NAPED Welcomes John Tragiai to the Board of Directors

President of K.E.E.P.R.S. to serve another term as a General Member Director for the National Association of Police Equipment Distributors ( NAPED ).

John Tragiai, President of K.E.E.P.R.S. and new board member for National Association of Police Equipment Distributors
John Tragiai, President of K.E.E.P.R.S. and new board member for National Association of Police Equipment Distributors


New Bern, N.C. ( – The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) is pleased to announce that John Tragiai, President of K.E.E.P.R.S. and longtime member of NAPED, will serve on the NAPED Board of Directors.

“John brings with him years of experience as an end user of the products and services we promote and provide. As a former police officer, he has insights into how NAPED vendor members can better serve their customer base,” Tim Brown, President of the board of directors of NAPED and President of GT Distributors said.

“On the flip side, his experience as President of K.E.E.P.R.S. is invaluable to our membership for his commitment to law enforcement and keen business ability.”

Tragiai’s seven plus years’ experience in Law Enforcement in St. Cloud, Minnesota include serving as a CSO, Police Officer and a K9 Officer. As president of K.E.E.P.R.S., a law enforcement and public safety retailer with locations in Minnesota, Georgia and a distribution territory covering the upper Midwest, Tragiai is known for his forward and sometimes out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to business models. In 2014, Tragiai extended his market from just public safety to include the general public in the St. Cloud store front. Two years later he replicated the same business model in their Twin Cities storefront. The consumer market continues to supplement the targeted professionals market and has also helped to increase the types of products available to both professionals and civilians.

“I am pleased to, once again, serve this membership of dedicated companies and individuals, working together for the ultimate benefit of our brothers and sisters who go out there every day protecting our properties, our liberties and our lives,” John Tragiai added. “I am looking forward to working with the board of NAPED to increase our awareness within our industry and to provide greater opportunities for companies to grow.”

Klinefelter’s Enforcement & Emergency Product, Resource & Supply Inc., better known as K.E.E.P.R.S., was founded in 1999 by Wendy Klinefelter and Jason and Greg Klinefelter. The law enforcement supply store was created as a tribute to the late Officer Brian Klinefelter, Wendy’s young husband, who was tragically shot down while performing his duty. He left behind a young wife and two month old daughter. K.E.E.P.R.S. provided a resource for the Klinefleter family and the law enforcement community to stay connected. Since those early years, K.E.E.P.R.S. continues to demonstrate service and community to their customers, as well as grow the business to include a larger area of distribution and customer base.

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