CA DOJ Provides “Final Statement of Reasons” for Ammunition Vendor Regulations

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CA DOJ Provides “Final Statement of Reasons” for Ammunition Vendor Regulations

California – -( On Wednesday, December 6th 2017, NRA and California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) attorneys received a copy of California DOJ’s “Final Statement of Reasons” regarding the proposed regulations for the issuance of ammunition vendor licenses from the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”). This document, which DOJ refused to provide, purports to explain the reasons DOJ seeks adoption of its proposed regulations, as well as responding to the comments it received from the public.

Back in September, NRA and CRPA attorneys submitted a letter of comment on the proposed regulations. But despite the numerous flaws, and the delay in submitting the regulations to OAL, DOJ has completely ignored those comments.

Now that the regulations have been submitted along with the Final Statement of Reasons, OAL has 30 working days to review the proposed regulations. OAL can potentially decide to act well before that deadline, as we saw with the recently adopted “assault weapon” regulations. But even if OAL acts before its deadline, California ammunition retailers will not have enough time to apply for and obtain the required ammunition vendor licenses by January 1, 2018.

In typical cavalier fashion, DOJ responded that the impact on ammunition sales will be minimal, and it doesn’t seem to care that it has utterly failed to comply with the legal ministerial duty imposed upon it by the Legislature.

NRA and CRPA attorneys are continuing to monitor the situation, and will provide members with any updates as they occur. To that end, make sure you are subscribed to NRA and CRPA email alerts. You can also visit the NRA-ILA’s California webpage at to learn more about NRA’s efforts here in California. And visit to learn about the CRPA and the CRPA Foundation.

Help Us Fight California’s Illegal and Unconstitutional Gun Laws

NRA and CRPA attorneys are currently preparing litigation challenging California’s recently enacted anti-gun laws as a result of “Gunmageddon” and Proposition 63, including the new ammunition sales restrictions. You can be a part of these lawsuits by serving as a plaintiff. If you or someone you know might be willing to be a plaintiff, please send an email to [email protected]

As NRA and CRPA continue our legal efforts in the courts and our political efforts at every level of government, we need all California gun owners standing with us. We cannot be successful without your help.

By donating today to the CRPA Foundation, and volunteering to help the fight at [email protected], you can help undo “Gunmageddon” and the anti-gun Proposition 63, and begin the process of restoring firearms freedoms and the right to choose to own a firearm to defend yourself and your family.

Upcoming “Assault Weapon” Webinars

On Tuesday, December 19, and on Thursday, December 21, NRA and CRPA will be host a two-part webinar regarding California’s recently enacted “assault weapon” restrictions. Specifically, the webinars will address options other than registration which are available to California gun owners who are now in possession of a firearm classified as an “assault weapon” under Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135.

  • To register for Part One, which will provide gun owners with information on how to lawfully build a California “compliant” rifle, click here.
  • To register for Part Two, which will provide gun owners with information on how to lawfully build a California “featureless” rifle, click here.

California Rifle & Pistol Association

About California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA):

The California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), founded in 1875, is a nonprofit 501 (c)(4) membership and donor supported organization. CRPA employs full time staffers in Fullerton and Sacramento offices, works with thousands of volunteers across the state, and is controlled by an independent Board of Directors.

CRPA works relentlessly in California to defend your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Your CRPA membership dues and donations help CRPA to fight for your right to choose to responsibly own and use firearms for hunting, sport, or to defend yourself and your family.

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American Patriot

California is a complete lost cause, one big hell hole for the liberal facists….That’s why they are now burning in Hell.


If we are, it is people like you who are, in part, to blame for ridiculing us and not supporting us in our fight. When we needed support from outside our border, what we got was comments hoping we’d fall into the sea… or worse. This thing is spreading. WA, OR, CO, and others. It’s even got a foothold in Texas.

Since we here in California who continue to wage the righteous fight against staggering odds, maybe someone among you might say a prayer for us and start a rousing, “REMEMBER CALIFORNIA!”.

Wild Bill

W, We have to get rid of the twenty million or more illegal aliens that vote in our elections and skew the results.


And NV.

We have a horde of agent provocateurs running out our .gov institutions turning NV in CA law by law.

joe martin

Looks like the NRA is wasting members money again by showing Californians how to comply with unconstitutional laws instead of opposing them. As is written above the door of the Marine Corps Sniper Scout School, “Compromise is Failure”, something the NRA doesn’t seem to understand.

Jim Macklin

Since a sniper gets to kill all the opponents and making laws is and always has been “The Art of the Compromise.” When the PTB in a legislature are massed with the MSM to pass a law that is true evil, compromise may be getting a sunset provision or perhaps getting a real change in a bill so that it doesn’t ban everything without actually doing any good at all. An example is teh bullet ban. Congress was going to pass a ban on ALL bullets that could penetrate a policeman’s vest. That meant that every centerfire rifle and many… Read more »

joe martin

If you are correct or in the right, and you compromise, you have lost. Compromising with evil is never the right thing to do.


You call it compromise. Others may call it a delaying tactic. A delaying tactic in the field is not bad. It’s used in battle on a fairly regular basis, either to allow more time to bring more power to bear, or to allow more people to escape an unwinnable situation.


That bill was originally written to allow the sale of Teflon coated bullets only to law enforcement. But it was amended to include all ammunition that could penetrate a bullet resistant vest. Once the bill was amended, the NRA had to either stop it or change it. And some of the NRA members who quit over this did not understand the real danger the amended bill posed to hunting ammo. Members of Congress need to be more informed about what they are voting for and the consequences of their votes.