Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle Steps Up The Game

Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle Steps Up The Game
Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle Steps Up The Game

USA – -( Browning has introduced a rifle that many are calling a “semi-custom production rifle.” What gives the X-Bolt Pro this classification is the level of specialized finishing touches and higher-end construction that is above the already top-tier X-Bolt family of hunting rifles.

Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle
Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle

The new Browning X-Bolt Pro has many features that set it apart from the average production rifle. Most notably, the stock is a second generation design that is constructed using a full 360° carbon fiber wrap with a compressed foam core. The stock is extremely lightweight, rigid and includes textured gripping panels, a palm swell and is coated with Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish for added protection.

The receiver of the rifle is corrosion-resistant stainless steel with the durable Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish applied. It is glass bedded into the stock for accuracy and is drilled and tapped for the solid X-Lock scope mounts.

Fun shooting the Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle
Fun shooting the Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle.

The fluted barrel of the X-Bolt Pro is a lightweight sporter contour and features a new proprietary lapping process that provides consistent, superior accuracy, reduced fouling and easier bore cleaning. The barrel lapping also allows customers to avoid the need for a time-consuming break-in process. The muzzle of the barrel is threaded to accept the included muzzle brake or thread protector cap. This rifle is ready to go, right from the box.

The X-Bolt Pro has a classy looking spiral fluted bolt and enlarged fluted bolt knob that aids in sure operation. Like the stock, the barrel, bolt and bolt handle are coated with the Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish that looks great and mutes the color of the gun for better concealability from keen eyes.

Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle Features:

  • Feather Trigger
  • Free-floated barrel
  • Bolt unlock button
  • 60° bolt lift
  • Rotary magazine
  • Tang safety
  • Inflex recoil pad
  • Sling swivel studs

The X-Bolt Pro is available in the following calibers:

BrowningCaliber            Barrel Length             Weight            Suggested Retail Price

  • 6.5 Creedmoor            22                    6lbs. 1 oz.                    $1,999.99
  • 308 Win                       22                    6lbs. 1 oz.                    $1,999.99
  • 30-06 Spfld                  22                    6lbs. 5 oz.                    $1,999.99
  • 300 Win Mag              26                    6lbs. 9 oz.                    $2,039.99
  • 28 Nosler                     26                    6lbs. 10 oz.                  $2,069.99
  • 300 WSM                    23                    6lbs. 5 oz.                    $2,039.99
  • 26 Nosler                     22                    6lbs. 10 oz.                  $2,069.99
  • 7mm Rem Mag           26                    6lbs. 10 oz.                  $2,039.99
  • 270 Win                       22                    6lbs. 6 oz.                    $1,999.99

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  • 7 thoughts on “Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifle Steps Up The Game

    1. Nothing beats the Ruger M77. Kimbers are fussy in cold weather even if degreased but are really light and accurate.
      I have never seen an inaccurate Kimber. They shoot extremely well. Winchesters are a bit heavy and made over seas. Remington and the rest, including Browning have push round feed. Not good. Weatherby has to be the worst with push feed and a HORRIBLE safety. The only American made rifle that will fire every time you pull the trigger is the Ruger M77. I have hunted with them in very cold conditions and they never let me down. Winchester M70s are good also. I like the 3 position safety on a rifle also. Remington M700 have let me down more than once. Its a shame because I love the way they handle. Rifles with tang safety’s have froze up on me and tend to “click” when you take them off. The deer love them. Want to see how far a deer can jump slide a tang safety off when you are getting ready to shoot. If you watch hunting shows from Alaska you will see the natives almost all using Rugers. Buy a standard American made Ruger Hawkeye and you will never be sorry. They are a great rifle.

    2. Stick with Sako or Tikka . I took out a new T3 in 300 WSM . Shoot 4 different factory loads all grouped 7/8 of a inch or under 3 shot groups .

    3. I’d like to see a shoot off between the Ruger American Preditor, Tikka TX3, Bargara B14, Weatherby Vanguard, Winchester XPR, and this Browning X Bolt. All in 6.5 CM, same ammo, same day, same shooter. I have read rave rifle reviews recently from various gun rag writers. Really hard to know who is remotely…. correct.

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