BoneView Improves Your Success In the Field

BoneView Improves Your Success In the Field
BoneView Improves Your Success In the Field

Minneapolis, Minn.; (Ammoland.Com) – BoneView is now offering a portable ozone scent eliminator to destroy odors for hunters plus an SD card trail camera reader, both are available at Their Ozone Scent Eliminator offers an effective and inexpensive way to eliminate scents by dropping the portable device into a hunting bag or bin of clothes in-between hunts. Their SD card trail camera reader allows hunters to check trail cameras’ photos and videos in the field, which gives them instant decisions.

Ozone oxidation technology is a scientifically proven method that transforms Oxygen into scent-destroying Ozone. The Ozone Scent Elimination product creates an initial half-hour Ozone purge and then pulses ozone for five minutes every hour for up to 72 hours. Each re-charge only takes about three hours and can be recharged for over 500 times with the included USB charge cord. BoneView offers a Lifetime Limited Guarantee on its products and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

BoneView’s SD card trail camera reader is compatible with Apple iPhone or iPad, Android smartphones and other devices. The reader allows hunters to check trail cameras in the field and the ability to view, save, share, delete and transfer photos/video. The package comes with a lightening port extender and is convenient to take on the go anytime, anywhere.

“With our SD card reader, you can instantly view your photos and videos to make on the spot decisions, which will allow you to increase your hunting success,” said Nathan Connor, co-founder of BoneView.

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About BoneView:

BoneView manufactures and retails a number of innovative hunting products in the technology space.  The flagship product, BoneView Trail Camera Viewer, allows hunters to view, save, send/share, and delete trail camera photos from their smartphone – either Apple or Android devices.  BoneView was the first company to bring this technology to the hunting market and has since expanded into mobile battery pack hand warmers; trail cameras, ozone scent elimination products, and many other innovative hunting accessories. At BoneView, we strive to innovate the outdoor space and bring valuable technology products to hunters and outdoorsman.

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