Texas Church Shooter Stop By Good-Guy With Personal Gun ~ VIDEO

Devin Patrick Kelley
Sutherland Springs Church shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley
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USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- The Sutherland Springs Church Shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was stopped on his murderous rampage by a local Texas man, as of yet unidentified.

Eyewitness state the local resident, now a hero, upon hearing the shots coming from the Sutherland Springs Church grabbed his weapon and confronted the deranged shooter.

As is typical in most of these shootings, when confronted by a good guy with a gun the shooter dropped his weapon and fled, but not before he was shot and wounded by our local hero.

In a video report from the scene,  KENS 5 NEWS is reporting the suspect was confronted as he was leaving the church by the local man who opened fire on him, potentially leading to his death a few miles away, where the shooter crashed his getaway vehicle.

NRA's Wayne Lapierre was right again when he said: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Antifa Connection?

In the hours following the horrible shooting, unconfirmed internet rumors are reporting that Devin Patrick Kelley was an Antifa supporter and favored a radical LBGTQ group.

And in related news, Democrat gun banners and Hollywood elite are already calling for more gun control:

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    1. No one ever suggests banning an automobile after a drunk driver kill a family. Also haven’t heard anything about banning large trucks so terrorist won’t kill people by running over them. Never heard anyone in Congress mention it once. Haw about banning all knives. Blaming the object is insane but who knows a sane liberal.

    2. Gun grabbing democrats, or republicans, and or Hollywood elite, should first pray for the victims and families, then consider laws to prevent government cover-ups, and concentrate on deceit and lies, money laundering, bribes, etc. Now that is a novel idea, tell we the people the truth! Cover-ups and more cover-ups…..how long are we the people going to wait for the info on Las Vegas? Probably as long as we waited for the release of the JFK files. We cannot imagine if this church scenario happened in our community, how tragic! Our prayers!!

    3. Handler is an idiot and looks to blame the Republicans for the sun coming up. That being said, this has NOTHING to do with gun control. The U.S. Air Force did not follow proper procedure and properly alert authorities of this nut jobs termination from the service..If they did, he would not have been able to buy any guns legally. If he had any or all guns prior to his discharge, he beat his wife and small children repeatedly. He was a Mental Health nut that needed to be locked up. I am sure people saw this and no one said anything. If you see something, say something. Why did the hospital who treated his abused wife and child not contact the police and have a restraining order issued or lock him up?
      By the way, churches in Texas are not gun free zones. Those only exist in two states, LA and NE.
      This is a horrible event and I hope this does not become the new normal.

    4. Does anyone have good honest numbers?
      How many people die from guns each year?
      How many die from illegal drivers?
      How many die from drugs overdose?
      It is impossible to take away guns from the people, just the honest people.

    5. The anti Second Amendment elites, will use any and all situations where a firearm is discharged to portray a negative
      example of firearms use ownership by a citizen of our Republic. Elites believe they are the only persons worthy and able to own or have access to firearms. Motivation of this position is political and a sense of entitlement. This applies
      to all our rights enumerated by our Constitution. Some people are more deserving than others for protection and the
      ability to control ones destiny.
      We have come together and expose these Elites for the threat that they are to our nation and it’s ideals. A joining of
      all citizens and educating them to the threat to our society.

    6. There are many here who say that Congress must act and with that I don’t disagree but simply passing the Reciprocal Carry Act does not address the issue. What we need is for people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to stand up and put forth legislation to repeal in their entirety, including amendments, the National Firearms Act, which did nothing to reduce crime then or now, and the Gun Control Act of 1968 which was adopted almost word for word from the National Socialist Gun Control Act of 1938 from Germany. For more information on that see Aaron Zelman’s book “Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny” in which he shows how then senator Thomas Dodd pushed through the German Law. Frankly both Laws are totally unconstitutional and it is a travesty that they have been allowed to stay on the books for so long.

    7. This guy is one of those who should be a permanent resident of what they use to call asylums . It’s time to bring them back.

    8. When we talk about “evil,” we tend to talk in vague metaphysical abstractions. I heard about this shooting while sitting In my local coffee house listening to a singer performing Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” I was struck by the line, “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.” Cash wrote that line because it was the most evil, senseless, reason he could think of for killing someone. Hearing that, it suddenly REALLY came home to me, that there are people out there who would do just that. Evil people are not just some philosophical abstraction; they are quite real, and they exist among us. We see them and talk with them everyday without knowing it. As it happens, I work with someone who knew this shooter a couple of years ago, when she worked with him. She didn’t think he could do something like this. But that is probably because we all tend to think of those we know personally, as fundamentally “normal” people. I evaluate, and work with, “mentally ill” folks all the time, and I can assure you, that you have encountered them in your daily life without knowing it. You may have thought them a tad odd, but you didn’t realize they were psychotic, because they rarely do the things most folks associate with being “crazy.” With the advent of effective antipsychotic medication, most psychotics are now living among us, generally without causing problems. In all probability, so are the truly evil people in our world, but we don’t know it until they do something like this. Most of the time, they look and act just like all the rest of us. And that’s just one good reason why I carry a gun – always.

    9. Congress is correct, something must be done. It is time for the 50 sate concealed carry reciprocity act of 2017 ( HR 38 and S 446 ) be passed! Also the Gun free zones ( targets of opportunity ) must be abolished. It is high time Congress allows us to protect ourselves.

    10. The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelly was court-martialed for assaulting his wife and their child. A judge sentenced him with a bad-conduct discharge, 12 months confinement in 2013. He was already forbidden – by law – from gun ownership.
      He was stopped, incidentally, – not by law enforcement – but by a local gun owning citizen.

      1. @2War, Just another proof that gun control does not work. And as always, thank you for your service.

      2. So did the USAF fail to report the Domestic Violence conviction or did teh FBI not enter the record? Did they want the deaths so they could pass gun control?
        Did the mother-in-law [ex] report the threatening emails and did the sheriff investigate?

        Lots of questions about basic failures of duty to keep the background check unless THEY wanted it to fail.

    11. Congress is correct something must be done!! That something is PASS THE 50 STATE CONCEALED CARRY LAW And remove these Damn NO_GUN zones. 50 state reciprocity , NOW is the time H R 38 and S 446 must be passed so we the people can put a stop to these madmen the next time they try again.

    12. “LIBERALISM” & “DEMOCRAT” are both Mental Disorders, and that is proven by their tirades against guns, rather than the Liberals & Democrats who commit the heinous crimes by utilizing guns. Hollywood has exposed itself to be a Cesspool of Depravity, and the posts of these affluent effluent feces types proves my point(s).

    13. The liberals all scream gun control so that the good guy will not have a gun. They ignore the break down of our society with their anti-christian true religion rant. Why? They want to continue in their unrestrained sin and corruption without any restraint They attack God and christians in the press , in the courts and with every chance they get ,thus encouraging the fanatics to commit evil deeds like this against christians. The high and mighty self- righteous politicians and wealthy liberals who promote this philosophy are the real people with blood on their hands.

    14. The age old struggle of good vs evil whether it be the act it’s self or civilian disarmament proponents.

    15. They speak of the tragedy, the bloodletting, the disregard for humanity, I believe the truth lies elsewhere. In truth, they are every bit against that little house of God and the Gospel that is preached in it as they are evil black rifles. They choose to be obtuse to the fact that the real reason for this and other tragedys is our nation’s disregard for this Gospel, and the satanic, demon filled minds, that have come forth as a result. They gag at a gnat and swallow a camel. God created man to seek a peace that can only exist if his precepts exist in the mind of said man. Without that existence the mind is open game to all demonic and evil influences. But, they can get a better feel good for blaming it on the guns, it cleanses their guilt.

      1. @flyer, yeah, when was the last time that Diane Feinstein, Blabby Giffords, or Chris Murphey in church? Their deceipt is limitless.

    16. Well the million dollar question is the above pic real or photoshopped ?? I don’t think the powers to be will ever mention it

    17. Who knew the Pillsbury doughboy was an antifa activist. Well, from his FB page, I would hazard a guess , anyone who looked at it. Now is the time to declare this organization a terrorist group.

      1. YES
        ANTIFA is clearly a terrorist group. Pull their funding. Jail their leaders. Make examples of the followers. Take action.

    18. We live in SE Alabama. A small town, as the one in Texas.
      We have a Secerty Team at our church.
      I am on that Team. It is an all volunteer team. But the ones on the team, are ask by church members that Lawofficers by trade.
      We must qualify with our weapon before a team that has been trained, and been in their trade for years.
      Our team is not just “ya how’s wit a gun”
      Not bragging by NO MEANS!
      We offer ourself just as paid pros do. We are tagged as team members.
      The role has allowed me to serve others.
      I have been a member of our church over seven years. But have been ask just basic help questions for the year I have been on the Team more than the 5 plus years before. Just because of my tag.
      So God has allowed me to help in serving Him, by being willing to serve.
      Personally I think it is a great idea.
      Who is better fit to see a problem, than one that has or is going there?

      1. @WJH…… whole nother can of worms my friend……..the term church security runs a cold wave over me.
        I can only give my experience insignificant as it may be. My dear wife and I were exploring a church one Sabbath. The service was fine, I enjoyed it immensely. I always carry, even in church, ankle or inside waist and when I do I bet most homegrown secret operators cannot tell. In boots no one can tell. But loose lips sink ships, an acquaintance casually mentioned to a security person that I ( me ), always carried in a very discrete manner. It became an issue so to speak as I was instructed on my next visit that I could not be allowed in, I had answered honestly when asked about being armed. They had no knowledge concerning this until they were told by a dogooder. I moved myself and my family on to another church, quite happily. But I will give you this, being part of the ” security team “, will get a few folks in church, that I’m sure would never be there. Even if they do violate mine or others 2cd amendment rights. I also believe with my sound mind, my priority for being in a house of worship, is to worship and gather unto God’s people. Being there should not cause my rights of self defense to be void.

        Always in Liberty, and secure in Christ.

    19. I wonder what anti-depressants, anxiety or other anti psychotic drugs he was prescribed. There is solid evidence that most of these shooters were prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for “mental health issues” (now the politically correct way to say someone is nuts). Now that the FIB and other federal agencies are involved we’ll never get the REAL story. He probably was hugely disappointed about the failure of the antifa protests that were a joke on Saturday. Whatever his “motives” in the end we’ll not know with certainty as the MSMedia lies anyway.

    20. And the usual suspects are all bloviating lots of hot air about “those evil guns”. Stand on the corpses assholes, roll in their blood and shake your fists in melodramatic rage about “Gun Violence”. You clowns are too stupid to know that you cannot regulate the evil in the human heart. A righteous man with a gun stopped the leftist turd before he mowed all the church congregation down. The shooter was a courts martialed loser who was kicked out of the Air Force and DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED. According to the 1968 Gun Control Act he could not legally own a weapon. Therein lies the conundrum, he obtained a gun in contravention to the law. Did the “law” that clearly states “People who are dishonorably discharged are prohibited from owning a firearm” stop this assclown from getting one … quickly now … lemeessee … uhhhhhhhhhhh … NO! So all these calls by butthead Democrats, and loser Hollywood / TV types are all nonsense. But it makes them feel important so on and on they drone about more gun laws.

      They will never learn!

      1. Well said, VE Veteran.

        It is reported that this crazed mass murder was an atheist, and what better place in the radical left’s godless society, is there to kill the innocent than the soft-target of a place of worship.

        Once again, a good guy with a gun stops an evil guy with a gun.

        Which is what we have here – Evil! Unadulterated Evil! Who, by the way, was thankfully ‘dishonorably discharged’ – from life, too..

      2. Until they realise they can’t ban their way out of this they are just playing Whack A Mole with these shooters. Until they go after the persons nothing will change. If you ban one gun they will use the next. If you ban all guns they will use trucks and bombs. Criminals will go over,around,or thru any obstruction between them and their goal of crime. To stop them you need to make them fear the punishment.

    21. This is unacceptable, what is this country coming to when people are ok with walking into the lord’s house and gunning down unarmed men women and children. How can people fear the law our us as a nation when the head of said nation can’t even take a moment to address the Nation he’s in charge of oh, no instead he tweets us!!!! Hello, this is a problem to me! May God be with all those affected by this horror……My family’s prayers are with you all!!

      1. @ Tommi mae, have you not listened to the news? Our president is overseas and he did broadcast a message about how sorry he is and this is a mental illness problem rather than a gun problem.

        Another thing, was this church a gun free zone? If not, why didn’t someone take him down? If it is gun free I have to ask, in Texas? that doesn’t sound reasonable but possible.

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