The Left Just Isn’t Right, In Fact They are Totally F’ed Up


Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra – Disgusting & Hateful…

David LimbaughUSA – -( Please join me on a whirlwind superficial but revealing tour of liberal la-la land as we peek at recent headlines. Meanwhile, liberals call conservatives wing nuts.

Singer Nancy Sinatra tweeted, “The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”

One wonders whether in her rendering, “murderous” is redundant. One might also wonder whether she thinks other murderous people should be exempt from or perhaps face a less humiliating form of execution.

Responding to Michelle Obama's claim that people are distrustful of politics because the GOP is “all men, all white,” Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, said, “I don't know if she noticed, but I am not white and I am not a male.” To clarify, in case you are wondering, in this example, Michelle Obama is the inhabitant of la-la land.

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who is running for the Senate seat currently held by Bob Corker, encountered Twitter's speech police when trying to place an ad saying, “I fought Planned Parenthood, and we stopped the sale of baby body parts.” Twitter's thought cops said the claim was “deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.” They magnanimously assured her that they'd run the ad if she removed the offending statement. If Twitter brass were truly concerned about tweets evoking “a strong negative reaction,” the executives would save themselves time and just shut the whole operation down. If you use Twitter much, you know that evoking such reactions is virtually guaranteed in cultural and political tweets, which populate Twitter by the millions every day. It would be much easier to interact with leftists if they could at least be honest with themselves and others about what they are doing in these situations.

They have no problem with tweets evoking strong negative reactions from conservatives. But you knew that.

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill last month faced no consequences for calling President Trump a white supremacist but was suspended for two weeks when she urged fans to boycott NFL advertisers because Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had threatened to bench players who refuse to stand during the national anthem. “Change happens when advertisers are impacted,” she tweeted. “If you strongly reject what Jerry Jones said, the key is his advertisers. Don't place the burden squarely on the players.” Twitter moguls apparently didn't deem Hill's tweets as likely to evoke a strong negative reaction. I wonder whether Hill would agree that her employer's reaction was neither strong nor negative. One person who doubtlessly wouldn't regard Hill's tweet as negative is ESPN's Michael Wilbon, who compared Jones to a slave owner because of his action.

The Daily Wire reported that activists of Abolish Human Abortion were booted from Bedlam Coffee in Seattle because the gay owner couldn't tolerate their presence. After asking members of the group whether they would tolerate his bringing his boyfriend in the shop and performing sex acts with him in front of them, he told them, “Well, then I don't have to f—-ing tolerate this! Then leave — all of you! Tell all your f—-ing friends, ‘Don't f—-ing come here'!” I have no real problem with owners serving whom they choose in a free market, but I'll note that it's unlikely that we'll hear outcries from the left complaining about this discriminatory treatment because here those being denied service were not asking for a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage ceremony.

In case you haven't heard of the concept of “cultural appropriation,” it is the use of certain aspects of a certain culture by another culture, which, to those who use the term, is a bad thing. Who thinks this way? But I digress. University of Texas cultural studies professor Luis Urrieta has taken the concept to a new level. Urrieta noted that these appropriations have “many economic, social and symbolic repercussions. The first is obviously the theft of intellectual property, the theft of communal knowledge. … Socially, it reduces native and indigenous peoples to ‘artifacts' that can be worn, used, consumed and displayed.” A few examples of what they mean by “appropriation” will suffice to illustrate. The University of California, Merced told fraternities and sororities they should avoid using the terms “Greek,” “rush” and “pledge” because they are appropriations of Greek culture. And at San Francisco State University, an African-American student reportedly attacked a white student because his hair was in dreadlocks. No, you really can't make this stuff up.

“Appropriation is a form of theft,” said Urrieta. “It is a nice way of saying that someone is taking someone else's (idea) and making it their own.”

In my humble view, the burden of defending such Twilight Zonery is on any who would defend it, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned. In case you think Urrieta is merely an outlier, another professor, Rachel V. Gonzalez-Martin, described cultural appropriation as “cultural poaching.” If you're still thinking “outliers,” the University of Michigan advertised to recruit a person — at an annual salary of $50,000 — to handle “cultural appropriation prevention activities.” Don't laugh; this isn't satire.

Finally, California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed legislation lowering from a felony to a misdemeanor the act of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection to the person. Also protected by this outrageously reckless nod to political correctness are those who give blood without revealing their infection. Here I can't say “there are no words,” because there are plenty, but I've run out of space.

For the same reason, I must omit tons of other examples, but in mitigation for this inadequacy, I think it is only fair that I get props for not opining on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, trusting that the news saturation on this story has reached your homes.

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    1. Are you sure she’s not dead?
      I haven’t herd of her for almost 50 years.
      She almost married my cousin he was a Hitboy for the mob back in the early days.
      Frank didn’t approve and he was shot in the limo.
      She sure liked guys with gun back then.

    2. The first mistake was calling Nancy a singer.I had kids in my high school choir that had far better voices. Nancy just rode into the scene on her father’s saddle.

    3. Hanoi Jane has been rearing her ugly head lately. Both of these hos bags have never been worth a tinkers darn but think they have a following that will listen to them. H.J. should have been shot for treason and Sinatra should have kept her boots walking (dumb song). She should look into her closet and see that her father was not exactly a poster boy for honesty and morals.

      1. the term is tinkers dam. it is a clay dam applied to a cracked metal vessel into which the tinker would pour molten metal to fill the crack thus repairing it. Afterwards the clay tinkers dam was discarded as it was useless after one use.

    4. Nancy Sinatra……Hell, I thought she passed away a long time ago. Just another failed, has-been, down-and-out, hippie-hag, trying to find a purpose in her life since Frank died. Get the boots on Baby….RUN, don’t walk!

    5. Does anyone in the United States truly give a sh#t what Nancy Sinatra thinks? Nope. Hell, I thought she was dead already.

    6. Well, lets see. She advocates execution by firing squad. That’s cool with me. I don’t think that there are any murderous members of the NRA. I’m still tracking. Can’t apply execution by firing squad to just only one group because that would violate the God given, Constitutionally enshrined, Civil Right of association, so… she must mean that that execution by firing squad would apply to all the murderous. Yeah, I’m good with that.
      How trippy to be agreeing with a Hollywood libtard.

      1. Well, in the Texas church shooting the NRA member was the hero who intervened on behalf of the victims, most of whom he knew. According to Nancy, this man should face a firing squad for the mere fact that he holds an NRA membership. See, she hates murder……………..unless, of course, she has a disagreement with someone. Then, killing becomes a sport. This is just more evidence of how twisted leftism is.

      2. Perhaps she has a good point, in part. SHe’s “off her mark”, though, because the NRA are not the murderers.

        How many states have ended capital punishment because of the “expense” of the comlicated and unreliable methods of execution they’ve been using? How expensive would it be to bring in a group of volunteers, provide them with cheap bolt action ex-military rifles and a prepped mag for each one? Out of a dozen marksmen, surely at least one will effect a lethal hit before all the mags are empty. A dozen rifles times ten rounds each, costs how much? COuld even use surplussed military ammunition.

        Yeah, this lady is out to lunch, and I ain’t tawkin bout a fancy nosh in a high end posh restaurant. Maybe a Big Mac……

    7. Her boots are made for walking and that just what she should do, walk right out of this country and never come back!

    8. Frank was the ONLY reason Nancy made it… Same with Jane and Henry. They both rode to fame on daddy’s back, and now are ZERO’s because of their mouths. Maybe Nancy can buy Jane and herself a new set of boots and walk to a commie country they both support. Just two more of the Hollywood SCUM. We went from AMERICAN HERO’s like John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Ernist Borgnine, Audey Murphy, etc to the useless liberal, anti American left P O S actors and actresses. THEY brought politics to the silver screen, now “I” review who is in a movie before watching. Not many new movies or series we watch anymore. Others should do the same, box office FAILS will show them how WE THE PEOPLE feel about their actions and words… There are only a handful of non brainwashed ones left.

    9. I wonder if Nancy’s firing squad would be made up of Mafia hit men and soldiers whom her father was associated with when he was alive. I imagine she’s still associated with those folks; real killers.

    10. Frank Sinatra would have been part of the group Nancy said to kill if “Old Blue Eyes” was still alive.
      The liberals are all crazy.IMO

    11. It’s odd. I distinctly remember Hanoi Jane being the enemy, and Nancy being the one everybody wanted to see. Miss the mini and the boots. Nancy, Keep walking, the door’s thataway.

    12. Assuming there is a single, tiny thread of credibility to Nancy Sinatra’s exclamation, might the same criteria be used to form executions of others involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of products that are used by irresponsible and crazy people to kill innocents? How about cars and trucks, beer, wine and whiskey – how many thousands each year are killed by drunk/alcohol-impaired drivers? How about former DoJ head Eric Holder and friends for releasing convicted criminals who distributed illicit drugs because they aren’t “violent acts.” Maybe these people should go to the head of the line for assisting in the murder of thousands each year. Just a thought. BTW, how many lives has Harvey, the Clintons and others of his ilk ruined by alleged sexual assaults? Do they get to go to the front of the execution line also?

    13. So because of “cultural appropriation” a black student attacked a white student because the latter was wearing dreadlocks? And fraternities shouldn’t refer to themselves as “Greeks” while another university wants to HIRE someone specifically to deal with “cultural appropriation prevention activities?”

      Hmmm . . . if “cultural appropriation” is such a BAD thing, doesn’t that mean that many groups shouldn’t be allowed to wear pants & shoes or make use of electricity and indoor plumbing, since it wasn’t a traditional, historic part of their culture?

    14. How is Nancy Sinatra a thing when she hasn’t had a hit song or any other relevance for 51 years?

      1. One hit wonder-no one would even look or listen if it wasen’t for her well know Father. Another big mouth that doesn’t know what their talking about.

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