Allahu Akbar-itis: America’s Deadly and Debilitating Disease

By Michelle Malkin

Stop the whitewash. Stop the insanity. Jihad denial is suicidal.
Stop the whitewash. Stop the insanity. Jihad denial is suicidal.

Ammoland Shooting SportsU.S.A.-( “Shout ‘Allahu Akbar,' because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.”

Who knew hijacker Mohammed Atta's parting words, discovered in his journal after the 9/11 attacks, would become a national punchline? The louder and more frequently jihadists around the globe shriek their signature battle cry, the more fervently multicultural apologists deny its meaning. They've transformed the Islamic supremacists' obvious and explicit call for violence into a bland utterance of peace as indiscernible and nonsensical as “Aloha Snackbar.”

With blood still fresh on the pavement in Manhattan after Tuesday's outbreak of Allahu Akbar-itis that took at least eight innocent lives, Palestinian-American propagandist and Hamas cheerleader Linda Sarsour tweeted:

“Every believing Muslim says Allahu Akbar every day during prayers. We cannot criminalize ‘God is great.'”
Rice University sociologist Dr. Craig Considine mourned: “It begins. CNN reports murderer said “Allahu Akbar.” Queue the Islamophobia.”

And confused former director of national intelligence James Clapper mused: ‘It's hard to comprehend…what moves a human being to do that to another human being.”

Instead of striking fear, “Allahu Akbar!” has unleashed collective foolishness.

“Allahu Akbar!” screamed Amor Ftouhi just five months ago at Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan, before stabbing a police officer in the neck.

“Allahu Akbar!” Ftouhi chanted repeatedly in multiple court hearings throughout the summer.

Motive still unknown,” the experts declared.

“Allahu Akbar!” fulminated militant Muslim black separatist Kori Ali Muhammad in April after shooting and killing three white people in downtown Fresno, California.

“It's too early to say” whether the motive was “terrorism,” law enforcement officials opined. The Associated Press whitewashed Muhammad's declaration, helpfully obscuring his exact exclamation to the Islam-free translation, “God is Great.”

“Allahu Akbar!” spewed Dahir Adan at St. Cloud's Crossroads Center mall in Minnesota, before plunging kitchen knives into 10 shoppers. Last month, on the anniversary of the bloodbath, the head-scratchers at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune announced:

“One year later, motive of St. Cloud mall attacker remains unclear.”

From the Muslim monsters who decapitated American hostage Nick Berg, to the Fort Dix, New Jersey, attack plotters, to convicted al-Qaida scientist Aafia Siddiqui, to Fort Hood assassin Nidal Malik Hasan, to Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, to the machete-wielding murderers who beheaded a London soldier on a busy street, to the truck and stabbing jihadists in Dijon and Nantes, to the Charlie Hebdo-targeting jihadists in Paris, to the ISIS gunmen at Bataclan, to double-stabber Wasil Rafat Farooqui in Roanoke, Virginia, the message of “Allahu Akbar” is unmistakable:

Kill all infidels.

But to those who pretend that “Islamophobia” and the imagined “backlash” against Muslims are greater threats than the hijackers and head-choppers, “Allahu Akbar” is Arabic for “The death and destruction committed in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.”

As Islam scholar and author Dr. Robert Spencer told me: “Every time there's a jihad terror attack and every time there's an uncovered plot for jihad terror attack, the news media is filled with stories about anti-Muslim backlash. (The) local mosque asks for police protection. The imam says we're afraid of right-wing yahoos who are going to come and victimize innocent people.”

And every suspicious sneeze and sideways glance at oversensitive Muslims is definitively interpreted by the grievance-mongers of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and their ilk as a “hate crime.”

When homicidal warriors for Allah are maiming and murdering non-Muslims according to the plain directives of the Quran –and spelling out their celebration of Islam-inspired violence word (ALLAHU) for word (AKBAR) — it is crazy and delusional to say their actions cannot be understood.

Stop the whitewash. Stop the insanity. Jihad denial is suicidal.

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Michelle Malkin is host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates” on As well as the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild“. Her email address is [email protected]

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    1. @WB…nothing seems to be updating again this may be the only way . Rep Lamar Smith T21 announces retirement, (another one drains himself) . Your next assignment. Nominate Wild Bill to fill his vacated office in House of Representatives .

      1. @OV, Oh yeah, you get to go home every evening and play with Sammy, and I would have to play hard ball with the young and the greedy! What a deal!
        Yeah, it is not acting right, here, either.

      2. @WB…Yeah I know it sounds like mission impossible but at least you would have trump and not berry or ….kilLAIRy….but you can be happy she is not POTUS.

          1. @WB…Question to those of you with military legal background , Could Trump as commander in chief basically give that military judge the same “penalty ” as he gave bergdal ?

    2. GO FIGURE… bergdal (I know that’s not how he spells it but who cares) gets no prison time . What the #### is going on? Next they will be giving him a position in the n f l , even if it is only during the National Anthem.

    3. @W Bill, very good point, I forgot to include it in my rant. Without doing that you could be standing there with your bare butt hanging out. Not Good.

    4. I find it very difficult to believe any of them. I have seen pictures of marque type signs in their neighborhoods that advertise killing Americans and doing horrible things to citizens. Which ones do you trust, none of them. If I hear allahu ackbar my first move would be to view the people around me and single out the muslim that shouted that and as he prepares to do his jihad I would have to shoot him. Where do they get the idea that muhammad wrote anything, I read he was totally illiterate, in other words, ignorant. They are raised to kill people who do not subscribe to their way of thinking, in other words all christians. Boot them out and send them back to the hole they dug.

    5. The main problem seems to be lost in the rhetoric and opinions of everyone. The motivation, driving force behind the Islam and animalistic Muslim actions is not terrorism or cultural idioticy…but by an organized invisible satanic power that created this ideology system for one reason.. to get as many people to …like them… become Anti-Christ in motive and take as many people to hell as possible. Do not be deceived..this is one of Satan’s … .the enemy of God’s greatest inventions! l

    6. In my humble opinion the problem is that we keep referring to Islam as a religion,but I refer to it as a terrorist cult.Maybe this would change the way the situation is being addressed.Just saying.
      Grampa 38

    7. Don’t fall for the Leftist trick of confusing Muslims with Islam.

      A Muslim might be a good neighbor.

      Islam has always wanted you dead.

      See…it’s easy!!

    8. It is important to avoid simplistic knee jerk reactions to complicated problems. It is easy to note that all violent jihadists are Muslims but it should also be noted that not all Muslims are jihadi terrorists. The complicated part of the problem is separating the two. Once solution is to try to keep all Muslims out of our country under the assumption that more than one will be a dangerous jihadi, and I’m OK with that. I personally don’t believe that America has any obligation to allow any person, no matter their place of origin or religion, entry to our country, regardless of their situation. We can let them in if we want to, but we don’t have to. Another part of this complicated problem is the increase in “home grown” terrorists: those persons, American citizens, who become jihidists through indoctrination by others or by the internet. How do you root those out? I recently went to a meeting at a house of worship which was concerned about the possibility of attack by a hate group. After being addressed by a LEO who was the “intelligence officer” their fears were allayed because he told them the unit monitored these groups. I tried to point out that it is the lone actor which represented the biggest threat, but like the sheep they were they simply said Baaaa and went about their business, grazing with their heads down. Hopeless!

    9. To be clear, “Allahu Akbar!” does NOT mean “god is great”. The literal translation is “allah is greatest”. The word “allah” is not an interchangeable translation for the word “god”. It is more like the word “Jesus” in that “allah” is the NAME of their god. Ask any muslim and they will tell you exactly that. When they shout the word “allah”, they are calling out to their god, not THE God that Christians and Jews worship. Two completely separate gods. The killing that they do is dedicated to their god “Allah”, and that is why they shout out his name when they kill people. No one shouts “Jesus is great!” while killing a bunch of people. STOP apologizing for muslims.

      islam is a political system, NOT a religion. Muslims will kill muslims just as quickly as they will kill Christians/infidels. They are directed to dominate the world, by any means necessary. That means lying, cheating, killing. They still believe in slavery and keep slaves. They subjugate women. I don’t see any bIack groups or women’s groups decrying these things. If anyone thinks that muslims are all peaceful and puppies, I challenge them to move to a muslim nation for 6 months. Good luck!

    10. All the obvious aside. A Muslim saying “god is good” has never ended well. The only time it’s heard in public is when 2/3 of “England’s population/ no go zones for any non muslims
      bow towards mecca, or there is a catastrophic event. Does islam have the right to practice in the U.S? They should NOT by all moral and godly standards. Why? Because all muslims are at some point going to do their jihad or journey to their gods service in a violent form. They have already begun setting up no go zones in the U.S. I know because I have been thru one. They threw rocks at my vehicle and spat at me. This got me to exit my truck and choke the living chit out of one. We are not Pakistan and we can NOT afford the space to allow islam to grow and ruin our lands, as they have all of Europe. When I served in the Navy I like many swore to protect this land. Texas is my home and the US is our country. May Trump help keep it that way. So far he’s shown great promise.

    11. The First Amendment is not a suicide pact. No place in the Constitution or First Amendment does it say that religion cannot be regulated or investigated.
      The Constitution forbids Congress from requiring membership in a particular religion as was required in England. In England you had to be a member of The Church of England to hold offices or positions.
      But any religion that preaches murder can be outlawed.

    12. You know, folks in the US military pray with their chaplain, its common in all societies for the killer caste to invoke supernatural mumbo-jumbo before trying to slaughter other folks.

      So it would not be unusual for the biggest terrorists on earth and in the history of the world, the USAF to end their slaughtering prayer with “…bless us through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.”

      Naturally you can recognize how silly and dumb it would be to berate and insult all of those in the cult of Jesus corpse for ending their prayers with these words since the vast majority of them are not about to go slaughter folks like the terrorists in the USAF… but because youre an Islamophobe, an ignorant bigoted dunsky, this analagous response to Muslims, this foolishness demonizing “Allahu Akbar” seems perfectly reasonable to you…

      You see how dimwitted yall are, how you cant think in any meaningful way, its embarrassing to read…

      1. Spoken like a true Communistic American hating leftist. Well I’d love to see how you would fare trying to reason with an Islamic extremist. Better yet I’ll get to see you trying to explain this away before you receive your judgment from God. Remember Brofessor … eternity is a long time!

        By the by, usually when American’s go and drop ordnance on some other people, those people have declared themselves to be enemies of the United States … then all bets are off. But we don’t take vehicles and run them into crowds of innocent people because they are not of the same religion as us, nor do we blow ourselves up just to kill other innocent people because they are not the same religion as us. I honestly think that you don’t know jack about what you’re spewing. You’re nothing but a tool and I pity your .2 mental acuity ( this is more commonly known as a rock with lips).

        1. Hi Don L Bailey, It seems pretty straightforward, like the Prof said, every culture has warriors who call on the supernatural for inspiration to kill their victims.

          Heres a typical example prior to the US military attacking Fallujah. A Marine leader exhorted his men: “The enemy has got a face. He’s called Satan. He’s in Falluja. And we’re going to destroy him.”
          The unit’s pastor told the Marines to call down the “wrath of God” on Fallujahns who he mischaracterized as “terrorists” and “evildoers”. (4th section “battle plan”, paragraph 3-4

          So Id like to hear what special knowledge you think you have, because any introductory political anthropology text will confirm this relationship between shamans/priests and warriors/soldiers, its universal, you arent special Im sorry to break it to you, and Muslims arent special in this regard either no matter how much ignorant Islamophobes reiterate their ugly remarks…

          Get it!? your gang and Islam both practice theuniversal superstition of calling on magic creatures in the sky to help them kill… I know you hate this fact, but you have this in common!

          1. @ Futhamaker who calls, you must be the same as the professor want to be or a close member of the same atheist anafta group. Then again you submit an article published by the BBC, so you could be a misplaced, sheeple of a british servant.
            What ever you are, or whatever you spew is of no interest other than to irritate others and I know this is your intent. After reactions from us on this forum your keyboard, more than likely, gets all sticky. So, I propose you take your anti-American bull sh!t someplace else. We have all heard it and are not biting.

      2. @PM, You are not a professor. You are a troll. Your argument presumes facts. For example: what is a killer caste, and how do you know that “all societies” have one? The USAF is not a terrorist organization and would not be the biggest. One can not be dumb and berate at the same time. The residue of your writing are mere insults. Professors do not make these amateurish errors.
        You are probably a paid troll. Who are you really? What other names have you used?

        1. Wild Bill showcases his ignorance right off the bat proclaiming: ” You are not a professor”.
          You are so uneducated you think “Manque” is my last name, when in fact it is a word, as any educated person would know…

          So you stated the obvious (to all nonDunskies : D), owing to your ignorance you accidentally made a correct statement!
          And if nothing else dunsky Id appreciate you leading off your response by thanking me for teaching you a new word : )

      3. Keep running your pie hole Dumb A$$, obviously you are a leftist nut job, who can’t really think for themselves. Our military services (USAF, USMC, US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard) go out of their way to avoid civilian deaths. Muslim Jihadists on the other hand go after innocent civilians because the jihadists are impotent weak little men who couldn’t go toe to toe with a real military. I’ve been to a few Muslim countries and have seen first hand how they live and act. While most of the people just want to live their lives in peace they are constantly told what to do by extremists that think they know better or what is best for them, or how the lowly peasants should think and conduct themselves. A lot like the liberal democrats try to do in this country. Islam is an ideology like liberalism, Mohamed was an insignificant little man who thought he was more than he was, everything he tried to do failed. He finally came up with an idea that wasn’t hard to sell to other insignificant men, deviants, perverts, and criminals that allowed them to do what ever they wanted to do to women, children, or anyone that they feel has offended them. It allowed them to rape, sodomize children, enslave, murder, steal, and much more all while saying it was their rights. Anyone want to goes who the biggest slave traders were. If you haven’t read (in part or all of it) the Koran or hadith you will see how corrupt Islam is, again a lot like liberal democrats.
        As for me I hope I have the presence of mind to drop the bastard before he/she finishes the last r.

      4. Professor dumb sh!t, I am a USAF veteran and I have never killed anyone or looked for any innocent people to kill. One time I did have to go into a forest and help collect the body parts of the pilot and co-pilot that banked their jet into a right turn and could not pull it back out of it. No time to eject because they were too close to the ground. These dead pilots were part of the USAF that you are accusing. For all we know you might be a muslim waiting for your chance to kill innocent people.

        1. @tomcat…He doesn’t have the guts to face anybody . He sits somewhere like the violence policy center and attempts to radicalize those suckers to go out and carry out the suicide attacks .

          1. Yall are so ignorant and intolerant that yall throw a tantrum and lash out at me for simply pointing out that every society has childish superstitious beliefs that they invoke believing this helps them be more successful killers…

            I cant help it that in this respect (as in many other yall are likewise ignorant of) yall are no less parochial and bigoted and ethnocentric than the Muslims you revile, it isnt my fault that reality contradicts your delusions of having the most superduper bestest god of all the gods and your childish claims of American exceptionalism

            Direct your tantrums at reality, Im merely the Messenger, peace be upon me : p

    13. There is a cure for these asswads, its called aim center mass and empty the magazine or ACMETM. The pill comes in several different strengths choose the one that works best for you.

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