Sharpen Your Tactical Edge With New Boker Plus Hitman Knives

GideonTactical Boker Plus Hitman G-10
GideonTactical Boker Plus Hitman G-10


COATESVILLE, Pa. -( GideonTactical, the top-tier source for all things tactical, now features innovatively designed, highly functional knives geared toward tactical professionals: the new Boker Plus Hitman G-10 and Titan Flipper frame-lock folding knives.

Combining ergonomics and outstanding stability, the Boker Plus series of knives were developed and tested with the input and cooperation of military, police, and security experts.

With extensive experience as a police officer and SWAT member, renowned knife maker Jim Burke has infused his extensive experience and signature designs into each knife, thereby making him a trusted authority on what it takes to produce excellent results.

“The Hitman knives are an awesome addition to the Boker Plus line,” said GideonTactical Merchandising Specialist MacLain Brostrom. “From the moment you pick one up, you can feel the quality.”

The highly ergonomic, extremely versatile Hitman knives, available since this past summer, feature standard-setting VG-10 stainless steel blades, which can be opened with the flipper or thumb hole found on each. The blades can be easily secured thanks to framelock locking mechanisms.

“These knives are practical for anyone who appreciates a good blade,” Brostrom said. “They’re made from reliable, sturdy components that will last a lifetime.”

GideonTactical Titan Flipper Frame Lock Folding Knives
GideonTactical Titan Flipper Frame Lock Folding Knives

With an overall length of 8.5 inches, the Hitman G-10’s blade measures 3.6 inches long and weighs in at a svelte 159 grams. Its handle is comprised of a fiberglass-based laminate that is rugged, lightweight, and strong, which makes it an ideal material for tactical folders. Along with Mirroring the G-10’s total length of 8.5 inches, the Hitman Titan Flipper’s 9.2-inch blade is 3.8 millimeters thick.

“The Hitman knives’ blades glide open with little effort thanks to a silky-smooth, ball-bearing design,” according to Brostrom. “These hefty blades will hold an edge for a very long time, even with daily use and abuse.”

Additionally, each knife is available with a reversible pocket clip (tip-up/tip-down).

“I’ve had a ton of knives over the years,” Brostrom said. “I’ve carried either one of these knives every day for the past few months, and they are hands-down the best blades I’ve ever owned.”

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About GideonTactical and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.:

Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. assembled GideonTactical to serve the specialized equipment and supply needs of both tactical operators and shooting enthusiasts. “GideonTactical is committed to serving the needs of operators and shooters who require more specialized gear,” said Jim Witmer, CEO and chairman of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. “We have experienced increasing demand for more specialized products involved in special tactical operations and in use within the shooting sport world as well. Today, GideonTactical is positioned to meet those demands.”

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Heed the Call-up

I will not buy Chinese, no matter how “good” they are, they are still Chinese. I will buy some European knives, like my Henkel’s Chefs knives, but all my other knives are American made.