Kendall Ordnance LLC Launches New Line of Ammo Belt Linkers

Akron, Ohio-( For years, owners of belt-fed guns have either loaded their ammunition by hand, used unreliable manual linkers, or simply paid a premium for linked ammo. After years of frustration of loading ammo belts for their own machine guns, Kendall Ordnance has designed linkers and linker/delinkers that are affordable and work seamlessly.

The company first launched linker/delinkers (MSRP $549) for M27 links (used in the M249, ARES Shrike and FN Minimi’s) and M13 links (used in the M60, M240 and M134 minigun). Most recently, Kendall Ordnance launched a standard linker in .223/5.56 for gun owners that only want to link their ammo. The company plans on coming out with a linker in .308/7.62×51. The MSRP on both standard linkers is $349.


Originally designed for their own use, Kendall Ordnance wanted high-quality products that were reasonably priced. They needed to be functional not only in their shop, but at the gun range. This resulted in using lightweight, durable 6061-T6 aluminum in all their linker products. Because loading thousands of rounds at a time can make the hands sore, all ammo belt linkers are designed with rolling handles that eliminate palm and finger friction. All key components, such as the arms, are parkerized.

Both .223/5.56 and .308/7.62×51 linker/delinkers work perfectly every time. No longer do cartridges pop out of place while trying to link a belt. Want to delink? Simply slide the handle forward and with a press of the handle your belt is delinked. The reason the cartridges link and delink flawlessly is due to the heat-treated spring steel that serve as guides for the cartridges. Four corner holes are provided so the apparatus can be screwed into a table or even board for gunners that want to transport it to the range. The .223/5.56 linker/delinker holds 25 rounds and the .308.7.62×51 linker/delinker holds 20 rounds. Each comes with space to place a starter tab for those using a nut sack pouch.

For owners that let their guns do all the delinking, a standard linker using M27 links for .223/5.56 rounds recently became available. It is also made from 6061 T6 aluminum, holds 25 rounds and has room for a starter tab. While other linkers were on the market, many were found not to be reliable and cartridges often became dislodged while trying to link. Kendall Ordnance made some modifications to prevent this from happening. The linker works faultlessly to ensure cartridges are properly linked and remove any frustration. You can see how it works here.

Since launching their ammo belt linking products, customer response has been tremendous. Many people who have ammo belts linked with all tracer or armor-piercing incendiary rounds, for example, can quickly delink their belts and load new belts with a tracer or API cartridge every seven rounds (or any combination of rounds). While linking a 50-round belt of .223 is easy, serious shooters who want to link several 100-round belts at time will find the linkers save their thumbs.

For more information on Kendall Ordnance and their product line, check out their website. The company also produces a Russian RPD linker (MSRP $199), which links both types of RPD belts. These YouTube videos to show how the linkers work.

About Kendall Ordnance’s ammo belt linker products

All linkers and linker/delinkers are designed, CNC-machined and assembled in the USA. Each product weighs approximately 15 pounds (5 pounds in the case of the RPD linker) and ships within one business day.

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Dennis Smith

Do you still sell the M27 links and linker machine and any other products down that line? I have the MCR-100 or other name Shrike