City of San Francisco Found Guilty

Ramirez City of San Francisco Found Guilty
Ramirez City of San Francisco Found Guilty

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USA -( City of San Francisco Found Guilty

With the abortion of justice in San Francisco's Kate Steile verdict, the American people should convict the city of San Francisco with the murder instead.

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  • 7 thoughts on “City of San Francisco Found Guilty

    1. Commiefornia is another country, at least in the big city areas. It sure has to be comforting to know that if you are a pure punk or a crazy you can shoot someone whether you know them or not. You will be excused as a having made a mistake. There is no place in the rest of the world where this upside down form of justice would take place. Disgraceful!

    2. America should be ashamed of the verdict and actions of the city of San Francisco.
      The original founders of California are turning over in their graves.
      My heart goes out to the Steinle family.

      1. @Maco…It may be a charred ember when it does. Think God may be mad at CA.

        Although a year or so ago a theory was floated that someone like isis or antifa may be declaring war on the US by fire. Although I do not understand why they would pick a sanctuary state.

    3. And for that crime the punishment is a wall build,
      around the city ( wait ! ) the state of California .
      Keeping those criminals away from our families .
      Their actions have and will in the future cause more
      harm and mayhem to more US. people .
      They want to be a Sanctuary State So Be It .

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