Exotic Dancer Steals F.B.I. Chief’s Gun

Exotic Dancer Steals F.B.I.'s Chiefs Gun
Exotic Dancer Steals F.B.I.’s Chiefs Gun

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Even federal law enforcement agents can fall victim to theft. Being robbed is precisely what happened to F.B.I. Counterterrorism supervisor, Robert Manson in July of this year when he was in Charlotte, N.C for official F.B.I. Training.

According to police reports Manson, who oversees all terrorism investigations in the Midwest, North Carolina, and South Carolina for the F.B.I.’s high profile international terrorism section met a couple of women. Both women said that they were exotic dancers. During the night of heavy drinking at the Westin hotel, Manson started talking to the two women at the bar. Right away he hit it off with one of the exotic dancers.

Mason invited one of the exotic dancers back to his hotel room that he had been staying in at the Westin Hotel across from the Charlotte Convention Center and the NASCAR hall of fame. The woman accepted Manson’s advances and accompanied him back to his hotel room on the fifth floor of the Westin. The woman seems to have had an ulterior motive for going back to the hotel room of the F.B.I. unit chief.

At 6:30 AM Special Agent Kevin Thuman, who was also there for the same training, found Manson still so intoxicated that he was to the point of being incapacitated from the alcohol from the night before. What Thuman didn’t see was the woman. The exotic dancer was gone without a trace of her identity being left behind. After being raised from his drunken haze the two F.B.I. Agents realized that the stripper wasn’t the only thing missing from the room.

According to the police report, the agents found that Manson’s $6000 Rolex watch and $60 in cash were missing from the hotel room. Most disturbingly Manson’s .40 caliber Glock 27 was also nowhere in the place and apparently stolen by the woman. Although federal agents are permitted to carry an off-duty weapon, federal agents are by regulation prohibited from carrying a gun while intoxicated. It seems that Manson violated this rule since he had little recollection of the night before or even the morning.

Most disturbingly Manson's .40 caliber Glock 27 was also nowhere in the place and apparently stolen by the woman.
Most disturbingly Manson’s .40 caliber Glock 27 was also nowhere in the place and apparently stolen by the woman.

According to, F.B.I. Spokesperson, Michael P. Kortan the incident is subject to an internal investigation, but he declined to comment on the status of the open case. Another apparent rules violation that seems to apply in this situation is that it appears that Manson did not secure his firearm correctly. The Westin hotels provide a safe in every hotel room. According to the police report, Manson did not utilize the in-room safe and left the gun out in plain view.

According to, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Spokesperson, Robert Tufano there is very little to go on in the case. Police have not made an arrest in the investigation, and the suspect is still unknown at this time.

The police report states the Manson “was not acting in a law enforcement capacity” and does not mention Manson as being a member of the F.B.I. at the time of the incident. The theft took place between 2 AM (the time the hotel bar closed) and 5 AM according to F.B.I. Agent Kevin Thuman.

The police report was filed by Thuman since Manson was too intoxicated to give a statement himself to police. Manson remains on duty while the internal investigation is taking place.

Last year another F.B.I. Agent was arrested when pulled over for drunk driving.

John CrumpAbout John Crump

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as F.B.I. Counterterrorism supervisor, not doing a competent job. Exotic dancer presumed to be terrorist and needs to be cavity searched. I guess it was too much as feebee passed out was robbed and the ‘suspect’ walks!

John Peck

…and a “supervisor” at that. More like “stuporvisor”…

Dave from San Antonio

The FBI. “Female Body Inspectors”. This dude needs to be fired.


Touche, re Female Body Inspectors.Oh yes, this crumb bum should be fired, but likely won’t be. Probably he will be promoted.

Jim Macklin

The laws vary from state to state. In Kansas a person can carry and legally consume a little alcoholic drink, but they are limited to the 0.08% DUI limit. Further, if they are behaving impaired at any level they are subject to arrest for being under the influence. Kansas is a Constitutional carry state. N.C. law does not allow any consumption while carrying but you can be in a place where alcohol is being consumed bu others. (c2) It shall be unlawful for a person, with or without a permit, to carry a concealed handgun while consuming alcohol or at… Read more »


I still and will support L.E. but this is too much. Why wait for the Feds to take action? There is enough in the police report to arrest him for drinking/intoxicated while carrying a firearm. Was the bar he was in posted no firearms allowed? Get him on that. Plus I’m pretty sure if I admitted I had hired a prostitute I could be charged also. What is local L.E. doing about this. The hell with federal laws he broke enough local and state laws to be charged.


Will this monkey be fired? Likely he will be promoted, assuming the story is correct.

Raymond Miller

Between the Bush’s, Obama, and the Clinton’s our Federal LEO’s have been allowed to run amuck. We’re going to have to keep Trump in office for 40 years to clean everything up that the afore mentioned have destroyed.

Roy D.

You can thank affirmative action and the push for diversity for much of what is wrong with all sections of the Govt. At least that was my experience during the over 22 years I spent with the DOJ before retiring.

Raymond Miller

I’ve absolutely no doubt that you are right. Most likely, a lot of, if not all of, the problems are because Democrats were appointed to head the FBI. They corrupt everything they touch.

John Peck

Aren’t these liberal social engineering concepts and programs like diversity and affirmative action just wonderful? They’ve worked out so well, haven’t they? And tack on eight years of a racially and politically polarizing and anti-L.E. Kenyan-American “president”…


Anyone with a concealed handgun who is drunk needs to be taught a good lesson. Most states, it is illegal to be in possession of any firearm while DRINKING, not “drunk”. In other words, if I’m sitting at a table with friends in a restaurant and have a sip of my friend’s wine while I’m carrying, I’ve broken the law, a felony in many places. This guy was stumble down drunk and still packing? And some states want to mandate that all my guns are locked in a safe when not on my person. I wonder who picked up the… Read more »

American Patriot

FBI agents can afford a 6K Rolex watch? Or is that part of the FBI standard issue survival gear.


That was my immediate question.

The Mechanic

FBI = Federal Bureau of Intoxication.

Lee J.

That was certainly a expensive piece of tail. $6000.00 watch, $500.00 gun , $60.00 hard cold cash. But the FBI does not think that is a fireable offence , Just another day in the life of an FBI agent. How do i get one of those jobs ? No responsibility just fun, fun , fun. Sure is good to have a government job where the taxpayers pick up the tab for your mistakes. Which does not even address the problem if the gun is used in criminal activity. No wonder the country is going down the crapper with these clowns… Read more »

Charles Drapo

FBI agents think they are hot shiite and so above the rest of the local law enforcement community. Screw him and the rest of them.


i feel much safer now that i have read this. go fbi ha ha.

Jim Macklin

Only $60 for a hooker? Sixty dollars is probably WAY below market value for a well toned exotic dancer.
I wonder what the security cameras in the hotel, the parking lots and elevators will show?
Maybe they can track down the woman by the DNA of the STDs on the sheets?


He charged it to his Government Credit Card. And take notice he is NOT fired, if that was you, you’d be toast.

The other Jim

Is FBI Supervisor Manson a Left Wing Liberal Democrat? He wasn’t even put on leave or demoted back to field agent?
“Manson, who oversees all terrorism investigations in the Midwest, North Carolina, and South Carolina for the F.B.I.’s high profile international terrorism section” …a couple of whores and easily duped sexually deviant drunken FBI Supervisors can cause for mass terrorist attacks in the US?
Very similar to Obama’s Secret Service; drunken with whores while on duty, loosing or stealing their own guns and lying about it, missing/loosing/or stealing their own laptop computers with secret information on them, etc.


I am getting tired of the LEO community that decides they can carry while drinking and drunk because what, they are better ? Hah.


Call Scully and Mulder. Obviously an X-File case.

Allan Morrison

Ha ha, Sucker.


I live in South Carolina and this guy was partying on my dime………….how is that keeping me safe from terrorists? He is apparently an Oduma holdover, but that is no excuse. I hope he no longer has a job!


wait til his wife reads this

joe martin

Yep, that’s the FBI all right.

Wild Bill

@Joe m, Yeah, Famous But Incompetent.


Exotic dancer seems less offensive than whore. This Agent should be fired for his misconduct and disgrace of the FBI.


Every organization has a few bad apples. BUT this situation goes far beyond any acceptable behavior. You can usually judge a person by the company he/she keeps. What (if any) other disciplinary actions are in this guy’s jacket? With a “top secret” clearance he is being trusted with information that would land him into the perfect Russian female scam. So long, Adios, good-bye!

Bill Farnham

What an idiot!


Taught by Comey and Mueller, paid for by the Clintons. Barney Fife is more respectable than an FBI agent anymore. The FBI has been bought and paid for by Soros, Obama, the Clintons and the Democratic party… They will give him a party and medal instead of firing his A$$ !


There are no $600 Rolex watches.


Fake Rolex’s

Wild Bill

@Vis, Yeah, that struck me as a pretty inexpensive Rolex, too. And it is difficult to envision a guy not knowing how much he paid for a Rolex. Better check the evidence room.

Roy D.

It was originally reported to be a $6000.00 watch, not $600.00. That’s why going to or knowing the source info is important.


It was a gift from Hillary, for his helping her to hide all of her dirty laundry.


close the FBI loophole they seem to give away quite a few guns.

Wild Bill

@curt, that is the funniest thing that I have read this week. Close the FBI loophole! Most humorous.

VT Patriot

Not a problem. They never give away their ‘assault’ rifles. Well, maybe a few, but not enuf to be called out for it. Heck, maybe they even bought them at one of those gunshow ‘loopholes’ . But the $6000 watch? Probably bought on a street corner from a ‘reputable dealer’.

Andy Buckmichael

Fire him.


Agent man should keep his hands out of the cookie jar.


“The Only Ones” (that can be trusted…etc., blah…)