHY is he promoting this lie? Sort of like that congress she critter some time back wanting to ban “assault… Read more »


Pure evil. Vote him out.

Samuel Stephens

Paul Ryan is a piece of Feces, he looks acts like a weasel, he’s sneaky. DO NOT TRUST HIM.


I will warn you right here. Get rid of these people or your state will like Krapifornia in no time.

Michael Fulton

It’s way past time this traitor was gone. Anyone wanting to TRY to take away a right that “shall not be infringed” IS A TRAITOR as far as I am concerned.

Jeff Starr

A bump stock didn’t cause an individual to take a life. A sick individual did. Leave the laws alone.

Ve Veteran - Old Man's Club

Time for Eddie Munster Ryan to go. Frickin turncoat!