ANJRPC PAC Releases 2017 Candidate Ratings & Endorsements

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ANJRPC PAC Releases 2017 Candidate Ratings & Endorsements

New Jersey – -( The ANJRPC PAC has released its candidate ratings and endorsements for every statewide race coming up on November 7 2017. (see below and scroll to page 2).

We urge all gun owners, hunters, sportsmen and sportswomen to carefully consider this information before heading to the polls next week.

The upcoming November 7 election represents an existential threat to every gun owner and shooting range in the state, and to the entire outdoor community.

As overconfident gun-ban politicians are publicizing their plans to destroy what's left of Freedom in the Garden State, elitist anti-gun billionaires are pouring millions into a last-minute smear campaign targeting every candidate who supports the Second Amendment.

Our legislative friends have had our backs for years — now it's time for us to have theirs!

On November 7, remember to Defend Freedom!

ANJRPC PAC Candidate Ratings & Endorsements 2107

ANJRPC PAC, INC., 2 Kiel Ave. #192 Kinnelon, NJ 07405

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