Siberian Coolers Begins Season of Holiday Specials

Siberian Coolers Holiday Alpha Pro Series Sale
Siberian Coolers Holiday Alpha Pro Series Sale

Siberian Coolers

BOZEMAN, Mont. -( Siberian Coolers, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of outdoorsmen who push themselves and their gear beyond the normal limits, is excited to offer their popular series of IGBC certified bear resistant ALPHA Pro Series Coolers with a Holiday Package Special just in time for the Holiday shopping season!

The popular and handy ALPHA Pro Series 22-quart Sidekick, ideal for transporting beverages and food to and from those Holiday gatherings is only $189.99 and includes a heavy duty wire basket, security lock bracket, beverage cup holder and a swag gift pack.

For the outdoorsman who requires larger cooler capacity for back country trips, prolonged floats down the river, game day tailgating or the deep sea trophy fish catch of the day; you will want to look at the 45, 65 or 85-quart ALPHA Pro Series. These coolers include the same great bonus gift pack, plus a food grade polyethylene divider that doubles as a conveniently stored cutting board.

The Holiday Special for the ALPHA Pro Series 45, 65 and 85 Coolers are $299.99, $369.99 and $399.99 respectively. For that person on your Holiday shopping list that may already have a Siberian Cooler and is in need of some accessories or if you are unsure of the size cooler they need, Siberian Coolers now has gift cards for purchase on their website.

These great Holiday Specials from Siberian Coolers run until December 31st, 2017, so head on over to now to start your holiday shopping and take advantage of the FREE Shipping on these specials.

Tips To Increase Ice Retention In Your Siberian Cooler:

  1. Always pre-cool your beverages and food before placing them in the cooler, otherwise ice will be wasted simply trying to cool them down.
  2. Freeze plastic bottles of water. The frozen water will act as ice and will keep the other items in the cooler colder longer.
  3. Try to keep your cooler in the shade as much as possible, otherwise cover it using a space blanket or reflective foil.
  4. Pack items in your cooler in chronological order based on when you plan to use the items – pack items used first on top.
  5. Pack the cooler tight and full.
  6. When your trips are more than one or two days, use larger blocks of ice. They last longer.
  7. Consider dry ice. Dry ice requires special care and handling, but will keep your food dry and your cooler contents colder.
  8. Minimize the amount of times you open the cooler.
  9. Always latch the cooler’s lid shut so the gasket meets its full potential.
  10. Do not drain the water from the cooler – the cold water from melted ice helps keep the items inside colder longer.

The high performance, affordably priced ALPHA Pro Series of Siberian Coolers feature:

  • IGBC Certified Bear Resistant
  • Roto-Molded One-Piece Design
  • PE Foam Injected for Superior Insulation up to 2.75”
  • Durable LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Outer Shell
  • Military Grade Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches
  • Reversible EZ Slide/Sticky Rubber Feet (available on the Alpha Pro 45, 65, 85)
  • Durable Aluminum Carry Handle W/Cushion Grip (available on the Alpha Pro Sidekick 22 quart)
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Tie Down Strap Slots
  • Hidden Pad Lock Plates
  • Heavy Duty FDA Approved Wire Basket
  • Food Grade Cutting Board/Divider (available in the 45, 65, 85)
  • HD Security Lock Bracket
  • Beverage Cup Holder
  • Streamline Flush Design (allows for the cooler to be tightly packed & fly lines free)
  • Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty
  • Colors: Granite or White

About Siberian Coolers:

Founded in 2015 beneath the mountains of Bozeman, Montana, Siberian Coolers was born from the idea that everyone deserves a high-quality cooler at a realistic price. Siberian products are constructed using a high-temperature polyethylene roto-molding process. This process creates an extremely durable, one-piece cooler able to stay cold for days in a wide variety of outdoor settings.

For more information, visit or call, 844-782-COLD