Gun Control Hearing In Republican Committee?

Chuck and Diane
Gun Control Hearing In Republican Committee?

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceUSA -( Gun owners thought they had won a decisive victory by defeating House Bill 3999, the so called “bump stock” bill, but the fight appears to be far from over!

While the country is embroiled in another debate about gun control after the recent mass shootings in Vegas and Texas, Republicans in the Senate have been quietly working to schedule a hearing on “bump stocks.”

Yes, you read that right.

Behind the scenes, Republicans have been quietly gearing up to look at passing gun control.

We need you to act right away and demand that any and all forms of gun control be opposed.

Fighting gun control isn’t a new battle that gun owners are just waking up to.

Gun owners have banded together to defeat many gun control bills that have been introduced over the last 10 years.

We have been very successful in stopping “assault weapons” bans, bans on “high capacity” magazines, as well as “universal background checks.”

And that’s just at the Congressional level.

Gun owners have been successful at stopping the same types of gun control at the state level as well.

We have also been successful in crushing the spirits of the gun grabbers by passing Constitutional Carry in nearly 10 states in the last 5 years.

Idaho was one of those states!

Despite all those victories, gun owners this year are still fighting gun grabbers, but now the battle to defeat gun control also includes Republicans!

Some Republicans, like Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa), are going to be holding a hearing in the Senate in the near future to discuss banning “bump stocks.”

You see, after gun owners defeated Senate Bill 3999, the squishy Republicans drafted another version with different wording.

Their intention is to “fix” the problem the ATF left them when they declared bump stocks to be a legal device.

But you and I know better.

“Bump stocks” will only be the beginning for the gun grabbers.

Their hope is to get their foot in the door to ban semi-automatic weapons, accessories, and other firearms.

Even if the current wording of the bill doesn’t include such items, the gun grabbers intend to use the “amendment” process to shove Bloomberg’s agenda down our throats.

And as the “bump stock” debate continues, we now have an additional mass shooting that has just taken place in Sutherland, Texas.

That’s where a killer walked into a church where people were worshipping God.

He killed at least 26 people and injured dozens more.

Within minutes of that attack gun grabbers were once again renewing their calls to infringe on your gun rights by demanding an “assault weapons ban.”

In addition to their gun control cries, they mocked and scorned gun owners and people who prayed for the victims.

What they aren’t talking about is the hero (Stephen Willeford) who likely saved many more lives when he shot and wounded the Texas killer with his AR-15!

The very rifle that the media and gun grabbers want to ban is what ultimately stopped the killer in Texas.

Banning standard rifles like the AR-15 is exactly the type of “amendment” the gun grabbers will try to slip into the newest version of the “bump stock” bill.

And now gun owners must defend the Constitution in the wake of the Texas tragedy as we have done time and time again.

You see, they don’t really care about you.

They don’t care about your rights, or your life.

They want CONTROL over it.

Gun grabbers don’t want you to carry a gun around to defend your loved ones.

They believe the police should be the only ones to have firearms, despite the fact that the left is constantly belittling our men and women in blue.

It’s not about “common sense” with these people. It’s about control.

And Republicans, like Senator Chuck Grassley, trying to schedule a hearing in his committee is downright treasonous in our books!

Who has Senator Grassley’s ear? Gun owners or gun grabbing Senator Diane Feinstein?

And is this proposal something Idaho’s two Senators intend to support? Or will they stand strong against this gun grabbing scheme?

After dealing with President Obama for the last 8 years, and defeating every gun control push he made, how sad is it that with Republicans in charge, there is a chance of gun control?

You can’t let this current push go unchallenged!

That’s why we need your immediate help!

First, we need you to contact Senator Chuck Grassley who heads up the Judiciary Committee that intends to hear the bill and tell him to delay it, permanently.

Senator Chuck Grassley (Republican)

Second, we then need you to contact both of Idaho’s Senators and tell them to oppose the bill and any like it.

Senator Mike Crapo

Senator Jim Risch

Finally, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

We get out emails as quickly as we can, but Facebook is often a quicker way to get important alerts while emails are being drafted.

No matter what you do today, we need you to contact Senator Grassley and Idaho’s two Senators right away and demand that no gun control be given a hearing.

The time to act is right now!

In Freedom,

Seth Rosquist
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. In wake of the Texas shooting, America has found itself in the gun control debate once again.

And while gun grabbers are waging a war in the media on our 2nd Amendment rights, some Republicans have been quietly scheduling a hearing for a “bump stock” ban.

Senator Chuck Grassley’s committee (Judiciary) is hoping you won’t see his behind the scenes move to pass gun control.
Chuck Grassley is a Republican from Iowa and is willing to bring gun control to his committee. It’s up to you to stop him! His contact information is above.

Once you have contacted him, please contact both Idaho Senators right away and tell them to oppose any new gun control! Their information can also be found above.

Act right away!

  • 41 thoughts on “Gun Control Hearing In Republican Committee?

    1. “Stephen Willeford who likely saved many more lives when he shot and wounded the Texas killer with his AR-15!”
      You bet he did.
      Kolbe v. Hogan distributed for conference today.
      Will the Supreme Court burn us like they did a few days ago with Nicholas Purpura?

    2. I AM A 63-YEAR-OLD WOMAN. I live alone. I will not give up the safety I have with my DDv4 11 and my 30 rd mags in reach of my bed.

    3. The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. It’s not the Bill of Needs. You pull apart the Bill of Rights and you pull apart your freedom because if one can’t be held, none can be held. These politicians attacking the Constitution are violating their oath of office just by writing the legislation. They are fomenting sedition. They are the domestic enemies our forefathers warned us about.


        1. @JG, Every level of the governments that control us, have realized that there is no penalty for ignoring our Civil Rights and not following the Constitution. We need to send a whole new Congress to DC, consisting of the “not corrupted yet” candidate. Then we can get more powerful controls in place on our employees. Life time term limits; right to recall legislators, judges, top bureaucrats, governors, every employee that We the People send to the District of Corruption. These people are not our leaders. They are our employees.

    4. Stop violating my constitutional rights. I have a right to keep and bear arms. Arms is anything I can pick up and bear. What ever the government has i should be able to own. The government does not have more rights than i have because the government is us we the people. You will never fix anything until you stop giving the government more rights than you have.

      1. Technically, governments have obligations, and Constitutionally-imposed limits, but no “rights.” None.

        1. Joe – governments have duties and responsibilities as well (federally they are specifically enumerated in the Constitution) – most of the problems currently facing our Republic are due to fedzilla (and state and local gubmints) either abrogating those duties or assuming ‘powers’ that are NOT delegated to them.

          1. @Gentlemen, What are the Constitutional duties, responsibilities, and obligations (other than by contract) of the federal government?

    5. BTW- It’s called the BILL OF RIGHTS not BILL OF NEEDS. Good thing most people don’t look at our other civil rights, as you do. Why vote, why bother with Mirada rights, etc, etc. If you are so “wrapped around the axle about this, then turn in all your guns, you don’t “NEED” them. You are a “fudd” at best, but most likely a troll.

    6. I live in Ma. They already passed law banning Bump Stocks.
      I don’t care because I wouldn’t buy one or own one because I don’t need one, and neither does anyone else. If they do NEED one, I’d like to know why.
      I have had guns for over 50 years, still shoot and teach shooting, and still carry concealed.
      I know what I need and what I don’t need. I don’t need bump stocks or a suppressor. I am not a hit man or a terrorists.
      Gun people are losing support daily by supporting these things when people with common sense know they are not needed by anyone. There are enough gimmick guns and accessories out there already and they only raise the hackles on many people when they pop up. Be happy you have what you have and fight to keep what you got. Never mind all these gimmicks. Ma. sucks with all its gun control and every time some nut goes off, we lose more rights.

      1. Suppressors are now being used by hunters.
        When you allow the Left to ban anything you open the door to everything else. They are not being honest when they claim that they are not trying to disarm America.
        Wake up. Stop being foolish.

          1. Hahahahaha….how many of your British “subjects” own long arms ? How about telling us how many gun stores there are in London ?

            I’ll be waiting for your answer.

            1. Not many other than criminals I believe these stats are 2016, from the Met, the following is copied from a Brietbart report:-

              London mayor Sadiq Khan, who represents the left-liberal Labour Party, claimed as recently as March this year that London is “the safest global city in the world and one of the safest cities in the world”.

              However, police crime statistics show that the city does, in fact, appear to be in the grip of a crime wave, and is now more dangerous than New York City

              A selection of statistics on crimes ranging from assault to firearms offences show the scale of the problem:

              1,229,260 offences of violence against the person, an increase of 19 per cent on the previous year.
              129,700 sexual offences, an increase of 19 per cent on the previous year.
              45,100 rapes, an increase of 22 per cent on the previous year.
              36,998 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, an increase of 26 per cent on the previous year.
              6,696 offences involving firearms, an increase of 27 per cent on the previous year — despite draconian controls on legal gun-ownership.

              No mention of how many acid attacks as well, I was born and raised in London, by the grace of God I am now happily in “The South”

          2. @BJI, Required. More requirements. More control. More subjugation. It is, almost, as if you enjoy being a worker bee, fodder when war comes, a slave. That is Being Just Ignorant.

            1. You misunderstand me, WB. I live in a small town in Northwest Iowa NOT GB!
              I am for NO GUN LAWS EXCEPT for keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and the insane! Suppressors SHOULD NOT BE RESTRICTED or REQUIRED! As for the requirement in GB, I do not remember why they are required–perhaps, GB is a relatively small country, to avoid annoying neighbors or to prevent hearing loss. EVEN HERE, There is a good reason for having a suppressor on your hunting rifle. EVEN ONE UNSUPPRESSED SHOT CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!!! If you start hunting at an early age and continue for many years you will most likely need hearing aids by the time you reach 60!

      2. You are part of the problem and an obvious dunce when it comes to world history in regard to genocide and tyranny. You are just another “pro-gunner” but are not pro-2nd Amendment. Over 100 million people murdered by communism alone and you state that no one “needs” a bump stock. You belong in Massachusetts – stay there.

      3. Your common sense isnt common anymore. Bumpfire is fun to shoot just like full auto and my NEED is great for FUN. You think they will stop with bump stocks or gun mufflers? Your fooling yourself. Their legislation will target all gun accessories. They don’t need to lobby and spend 10s of millions of dollars on anti gun campaigns when they can just organize a mass shooting to shove their anti gun anti liberty laws down your throat. At least the terrorists and hitmen are smart enough to do everything to protect their hearing unlike you a Hollywood deceived old fool.

      4. How many more tights do we need to lose because people think that what we have is enough, the suppressor deal is to help with hearing protection they do not completely deafening the sound of a gun shot like they show in the movies, I have fired rifles with mufflers on them you can still hear the shot a fair distance away.

      5. It’s not about need. You don’t need a Mercedes to go to the grocery store, you can do it in a Hundai, but if you want a Mercedes and can afford it why shouldn’t you be able to have one as long as you don’t break the law with it, it’s not a problem. The same goes for any firearm and accessory, you may not “need” it, but if you want one and can afford it, then why shouldn’t you be able to buy one as long as you don’t break the law with it?

      6. ft;
        I don’t need a lot of stuff, either, and you and I are in complete agreement of the practical uses of bumpfire. However, you banter the ‘I don’t need’ & ‘common sense’ crap around like you’ve got the entire gun control talking points tattooed to the back of your hand. So I’ll tell you something else I don’t need. I don’t need ANYONE telling me what I can’t have. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      7. You live in MA that explains a lot.
        “You don’t need one” “you want to know why” you must be a Democrat.

        You don’t Understand something, that should be enough for the rest of the world huh. You self center piece of sh*#. I don’t care what you think!

      8. I’m supposed to be happy with what I have? It’s my right dumba**! And you teach firearm classes? You’re the problem, so hang it up and join in with Bloomberg.

      9. yankee fool .what other rights do you think you would compromise on .maybe the 4th 5th ,1st give up your rights enunciated in the bill of rights than you will have no rights only permission from your masters to do as you are told. the struggle is not about bump stocks or their usefulness it is about your right to decide what is right for you without governmental interference .

      10. I think that the people of Mass. don’t need to heat their houses beyond 50 degrees in the winter. Any warmer is a waste of fuel or electricity. If they think that they need more heat, then I would like to know why. See how that works? I have determined what you need or do not need. Now you comply!

      11. Its not about needs. It is about rights! I have the right as a human being to own, carry, possess any damn thing I choose to protect myself, my family, my friends, my community, my nation. I also have the right to pursue happiness and if owning a bump stock or sound supressor makes me happy it is none of your business. And it sure as heck is not any of the governments either.

      12. Be happy with what rights the government has allowed us to keep? You seem to think you know what all gun owners should or should not be “allowed” to own. Well thank you for all your thoughtfulness but as for me and mine, NO THANK YOU! You my friend are no friend of liberty.

      13. ft, the antis don’t believe you need firearms. When they pair down the list of “acceptable” firearms to a muzzle-loader, will you still be on their side, because do you really *need* to have a firearm that can fire more than one round? You can always just carry a half dozen muzzle-loaders if you feel you *need* to have the ability to fire more than one round. However, make sure you don’t show them that 18-round pepperbox muzzle-loader because you will be left cleaning up the mess when they lose bowel control. I have even seen a 20-round revolver, that, too, will probably leave you with a mess to clean, too.

    7. Anti Americans/Constitutionalists reside in both parties,a perfect example of the need for swamp draining.

      1. You live in MA that explains a lot.
        “You don’t need one” “you want to know why” you must be a Democrat.

        You don’t Understand something, that should be enough for the rest of the world huh. You self center piece of sh*#. I don’t care what you think!

        It how he said it

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