Driver’s License, Wildlife Checkpoints Planned in Kansas

Driver’s License, Wildlife Checkpoints Planned in Kansas
Driver’s License, Wildlife Checkpoints Planned in Kansas

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT)

TOPEKA, Kan. -( Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) game wardens, Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) troopers and county sheriff’s office deputies will conduct joint highway checkpoints at various locations on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017.

Upland bird, deer and migratory bird seasons will be underway, and these checkpoints are intended to help enforce state and federal wildlife laws, as well as state driver’s licensing laws.

Depending on the location, KHP troopers or county sheriff’s deputies will operate the first stage of the checkpoints to be sure drivers are properly licensed. If a driver does not have a valid license, appropriate enforcement actions will be taken. Travelers should not expect major delays from this portion of the checkpoints.

Occupants of vehicles in the first check lane will be asked if they are hunters or are transporting wildlife.

Travelers answering yes in either case will be directed to a nearby KDWPT check lane where game wardens will check for required licenses and permits, count the game and gather biological, harvest, and hunter success information. This portion of the checkpoints should also cause minimal delay.

The following locations may be used as weather conditions and staffing allow:

Central Kansas – game wardens and KHP troopers

  • US-81 near milepost 161, Ottawa County
  • US-56 & K-46 intersection, McPherson County
  • K-156 near milepost 165, Ellsworth County
  • US-36 & K-14 intersection, Jewell County
  • K-156 & US-56 intersection, Pawnee County
  • US-281 & K-4 intersection, Barton County

Southeast Kansas – game wardens, KHP troopers, Woodson and Greenwood county sheriff’s deputies

  • US-54 rest area near the Greenwood/Woodson county line, Greenwood County
  • US-400 rest area near the Greenwood/Butler county line, Greenwood County
  • US-75 rest area north of Yates Center, Woodson County

Western Kansas – game wardens and Ford County sheriff’s deputies

  • US-50 near milepost 127.5, Ford County
  • US-400 near milepost 127.5, Ford County
  • US-400 near milepost 139, Ford County
  • US-54 near milepost 88, Ford County
  • US-283 near milepost 37, Ford County
 About KDWPT Department Structure:


The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is a cabinet-level agency with a Secretary appointed by the Governor. A seven-member, bipartisan commission, also appointed by the Governor, advises the Secretary and approves regulations governing outdoor recreation and fish and wildlife resources in Kansas. The commission conducts business during regular public sessions.

KDWPT employs approximately 460 full-time employees in five divisions: Executive Services , Administrative Services , Fisheries and Wildlife , Law Enforcement , Parks and Tourism.

Department History:

  • 1905 – Fish and game laws were organized under the Kansas Fish and Game Department and implementation of a state law requiring a license to hunt.
  • 1911 – The State Fish and Game Department was placed under the supervision of the University of Kansas Board of Regents
  • 1925 – The Fish and Game Department was reorganized as the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission with three board members appointed by the Governor.
  • 1927 – Commission was reorganized and was given approval to organize a warden service. Fishing licenses required of men 18-70.
  • 1939 – Commission’s three-member board was abolished by the legislature and replaced by a six-member bipartisan commission appointed by the Governor
  • 1943 – Legislature gives the commission full authority to set seasons and dates
  • 1955 – The legislature and Gov. Fred Hall create the State Park and Resources Authority.
  • 1960 – First Kansas boating laws enacted
  • 1987 – Gov. Mike Hayden signs executive order merging the State Park and Resources Authority and Fish and Game Commission to create the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
  • 2011 – Gov. Sam Brownback signs executive order moving the Division of Tourism from the Department of Commerce to the newly renamed Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
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They tried that in Minnesota and had to stop. Now they will stop you during hunting season if you are wearing orange.
Easy to avoid just take off the orange and put it on the floor of the back seat when driving. NOBODY likes being stopped by any type of law enforcement. That includes law abiding citizens’. There is a risk involved with any traffic stop. Checking for game and fish violations does not justify exposing people to that sort of risk.


Checkpoint Charlie shakedown. In AR, a DWI was thrown out after the checkpoint was ruled unconstitutional. But they still do it.
My wife got pulled over for her license plate light being out. She was working. She was driving between hospitals. The trooper insisted he smelled alcohol and made her do a field sobriety test. She may have used hand sanitizer at the hospital. But he insisted she was lying. Total shakedown by an AR state trooper. They are jerks.

Terence Colligan

Blatant disregard for the protections of the Fourth Amendment. Unbelievable!


They do it in Tennessee and advertise it prior to the checkpoint date. They advertise what roads and what times.


What you guys only allow comments that are pro-Republican?
Kind of cowardly and lopsided don’t you think ?

Wild Bill

Just cool your jets, Chuck. If you had ever been here much, you would know that AL’s software gets overwhelmed. Your comments will show up. I’m just on the edge of my chair waiting for them.


Just amazing how something like this could possibly be happening in a deep red state like Kansas, with a heavily Republican administration. Everybody wants to demonize Democrats and liberals, I didn’t know that Democrats and liberals were running the deep red state of Kansas with a heavily Republican government.
I guess deep red states with heavily Republican governments are just as authoritarian and fascist and completely fouled up as so-called blue/liberal states.
Funny how conservatives in so-called Republicans can never seem to make that admission.

Wild Bill

@chuckfab, Is this the brilliant comment that you claimed AL was not allowing? Oh, man! I am so enlightened. I sure am glad that I waited for your block of instruction.


Appears a court case will arise from this and it will be stopped.
As a 25 year, now retired traffic officer I cannot for the life of me believe this can or will fly in a court room.

Chris Mallory

In Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz, 496 U.S. 444 (1990), the 9 robed gods on the Supreme Court gave their blessing for states to run checkpoints. Ten states either outlaw checkpoints or their courts have held that checkpoints violate the state constitution.


Thank you Mike. It sure sounds unconstitutional.
Even the wildlife check Point seems like a ploy to get a look at inspection and registration stickers. At that point they can get a look inside your vehicle for things “in clear view”.
I don’t like it at all. Being a synical New Yorker, I see this as using honest Sportsmen as a vehicle to get their noses into your business. Because what does an honest person have to hide right???


What a joke.

Wild Bill

I agree it is a joke. Why even engage in Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth amendment violating behavior if the LEOs are going to tell potential violators, in advance, where government will be doing it? What faceless, nameless, ignorant bureaucrat thought that up?


Some states have determined either with statute or court rulings that publishing the locations of the checkpoints makes them a sort of voluntary submission to identify and/or search check points.
Courts have also ruled that turning around and driving away when you see the check point is not probable cause for a stop and identify (Delaware v Prouse).
It will be interesting to see if they watch for turn arounds.
Ingersoll v Palmer and Michigan v Sitz have established guidelines for states to follow like prior announcement.

Wild Bill

@Idadho, I did not know that. More incrementalism. Pretty soon just putting one’s keys in the ignition will be deemed consent for LEO search.

John Dunlap

This is another reason for the hard push for self driving vehicles. No searches will be necessary. Eventually, the car will be equipped to report its location, passenger identities, and any “suspicious” items carried directly to the network. Authorities will be able to lock the vehicle doors remotely, and direct it to a location for processing. Vehicular arrests and detentions could even be automated, the car’s AI deciding if you need attention from law enforcement.

John Dunlap

Papieren, bitte!


I agree John, Sounds a bit like Germany, 1933 to me Papers, Papers please….

No one of consequence

Are drivers license checkpoints even legal?


They tried it in Michigan many years ago and the courts made them stop. Stopping people without probable cause seems unconstitutional to me.